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What kids think about ebooks? Here are 12 best quotes

Kids and Family Reading Report 4th Edition by Scholastic Inc

A list of quotes from the 4th edition of the fantastic report on reading habits, prepared by Scholastic.

Kids are our future. We adults complain that they spend too much time on gaming, on Facebook, or on texting.

Apparently this is not true. Kids have much more grown-up opinions about ebooks than we thought. Kids are extremely honest in describing the world, and they are surprisingly to-the-point. All this you can find also in their opinions about ebooks.

All quotes come from the 4th edition of the fantastic report on reading habits, called The Kids & Family Reading Report.

This biannual report from Scholastic is based on a national survey sharing the views of both kids and parents – on reading and books in the increasingly digital world.

According to the report, as much as 46% of children have read an ebook. It’s almost twice as much as in 2010 (25%). Three in four kids who have read an ebook are reading ebooks at home. It doesn’t mean that ebooks turn children away from print books. 80% of kids who read ebooks still read books for fun primarily in print.

It’s a good thing to study the entire report. The quotes are just the teaser. And you don’t have to be a publishing expert to reach for The Kids & Family Reading Report. If you are a parent and think of what to do to make your child read more, ebooks are a great way to go. And this is what parents actually said in the report: 72% of them are interested in having their child read ebooks.

As Richard Robinson, Chairman of Scholastic Inc. said:

The formula for every child to become a successful reader is simple: have books available at home at all times and be a reading role model; allow children to read the books they choose to read; and set aside time – 20 minutes or more each day – to read books for fun.

The report is available for free in pdf format. Get it from Scholastic Media Room.

I’ve turned some of the quotes into images, to let you easier share them on social networks. Enjoy and spread the word!

Kids’ best quotes about ebooks


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - boy New Jersey

It’s cool to read on an ereader.

– 11 year-old boy, New Jersey


I would like to get an ebook reader so I will want to read more books.

– 16 year-old boy, Ohio


I like to read ebooks in bed in the dark before falling asleep.

– 11 year-old girl, Georgia


I’m not sure how much I would like to read ebooks, but do want to try it!

– 13 year-old boy, California


It’s more fun, may cost less, and will help the environment.

– 10 year-old boy, Texas


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - girl Virginia

You can tap on a word to see what it means and you can make the words big or small.

– 9 year-old girl, Virginia


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - girl Georgia

I read more because I have an ereader.

– 14 year-old girl, Georgia


My ereader is easy to carry in my backpack wherever I go.

– 16 year-old girl, Wisconsin


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - girl California

Ebooks are fun to read anywhere.

– 9 year-old girl, California


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - girl Ohio

When I am done with a book I can get another one in minutes.

– 10 year-old girl, Ohio


I hope that ebooks will not completely replace print books.

– 16 year-old girl, North Carolina


What kids think about ebooks - best quotes - girl Michigan

Ebooks are awesome.

– 13 year-old girl, Michigan

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