New Kindle bundles include a free travel bag worth $70

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Amazon introduces three premium Kindle Travel Bundles
Kindle Travel Bundles include a free travel shoulder bag from Caseable / Image: Amazon
Since May 15, 2017, Amazon customers can buy three Kindle models bundled with a charger, leather case, and Caseable travel bag.

After Kindle Essentials and Kindle for Kids, Amazon is introducing a third kind of the bundle – Kindle Travel. Its most noticeable element is the travel bag from Caseable.

The regular price of this premium shoulder bag is $69.99. You can always buy it separately, but it comes completely free when you decide to pick up the Kindle Travel Bundle.

Three Kindle models come in travel bundles: Paperwhite, Voyage, and Oasis. No matter which bundled e-reader you decide to buy, the deal is the same: the price is cut by exactly $69.99 – the cost of the travel bag.

The entry-level Kindle is not bundled for the apparent reason: the cost of other elements would be higher than the price of the device.

What are the common elements of the Kindle Travel Bundle? Let’s have a look:

  • latest Kindle model,
  • Caseable travel bag,
  • Amazon’s premium leather case,
  • Amazon power adapter.

The travel bag is the only part you can personalize. You can’t choose the color of the Kindle (for instance the white or black Paperwhite). You can’t choose the color of the case (it’s always the one made of genuine leather).

What you can choose is the color of the travel bag. You can choose Black, Brown, Khaki, and Maroon. These colors go well with the gray cover of the exterior pocket, and straps made from brown faux leather.

Caseable shoulder bag is free with Kindle Travel Bundle
Caseable shoulder bag is free with Kindle Travel Bundle

The bag is made by Caseable, a producer of highly customizable covers for Kindle and several tablet models.

This $70 travel canvas bag is a certified “Made for Kindle” accessory. Besides a large interior pocket, it features a compartment on the back, which is perfect for the Kindle. There are also four small interior pockets for the power adapter, pens, documents, etc.

While the Kindle Travel Bundle is available only for Amazon customers living in the U.S., you can order the Caseable bag from abroad, as it ships to select foregin destinations as well.

Does it pay to go for a Kindle bundle? It always does. The sum of the elements bought separately is always higher than the price of the bundle.

When it comes to savings, you can usually keep in the wallet between 15% and 25% of the total value of the Kindle bundle. And it’s for the regular price, so you can save even more when you catch the deal.

We can easily imagine that by the end of this year (maybe for the Prime Day already?) the prices of Kindle Voyage and Oasis travel bundles will go well below $300.

As the amount of money to save is the same for Paperwhite, Voyage, and Oasis (the free $69.99 travel bag, remember?), the economics depends on which model you choose. The prices are compared in a table below.

Prices of Kindle Travel Bundles

Model Kindle only Kindle Travel Bundle
Kindle Paperwhite $119.99 $199.97
Kindle Voyage $199.99 $304.97
Kindle Oasis $289.99 $309.98

When you get Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle, you will save 26%, but the price of the bundle is almost twice as high as the sole Kindle Paperwhite. What brings the cost to $200 is the leather cover.

Two other travel bundles are sligthly above $300. And it’s Kindle Oasis where it really pays to get the bundle, and not the sole device.

Kindle Oasis comes with the battery cover by default. Therefore, there are only two other elements in the bundle: the charger and the bag. The charger costs $20, and it’s the price difference between the sole Kindle Oasis and Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle – because the travel bag is free.

Three Amazon Kindle Travel Bundles with prices

The new bundle is addressed to users who read a lot on the go and are looking for stylish, premium-quality products. Plus, such a bundle will make a great gift for anyone, as it includes two visible elements – the device and the bag.

Are you thinking about giving the Kindle to a family member, and keeping the bag or a power adapter? Ha, I’m thinking about it, too!

Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each Kindle Travel Bundle.

Amazon Kindle Travel Bundles

Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle

What does Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle include? Here is more info:

  • Kindle Paperwhite e-reader – the front light e-reader with a high-resolution 300 ppi display. Although the model is available in two colors – white and black – you will only get the black one if you decide to buy the bundle. It’s the version with special offers, and its regular price is $119.99,
  • Amazon’s premium leather cover – sold separately, it costs $59.99. The cover is made from premium leather and features a ruggedly smooth finish, as well as sleep/wake support,
  • power adapter – every Kindle is sold with the USB cable but not power adapter. If you want to buy it separately, the original, Amazon-branded, costs $19.99,
  • Caseable travel bag – this premium $69.99 shoulder bag from an accessory producer Caseable has a certified “Made for Kindle” badge and features a large interior pocket (with extra pockets for pens, power adapter, etc.), as well as two exterior pockets for travel documents and passport.

These four elements of the bundle, if you’d want to buy them separately, will cost in total $269.96.

As I said above, the prices of all travel bundles are structured this way that you get a travel bag for free. You save $69.99, which is 26% of the bundle price. It’s the highest discount among the travel bundles.

The final price for Kindle Paperwhite Travel Bundle is $199.97.

Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle

Amazon Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle

Let’s take a look at what Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle includes:

  • premium Kindle Voyage e-reader – this e-reader is almost twice as expensive as Kindle Paperwhite. For the price of $199.99, you get a lightweight device with a high-definition 300 ppi display, featuring adaptive front light, as well as Page Press – the function that lets you turn pages without lifting a finger,
  • Amazon’s Origami leather case – this cover is made from genuine leather, costs $84.99, and comes in limited edition. The “classically styled aniline surface” will wear naturally with use, making each individual cover truly unique,
  • power adapter – as you know, power adapters are not included in the Kindle box. If you want to buy the charger separately, the one from Amazon costs $19.99,
  • Caseable travel bag – this premium $69.99 shoulder bag from an accessory producer Caseable has a certified “Made for Kindle” badge and features a large interior pocket (with extra pockets for pens, power adapter, etc.), as well as two exterior pockets for travel documents and passport.

The bundle, compared to the cost of Kindle Voyage, is 50% more expensive, and that’s because of the high price of the premium leather case. As you keep $69.99 in your pocket (the free Caseable shoulder bag), the total savings are 19%.

It brings the price of Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle down to $304.97 ($374.96).

Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle

Amazon Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle

Unlike other Kindle travel bundles, the one with Oasis consists of three, not four elements. It’s because Oasis e-reader is sold by default in a special case that has a built-in battery.

So, what does Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle include?

  • top-end Kindle Oasis with leather charging cover – Oasis is Amazon’s most expensive e-reader that has an asymmetric shape and a special construction where the battery is placed inside the cover, not the device. Plus, it features a screen with adaptive front light, and Page Press. The regular price of Kindle Oasis is $289.99,
  • power adapter – although Kindle Oasis is the top-shelf e-reader, you won’t find the charger in the box. If you want to buy the power adapter separately, the one from Amazon costs $19.99,
  • Caseable travel bag – this premium $69.99 shoulder bag from an accessory producer Caseable has a certified “Made for Kindle” badge and features a large interior pocket (with extra pockets for pens, power adapter, etc.), as well as two exterior pockets for travel documents and passport.

If you ever thought of getting Kindle Oasis, the travel bundle is the most rational way to buy it. You pay $20 more for the charger, and what you get is a premium travel bag worth $70.

In the case of Kindle Oasis, the price is not raised by the extra cover, so the price difference between the sole device and the travel bundle is only $20.

Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle costs $309.98, instead of $379.97, if you bought three elements separately.

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