Get 50% off the 6-month Kindle Unlimited prepaid plan – the highest price drop ever

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6-month Kindle Unlimited plan is 50% off

If you are looking for deals on longer Kindle Unlimited plans, don’t miss 50% off the 6-month subscription. Instead of $60, you can pay right now $30.

To keep Kindle Unlimited in the loop, Amazon is constantly changing the nature of deals offered on this popular digital subscription.

Since last year, most Kindle Unlimited deals were offered on short-term plans (from one to three months). Also, special Kindle Unlimited free plans were introduced for buyers of new Kindle models.

What about long-term Kindle Unlimited plans? At the end of 2018 Amazon even removed them completely. The good news is that they are back – and the deal on the 6-month prepaid subscription is the deepest ever offered by Amazon.

Right now, you can save 50% on 6-months of Kindle Unlimited. Instead of $59.94 you will pay only $29.97. The deal is so huge, Amazon decided to include it in the Kindle Unlimited sign up page (see the screenshot at the top).

So far, the price drop on the Kindle Unlimited plan was higher if you picked the longer plan:

  • 6-months – $47.95 instead of $59.94 – 20% to save.
  • 12-months – $80.31 instead of $119.88 – 33% to save.
  • 24-months – $143.86 instead of $239.76 – 40% to save.

In the entire history of Kindle Unlimited, a digital subscription introduced in July 2014, the highest price cut on the 6-month plan was 20%. Right now it’s 50%!

The new deal is valid until December 31, 2019, so there is no need to hurry. You can buy it during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or as a last-minute Christmas gift – especially that it’s included in the refreshed Kindle Unlimited Gift page.

Huge deal on 6-month Kindle Unlimited gift plan - end of 2019

You will be also able to get that deal after you receive the new Kindle for Christmas. Just set up a reminder to get the deal before the end of December.

What happens after 6 months. You will be automatically charged for the next month of Kindle Unlimited. A monthly fee is $9.99. You may, however, cancel the subscription any time within the 6-month period to avoid automatic subscription renewal.

Can you expect other Kindle Unlimited deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2019? Amazon will most probably offer 3-month plans for $1 or bundle the service with Kindle models – on better conditions than last year.

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