Green Monday 2019 tech deals on Amazon: iPad, Kindle, and more

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Top Green Monday 2019 deals on Amazon - Kindle and iPad
What are the best Amazon deals you can get on Green Monday weekend? Here are the best ones in one handy list / Images: Amazon

Get the great deals on Kindle e-readers, books, and digital subscriptions; iPad models and cases; plus other deep tech deals.

It’s not too late to buy Christmas presents at highly reduced prices. Green Monday is on December 9th this year. You still have plenty of time to get the package delivered before Christmas.

What is Green Monday? This shopping event is sometimes called “Cyber Monday 2.” The name was coined by eBay in 2007, to name the popular deal event this popular online marketplace runs every year on the second Monday of December – a week after Cyber Monday.

Amazon stopped supporting Green Monday in 2015. Since that time, the online shopping giant runs “12 Days of Deals” event. It’s addressed to users who missed or were not fully convinced to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – but their lists of to-buy Christmas gifts are still not emptied.

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Kindle deals iPad deals Other tech-deals

What you may have already noticed, Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals shopping event doesn’t include all the deepest and most attractive deals that are offered by multiple sellers in almost all product categories. To be honest, it’s quite surprising that the best deals on Amazon don’t make it to the official Deals section.

Obviously, you can go directly to Amazon Gold Box and check out all currently running Lightning Deals, but – again – not all fine price cuts and special offers appear here.

To fill this gap, we’ve browsed the entire store to collect the best Green Monday 2019 Amazon deals in one handy list.

Green Day 2019 on Amazon - the best Kindle and iPad deals

Why are Green Monday 2019 Amazon deals so attractive?

Again, it does not apply to deals that are featured in the official deals section on Amazon.

Many vendors that use Amazon platform to sell their products, review their Black Friday sales and, if the results were not satisfactory, decide to further push pre-Christmas sales.

Price drops are the best way to draw customers’ attention, especially that there is much less price competition than during Black Friday.

Another thing is that more and more customers turn their backs on the Black Friday, finding it too overwhelming, aggressive, and leading to unreasonable purchase decisions. Having more time and less pressure to decide is something these customers (and I’m one of them) is more important than grabbing the deepest deal at all cost – and without any rational reason behind it.

The best Green Monday deals on Amazon: Kindle, iPad, and other tech stuff

Green Monday 2019 Kindle deals

Top 3 best deals on Kindle e-readers

The first section to check out is obviously Amazon Kindle Deals page. It lists all Kindle devices that are currently available, including bundles, and refurbished models. And, as you will see, a few Kindle models are still offered at reduced prices.

  • Best deal: Kindle 2019 for $69.99 – the latest Kindle model, featuring smoother design and built-in front light, costs 22% less. Instead of $89.99 you pay $69.99.
  • Save $25 on Kindle Paperwhite – Amazon’s most popular e-reader is still offered at a reduced price. The Green Monday 2019 deal lets you save 19% and pay only $104.99 ($129.99).
  • Kindle 2019 Kids Edition is $25 off – the bundle includes the latest entry-level Kindle, a kid-proof cover, 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited, and two-year worry-free guarantee. You can save $25 (23%) right now and get the bundle for $84.99.

Top 3 deals on original Kindle case covers

This is the most shocking Amazon deal in years! Several original Kindle case covers are on sale, the price cuts are reaching 25%, and – most importantly – the deal is still active! Here are our recommendations:

  • Kindle 2019 fabric cover is 23% off – this thin and fashionable case is available in four colors: Charcoal Black, Cobalt Blue, Punch Red, and Sandstone White. You can save $7, as the case’s price has dropped to $22.99 ($29.99).
  • Best deal: Get Kindle Paperwhite leather cover for $29.99 – premium cover made from textured natural leather is available in seven color variants including the latest Twilight Blue and Sage. The price is reduced from $39.99 to $29.99 (25% off).
  • Save 23% on water-safe cover for Kindle Paperwhite – another thing to grab is this water-safe fabric cover for Kindle Paperwhite. The saving is reaching 23%, as you pay right now $22.99 instead of $29.99.

Top 3 deals on Kindle and Audible books and subscriptions

Are you looking for the best deals on the digital content for your Kindle? Here is what you can get on Green Day:

  • Best deal: Save up to 50% on Kindle Unlimited – gift membership plans for Amazon’s popular subscription-based service get the highest price cut in the entire history. The 6-month plan costs $29.97 instead of $59.94, which means you save as much as 50%!
  • The 3-month Audible membership is 53% off – a great deal if you want to reactivate or prolong your Audible membership. For first three months you pay for Audible membership $6.95 per month instead of $14.95. It means that you will save $32 in total.
  • Save up to 80% on over 1,000 Kindle books – the December list of Monthly Kindle deals is always the most attractive. This month over 1,000 top Kindle reads are included, featuring books by Sylvia Day (Butterfly in Frost), Sofía Segovia (The Murmur of Bees), and Kelly Harms (The Overdue Life of Amy Byler) among others. The books are priced between $0.99 and $3.99, and you can save even 80%.

Green Monday 2019 iPad deals

Top 3 deals on iPad and original iPad accessories

As you may already know, Apple and Amazon joined forces to start an official Apple Reseller Shop within the Amazon online store. Many users start exploring all-things iPad from here, but a much better idea is to extend the search to the entire store. The chances are great that you will find a good deal if you browse Electronics department.

