Why gifting Kindle Unlimited this Christmas makes more sense than ever

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Kindle Unlimited Gift plans - Christmas 2019

Gifting Kindle Unlimited is back, and you can save 50% on the 6-month plan – the highest price drop ever offered – making it the most suitable gift for avid Kindle users.

Many users are waiting for Cyber Monday 2019 to grab the most attractive deals on Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription. Many hope that attractive deals on KU gift plans will also be revealed.

If you track Kindle Unlimited deals, you probably noticed that last year Amazon completely stopped offering long-term prepaid plans on this popular digital subscription, shifting attention to short-term deals like the one offered on Prime Day 2019 (3 months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge).

What happened to long-term plans and gift plans? They were unavailable for several months, but now they are back – and Amazon is giving them a special boost.

In a refreshed Kindle Unlimited Gift Center you will have a chance to compare prices. The prices on 12 and 24-month plans are the same as before, but the deal on the 6-month subscription is shockingly low. You can gift this plan for half the price! It’s the lowest price on the 6-month Kindle Unlimited subscription ever offered since the service was launched in summer 2014.

Instead of paying the regular price for six months – $9.99/month x 6 = $59.94 – you pay only $29.97. It means you pay for three months, and the gift recipient can enjoy Kindle Unlimited for three more months. The same deal is available if you want to buy Kindle Unlimited by yourself. And it’s so attractive that Amazon decided to include it in the Kindle Unlimited sign up page.

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All-new Amazon Kindle 11th-generation, 2019 release

Basic Kindle (2019)

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Storage: 4 GB Colors: Black, White

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4th-generation, 2018 release

Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018)

This sleek e-reader sports the all-glass front, is ready to play Audible audiobooks, and withstands immersion in 2 meters of water for 60 minutes. Prices start from $129.99.

Storage: 8, 32 GB Colors: Black, Twilight Blue

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Amazon Kindle Oasis 3rd-generation, 2019 release

Kindle Oasis 3 (2019)

Amazon’s most innovative features now a display with adjustable front light to prevent sleep problems. Plus it’s water resistant (IPX8) and supports Audible audiobooks. Prices start from $249.99.

Storage: 8, 32 GB Colors: Graphite, Champagne Gold

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Before, the rule was simple: the longer the plan, the higher the price drop. There was 20% price drop on the 6-month plan, 33% on 12 months, and 40% on 24 months.

Now, Amazon hopes most users will gift the 6-month plan – and it makes the perfect sense. $30 is a reasonable amount of money for a gift, reasonably spent. And six months are long enough for a user to get the most of Kindle Unlimited, and, eventually, decide to continue the subscription.

Let’s have a look at all long-term Kindle Unlimited gift plans that are available during pre-Christmas 2019 season:

  • 6-months – $29.97 instead of $59.94 – you save 50%.
  • 12-months – $80.30 instead of $119.88 – you save 33%.
  • 24-months – $143.80 instead of $239.76 – you save 40%.

As you see, longer plans don’t make much sense when compared to a heavily discounted 6-month subscription.

Kindle Unlimited Gift plans - Christmas 2019 shopping season

The 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan is 50% off through December 31, 2019. It means that you can buy this prepaid gift plan anytime between today and New Year’s Eve.

Don’t worry, the subscription won’t start the day you buy it as a gift, but the day the gift recipient redeems it. Plus, you can buy the gift today, and set the date of delivery, for instance on Christmas Day. Still, not convinced? Learn more about how to gift Kindle Unlimited and see whether this is something that meets your needs.

If you are not sure whether Kindle Unlimited is the right kind of gift, think about Audible audiobooks. Recently, Amazon launched Audible Gift Membership Center, where you can gift long-term plans the same way as Kindle Unlimited.

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