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The $250 iPad 10.2 is back on Amazon

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Apple iPad 10.2 for $250 on Amazon

The most affordable iPad model, with 10.2-inch screen and 32 GB memory, sells on Amazon for $250 – almost $80 less than the list price.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people around the world have been hunting for deals to grab a decent tablet that would help them and their families better organize work and free time during lockdown.

In the recent weeks, the most popular Apple tablet, the entry-level iPad 10.2, would disappear and reappear on Amazon several times, due to stock shortages.

As you probably know, Apple launched an official reseller store on Amazon two years ago, what makes buying iPads or iPhones online as reliable as in Apple stores. This is the reason why so many Amazon customers are switching their attention from budget tablets to iPad.

iPad models are usually cheaper on Amazon, compared to their list prices, but it usually applies to more expensive variants (the ones with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity) or less popular colors (such as Space Gray).

There is one exception, though. We’ve been checking prices of iPad 10.2 a few times, and the entry-level variant, the one with 32 GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi only connectivity was offered for a much lower price than usual. Compared to usual 3-10% price cuts on top shelf iPad Pro models, the most affordable iPad was selling at $249.99 ($329.99) for several weeks already.

And you know what, the cheapest iPad is back on Amazon! The Gold and Space Gray variants sell for $249.99, what makes a 24% price drop compared to the list price of $329.99. You save $80, and it means you will have enough money to buy not only one of these fantastic iPad cases and sleeves.

Update 03.06.20: The $250 iPad offer is no longer available. Make sure to check out prices of other versions.

These variants are back in stock on July 7, 2020, but you can buy them right now. And you’d better hurry up because the iPad 10.2 product page on Amazon is “very dynamic,” and sometimes the displayed content is different after you refresh the page in your browser.

For the time being, the most popular color variant – Silver – is offered only by third-party vendors, and I recommend waiting for the renewed offer from Apple Reseller Store on Amazon.

Is iPad 10.2 worth buying? Compared to newly launched Amazon Fire HD 8, it’s still almost three times more expensive, even if you pay $250 for it, not $330.

The price, however, should not be the starting point of your evaluation. You should not start from comparing tech specs either. It’s your needs, and the needs of your family that should determine whether you prefer iPad or Fire tablet.

Apple iPad 10.2 features a big and crispy 10.2-inch Retina display with a 2160 × 1620 px screen resolution and 264 ppi pixel density. The tablet is compatible with the full-size Smart Keyboard and 1st-generation Apple Pencil. Thanks to A10 Fusion chip, iPad 10.2 is “brings up to two times faster performance over the top-selling Windows PC4.”

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