Kindle Unlimited free offers are now displayed in search results for Kindle

Kindle Unlimited free bundle offers are now displayed on Amazon search pages / Screenshot: Amazon

You can now see the details of Kindle Unlimited bundle plans without visiting product pages of Kindle models.

The free Kindle Unlimited plan was offered for the first time with the 4th-generation Kindle Paperwhite back in 2018. When buying an e-reader, you could add a 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan – and it costed you nothing.

Since that time, free Kindle Unlimited plans were offered for every newly launched Kindle model, but the offers have not been that attractive. Usually, the 3 or 4-month plans were bundled, depending on the Kindle model.

If you are an avid reader, and consider reactivating Kindle Unlimited, getting it bundled with the e-reader is the best deal you can get.

With the regular price of Kindle Unlimited subscription set at $9.99 per month, your savings were between $30 and $40 with a purchase of a Kindle model.

It’s worth noting that occasionally the free Kindle Unlimited bundles may not be available for certain models.

From now on, you can see Kindle Unlimited offers for Kindle without visiting product pages for each model.

If you use the Amazon search box for “Kindle,” you will see the details of the Kindle Unlimited free plan under every Kindle model listed. Just check it out for yourself.

Please have in mind that if you purchase a Kindle model with a free Kindle Unlimited plan, you will enjoy it free of charge for a given time, but the next day you will be charged with the monthly fee.

To avoid it, you can cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription the same day you redeem the offer.

How good is Kindle Unlimited today? The number of books (millions) is not a good reference point. You should check out the catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible books to see how many books you would actually like to read.

If you would like to get a standalone Kindle Unlimited deal, you can currently pick up the 2-month subscription for $4.99 instead of $19.98.

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