Green Monday 2022 Kindle deals: last chance to save on Paperwhite and Oasis

Deals on the basic Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe during Green Monday 2022
Deals on the basic Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe during Green Monday 2022 / Images: Amazon

If you still want to buy a Kindle for Christmas, today is the day to get Kindle Paperwhite for $109, and save $50 on the Oasis.

Green Monday shopping event continues to grow in popularity. Online stores prepare attractive promotions, as they know customers are looking for a last chance to buy something for Christmas at a reduced price.

Green Monday 2022 in the U.S. is on December 12. Amazon is celebrating it with more deals than you could usually see in the Gold Box (although they call it “Very Merry Deals”).

If you plan to get a Kindle for Christmas, you will be happy to see the price drops on two Kindle models:

Get Kindle Paperwhite 5 for $109.99 – the Paperwhite is a powerful device with a 6.8-inch display, which gives you 13% more display space than the regular 6-inch display. The price is the 8 GB variant with lockscreen ads is now down to $109, compared to the regular $139, and $95 on Black Friday 2022. You save $30 – enough to grab a decent case cover.

Get Kindle Oasis 3 for $199.99 – the entry-level Oasis variant is like the Scribe without handwriting. It comes with 8 GB and lockscreen ads. On Black Friday 2022, it was available for $165. The current price is $199, which means you save $50. You won’t see a similar price drop until March 2023, when it may be offered for National Reading Month.

Save $45 on Kindle Signature – Signature Edition is a premium version of Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with three exclusive features: 32 GB of storage, auto-adjusting front light, and wireless charging. The Green Monday 2022 price is $144, compared to $129 during Black Friday 2022 and the regular $189. You save $45, which is 24% of the list price.

Get Kindle Basic 11 for $89.99 – the newest, entry-level Kindle model was released in October. It sports the high-resolution display, and comes with the fast-charging USB-C port. The Black Friday 2022 deal price was $84.99. Today, you can get it for $89 instead of a regular $99.99 (variant with ads), so you save 10%. For $10 you save on the Kindle 11, you can grab a decent, inexpensive clear case.

Save $40 on Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle – there is no deal on Kindle Scribe alone, but you can save by buying the bundle, which includes the Scribe & Basic Pen, the fabric cover, and the power adapter. The price is set at $379. It’s $40 less than the sum of all elements bought separately. The same deal was offered during Black Friday 2022.

Please note, that all these discounted models are available with a free 3 or 4-month Kindle Unlimited plans, so you can add at least $30 to your savings.

What about Green Monday 2022 deals on Kindle ebooks?

Amazon slashed the prices of 75 popular Kindle books, including the novels by Mary Kubica and Greg Iles. You can also check out the December 2022 Monthly Kindle deals, with over 2,000 books on sale.

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