  • Save $60 on iPad 10.2, 128 GB – the newest iPad model was launched in September, Black Friday has passed, and this great tablet is still on sale. Instead of $429, you can buy the 128 GB version on Amazon for $369, which means you save $60.
  • $200 off Apple iPad Pro 11 – the top-shelf iPad Pro models are also offered at reduced prices, and it related mainly to higher variants. The Wi-Fi + Cellular 11-inch iPad Pro with 64 GB on board costs today $799 ($949), so you save almost $150.
  • 22% off Smart Cover for iPad Pro 12.9 – if you are hunting for deals on original iPad accessories, grab the Smart Folio for the 12.9-inch Pro model for a price reduced to $78 (22% off, from $99). It’s the case in Charcoal Gray. The variant in White costs $93.

Top 3 deals on third-party iPad cases

There are over 50,000 iPad covers, keyboard cases, and sleeves on Amazon. Not all of them are available in Electronics departments, so the best thing is to perform sitewide iPad case Amazon search, sort results by price, and limit their number to top-rated products. Here are the best deals that we’ve found:

  • Save 30% on iPad 10.2 tri-fold cover from Fintie – if you want to get the deal on Smart Cover alternative for the 10.2-inch iPad, grab it from Fintie. This tri-fold case is available in 15 color variants, and costs today $13.99 instead of $19.99 (30% saving).
  • Best deal: $35 off ZAGG rugged keyboard iPad Air 3 case – you can grab this heavy-duty military-style iPad Air 2019 case that features an integrated full-size keyboard for $64.99 instead of $100. The case has a built-in Apple Pencil holder.
  • Get fabric folio iPad mini 5 case for $12.99 – from Veco comes one of the highest rated iPad cases. This folio stand case is made of stylish fabric, is available in eight popular color variants, and costs during Green Monday 2019 only $12.99 ($17.99 – 28% off).

Top 3 deals on the best iPad accessories

The best way to find good Green Monday deals on iPad accessories is to perform a sitewide search on the accessory you are looking for, be it a keyboard case, screen protector, or iPad-compatible stand. Here are the best deals we’ve found for you:

  • Best deal: Save 32% on iPad-compatible stylus pen from Kimwood – this affordable Apple Pencil alternative enjoys 4.5 stars on Amazon, comes with replaceable tips, and features palm-rejection technology. You can get the stylus for $33.99, so you save $16 (the regular price is $49.99).
  • Get Omoton iPad 10.2 screen protector 3-pack for $11.99 – right now, iPad screen protectors are usually offered at regular prices, but there are a few prominent exceptions. From Omoton comes the screen protector 3-pack that’s compatible with iPad 10.2. It costs right now $11.99 ($13.99).
  • 57% off iPad tripod stand from Raking – a great deal for anyone who is looking for a floor stand that could be used for hand-free reading or watching, as well as taking pictures. This lightweight tripod stand is offered for Green Monday for $26.99 instead of $59.99. You save as much as $34.

Green Monday 2019 on Amazon – other tech deals

Top 3 deals on Amazon Fire tablets and accessories

Amazon Fire tablets are discounted as well, and price drops are even deeper than for Kindle e-readers. Make sure to visit Amazon Fire Deals page first, but then extend your search to the entire Amazon, if you are looking for affordably priced cases and accessories

  • $30 off Fire HD 8 tablet – other Fire tablets and bundles are also discounted, but this one is the best – the 8-inch Fire has the Black Friday price! You can get it for $49.99, so, compared to a regular price of $79.99, you save $30 (38%).
  • Save 40% on Fire 7(2019) Kids Edition 2-pack – if you have two kids and want to gift them decent tablets, you don’t need to think twice. This deal on Fire 7 Kids Edition 2-pack is the deepest right now. You will pay $120 for both bundles instead of $200, so your saving is as much as $80.
  • Best deal: $39 off Fire HD 8 keyboard case from MoKo – are you looking for a solid Fire 8 case that features a detachable laptop-style keyboard? MoKo offers a deep price cut on their popular keyboard case model. Instead of $50.99, you will spend $12 less. The deal price is set at $38.99. MoKo offers one-year warranty on the case.

Top 3 deals on Echo and Alexa-compatible devices

For anyone who would like to buy more smart home devices before Christmas, the good news is that many Echo speakers and other Alexa-powered devices are offered with prices reaching Black Friday levels. Again, not all deals are listed in Echo & Alexa Devices Deals home page.

  • Best deal: Save 71% on Echo Input – this little device will bring the power of Alexa ecosystem to your existing speaker. Simply connect it via 3.5 mm audio cable or Bluetooth, and done! The price of Echo Input is slashed by as much as 71% – the device costs $9.99, compared to the regular price of $34.99. It’s the deepest deal on Amazon device offered this year!
  • $70 off wireless Bose Bluetooth headphones – these top-shelf noise-cancelling headphones can be controlled via Alexa. They usually cost $349, but right now you can grab them for a price 20% lower – $279.
  • Save $60 on Sonos One 2-room set – several Sonos devices for your smart home are on sale, but you can get the highest relative discount if you get this set of Sonos One smart speakers. The two-room pack is available right now for $338, which means you save $60, as the regular price is set at $398.

Top 3 deals in Electronics

And the last thing in this overview: the deals that are currently running in Tablet Accessories and Electronics. Hurry up, some of them expire soon!

  • Save over 50% on portable wireless charger with micro USB to Type-C adapter – this smooth charger from Sanag is all you need: 10000 mAh battery pack, LED display, and wide compatibility. You can get it right now for only $18.50 and save $17.54 (the regular price is $35.99).
  • Best deal: $50 off Amazon eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router – this router & extender will replace the traditional router. It adds more coverage in your home and is powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology. The regular price is $199.99 but right now you can buy it with a 25% discount, for $149.99.
  • Get sleek Echo Dot 3 wall mount for $13.99 – this certified-by-Amazon wall mount from EchoGear is super easy to install, and comes in two colors: Black or White. Its regular price is $16.99, but during Green Monday weekend you can get it for $13.99.

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