Kobo Touch 2.0 – tech specs, comparisons, launch details, and more

Kobo Touch 2.0 - launch details

Kobo Touch 2.0 is a long-awaited successor of a popular entry-level e-reader from a Kindle competitor.

Following the launch of Kobo Glo HD in May, the Toronto-based ebook platform is updating their basic e-reader – Kobo Touch.

The first-generation Touch was launched back in summer 2011. Four years have passed, and it’s the highest time to replace the popular model with an up-to-date device.

When it comes to looks, the new Kobo uses the casing of Kobo Glo HD. It’s slimmer and better-designed than the Kobo Touch 1.0.

Don’t expect too many hardware improvements, however. The Kobo Touch 2.0 has the same screen as the previous generation: the 6-inch anti-glare E-Ink Pearl.

The display is touch-operated, but it’s not lighted, so you won’t be able to read in the dark like on the Kobo Glo or Kindle Paperwhite.

Internal storage has increased from 2 GB to 4 GB, but this is the standard, nowadays.

What does Kobo want to say about its new entry-level e-reader? We read in an official Kobo Touch 2.0 announcement on the Kobo blog:

The refreshed version of a beloved classic offers a sleeker design with more internal storage memory and a battery life that lasts up to two months depending on individual usage.

Kobo Touch 2.0 – launch details

The 2015 Kobo Touch was announced on September 1, 2015.

Prior to that, it was shortly available on Chapters Indigo at the end of August but was removed the day Kobo made an announcement. Now, it’s back and costs 89.95 CAD.

The new Kobo was launched on the 9th of September on Kobo website in the U.S. and Canada. It is available in one bezel color – black (Kobo Touch 1.0 sold in five body colors).

The suggested retail price is 89.99 CAD for Canada, and 89.99 USD for the United States. It will cost 89.99 EUR when it’s launched in the EU countries.

When will Kobo Touch 2.0 be released in other countries? The company promises to start selling it in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Mexico by the end of September. In October, it will become available in France, Spain, and Germany.

As for the rest of the world, “Kobo Touch 2.0 will become available in other countries later this year and early 2016.”

Kobo Touch 2.0 – launch dates

Country Launch date Price
United States September 9, 2015 USD 89.99
Canada September 9, 2015 CAD 89.99
Italy September 2015 n/a
The Netherlands September 2015 n/a
Belgium September 2015 n/a
Mexico September 2015 n/a
Germany October 2015 n/a
France October 2015 n/a
Spain October 2015 n/a
Other countries 2015/2016 n/a

Kobo Touch 2.0 – comparisons

Let’s compare the entry-level Kobo e-reader with the entry-level device from Amazon – the basic Kindle, the 7th generation. Both have touch-operated screens, and both are not front-lighted.

As you’ll see in the comparison table below, both devices are very similar when it comes to hardware. Therefore, if you are new to ebooks and are going to buy the first e-reader in your life, you should switch the attention to what matters more: the comparison between ebook platforms.

Switching from one ebook platform to the other is a painful process. Amazon and Kobo use different file formats and different DRM systems.

To move your collection of ebooks from one store to another, you’ll have to remove DRM. To switch to Kindle, you’ll also need to change the format from epub to mobi. You won’t need to do that when you switch from Kindle, as Kobo Touch supports unprotected mobi.

I hope you’ll take the conclusion from what you’ve just read: is the 10-dollar difference in price worth the effort of pushing the entire ebook collection through the time-consuming and difficult process of conversion?

Kobo Touch 2.0 vs. Kindle 7

Feature Kobo Touch 2.0 Kindle 7
Screen 6″ E-Ink Pearl 6″ E-Ink Pearl
Screen resolution 800 x 600 px  800 x 600 px
Screen density 167 ppi 167 ppi
Grayscale 16 levels 16 levels
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Front light No No
Storage 4 GB 2 GB
Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g/n WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Dimensions 6.2 x 4.5 x 0.36″
157 x 115 x 9.2 mm
6.7 x 4.7 x 0.40″
169 x 119 x 10.2 mm
Weight 6.5 oz / 185 g 6.7 oz / 191 g
Battery life Up to 8 weeks Up to 4 weeks
Supported text formats epub, mobi, pdf azw, mobi, pdf, txt
Supported comic book formats cbz, cbr
Ads No Depends on version
Price $89.99 With ads: $79
No ads: $99

Kobo Touch 2.0 – pictures

We will add more images as they will be released by Kobo. Stay tuned.

Kobo Touch 2.0 - front and back

Reading on Kobo Touch 2.0

Kobo Touch 2.0 – cases and accessories

The problem with e-readers other than Kindle is that there are never enough cases and accessories to choose from – either original or third-party.

At the time of launch of Kobo 2.0 in September 2015, there was only one case on a list related accessories.

Don’t worry, you’ll find more covers than you think because Kobo Touch 2.0 has exactly the same dimensions as Kobo Glo HD..

Most importantly, on the list of official Kobo accessories the cases for Glo HD has been already renamed to “Kobo Glo HD/Touch 2.0”. Specifically, we’re talking about a popular Kobo SleepCover that’s available in three colors: Black, Cream, and Purple.

Kobo SleepCover for Glo HD and Touch 2.0

The accessory marked as fitting two devices is the strongest proof any case designed for Glo HD will also fit Touch 2.0.

Take a look at the comparisons of dimensions of the two Kobo devices and Kindle Voyage. It’s how you extend the number of cases to choose from.

Kobo Touch 2.0 dimensions ( height / width / depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Kobo Touch 2.0 6.20 / 4.50 / 0.36 157 / 115 / 9.20
Kobo Glo HD 6.20 / 4.50 / 0.36 157 / 115 / 9.20
Kindle Voyage 6.40 / 4.50 / 0.30 162 / 115 / 7.60

The e-reader from Amazon is only 5 mm higher than Kobo Touch 2.0 and Glo HD. That means most cases that use elastic corner straps (but not plastic shell) should be a good fit for both devices.

You can check out Kindle Voyage covers, so that you can compare with what’s available for Kobo. We’ve also published a list of the most fashionable Kobo Touch cases and sleeves.

Kobo Touch 2.0 – full specs

Screen: 6” Pearl E Ink touchscreen
Weight: 185 g
Size: 157 x 115 x 9.2 mm
Storage: 4 GB on-board memory, holds up to 3,000 ebooks
Customizability: TypeGenius: 11 different fonts and 35 sizes to choose from
Exclusive font weight and sharpness settings
Supported formats: Ebooks: EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, and MOBI
Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF
Comic Books: CBZ and CBR
Supports EPUB and Adobe DRM. Read books borrowed from your public library.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Micro USB
Battery Life: Up to 2 months
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese
Other: No advertising, no interruptions

Kobo Touch 2.0 – product chart

Kobo Touch 2.0 - front thumbKobo Touch 2.0 / 2015

Black / 4GB

Get started e-reading with Kobo Touch 2.0 for a simple, personal and convenient reading experience.

The 6″ anti-glare touchscreen allows for natural and comfortable reading, even in direct sunlight.

Enjoy easy and instant access to Kobo’s 24/7 ebookstore as well as the ability to customize your fonts and margins.

Store and carry thousands of eBooks with 4GB of on-board memory and read an entire ebook on a single charge with up to 2 months of battery life.

Read comfortably
Kobo Touch 2.0 provides a natural reading experience on a 6” anti-glare touchscreen – making it easy to read in direct sunlight. Additionally, customize your reading to your heart’s content with 11 font styles and 35 sizes, as well as exclusive weight and sharpness settings.

Read conveniently
Highly portable, and with 4GB of on-board storage, you can carry up to 3,000 ebooks with you. With a battery life of up to 2 months, read an entire ebook on a single charge and enjoy the freedom of leaving your charger behind.

Read instantly
Instant access to Kobo’s 24/7 ebookstore with Wi-Fi. With millions of the best ebooks at your fingertips, you have the ability to start your next read whenever you want.

Read continuously
Discovering your next great read is easy with personalized recommendations, free previews and reviews or by simply browsing the Kobo ebookstore.

⇢ Kobo $89.99

All images via Kobo and Chapters Indigo.

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