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Gift guide for ebook lovers

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A complete gift guide for ebook lovers gift ideas and buying tips

Find here gift ideas and buying tips that would help choose the perfect gift for the ebook lover in your life

Below, you’ll find gift ideas for an important person in your life who is addicted to reading ebooks.

You can find on the web tons of wonderful gifts for book lovers. Which gifts would be most welcomed by someone who loves reading books in electronic format?

We can assume an ebook lover already owns a device that she or he is using to read ebooks. It could be an e-reader, such as Kindle, Nook, or Kobo, but it could also be any smartphone or tablet device that has a book reading app installed.

Buying gifts for the ebook lover may look like a bigger challenge than it actually is.

Most people think ebooks are not the best idea for a gift. Why? Ebooks are not tangible because they are digital files. Therefore, they can’t be put into beautiful gift boxes and let the giftee experience the pleasure of unboxing.

It’s just the opposite. Being addicted to ebooks creates new needs and expectations. And gifts can fulfill them.

Here are some highlights: gift cards, ebook bundles, enhanced ebooks, useful ebook accessories, personalized covers and skins, and gifts that fill the gap between the world of print and digital reading.

There is one thing you have to know before exploring the gift ideas. It’s the ebook platform the person is using for reading. Most readers are shopping in one of the four major ebook platforms:

Make sure to learn which platform the giftee is using. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to find gifts in the relevant ecosystem.

Gift guide for ebook lovers

Gift cards

Git guide for ebook lovers - e-gift cards

Gift cards are much better suited for ebook lovers than for print book lovers.

When you receive such a card for Christmas or birthday, and when you want to order a physical book, you will receive it the next day the soonest.

If you order an electronic edition of the same book, you’ll be enjoying it after a couple of minutes.

There are two major types of gift cards:

  • physical cards – they are sold in well designs envelopes or boxes,
  • e-cards – they can be sent by email, shared via Facebook, or printed at home.

Below there is a short overview of gift card offers by major ebookstores. When you decide to buy the e-card, you’ll be able to personalize the message, set up the date, and sometimes the exact time of delivery

Amazon gift cards

Gift guide for ebook lovers - Amazon gift cards

Amazon runs a large and very well-organized online store with gift cards.

There are four major ways to share the gift card from Amazon:

  • send by post,
  • send by e-mail,
  • share on Facebook,
  • print at home.

What’s important, Amazon’s gift cards, no matter which form you choose, have no expiration date.

There are several card designs to choose from, so you’ll probably not need to create artwork by yourself.

If you, however, prefer to give a more personal gift, there is an option to use your own photo in custom design.

To let the giftee immediately realize the gift refers to Kindle books, you can shop gift cards with Kindle design.

Amazon gift box Kindle design

For electronic cards, you can set up your own amount. Beautiful gift boxes designed to be sent by post, such as the one shown above, cost between $50 and $1,000.

Even when the gift card is referring to a specific brand (for instance, Kindle), it doesn’t mean the recipient will only be able to redeem it in the relevant store. The card can be used to buy any product in the Amazon online store, not only the Kindle ebook.

Barnes & Noble Nook

Gift guide for ebook lovers - Nook gift cards

Gift cards from Barnes & Noble are beautiful. There are several designs to choose from. You can set up a gift value in any whole-dollar amount from $10 to $350.

For a more personal touch, you can include the recipient’s name and a personal message on the gift card enclosure.

There is also an option to customize the card itself with your own photo (for an extra $4.50).

The B&N gift cards can be bought and redeemed both online and in stores across the United States.

Kobo ebookstore

Gifts for Kobo users - egift cards

Kobo ebookstore also offers gift cards. You can send them by email immediately or on a specific day. There is no option to set up the hour, though.

The amount of a gift to choose from is between $10 and $100.

The good side of e-gifts is that the recipient can apply the credit to their account immediately. There is no need to type in any redeem code.

Apple iTunes Store

Gifts for ebook lovers - Appe iBooks Store gift cards

If the recipient of the gift is using an iBooks application on the iPad or iPhone, you can buy iTunes gifts.

Make sure you know in which localized iTunes Store the recipient is shopping. The gift certificate can be only redeemed in the shop in which it was created.

It means that if you buy a gift in US iTunes Store, but the recipient has an account in Germany, she or he will need to sign up to US store in order to redeem the gift.

There are two options to share the gift. You can either send an email or print a card by yourself. The amount is between $10 and $50 (US iTunes Store).

Ebook bundles

Gifts for ebook lovers - ebook bundles

One of the most wonderful things about ebooks is that you can buy them at highly reduced prices.

On the other hand, one of the most important things in gift-giving is to give the gift that’s not underpaid.

If you want to avoid giving the gift that’s too cheap, consider getting ebook bundles.

Ebook bundles are usually single files that contain several books, usually from the same series. It’s a great idea if you know the gift recipient is a fan of a particular series or author.

You can find ebook bundles in all ebookstores. One of the most popular ebook collections is A Game of Thrones Collection by George R.R. Martin. Here are the links to this bundle in different ebookstores:

There is one more thing about gifting ebook bundles. When someone is switching from print to digital, a need may appear to have access to the most loved books in a digital form.

Enhanced ebooks

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - book application for iPad

Enhanced ebooks are a very special gift. They are the essence of what a book can give if it’s being designed to be used in the digital environment.

Enhanced ebooks can have video or audio tracks embedded. They can have resizable images, or speak while you read. Many interactive elements can help learn the topic the way that is extremely involving.

There are two sources of enhanced books:

  • ebookstore – the enhanced editions can be played in the regular book reading applications,
  • application stores – these ebooks are sold as standalone apps.

If you’d rather go for enhanced ebooks that are available in the ebookstores, below there are tips how to find them.

Please note that they can be played on tablets only, as e-ink e-readers don’t support multimedia elements.

Amazon Kindle Store

Enhanced ebooks bought in Kindle Store can play the audio/video content in Kindle apps that are available for iOS (iPad or iPhone), Android, or Amazon Fire.

These enhanced ebooks have “Kindle Edition With Audio/Video” included in the title.

There is no special section where all enhanced Kindle ebooks are listed, but you can use the Kindle Edition With Audio/Video search term that returns most relevant results.

Barnes & Noble Kindle Store

There are over 1,000 results when you look for “Nook Book Enhanced“. Good point to start with.

You can sort the list by “Best-selling” to start browsing from the titles most people found interesting.

Kobo Ebookstore

Not so far ago, the ebookstore offered a special list of enhanced ebooks that could be read and played on Kobo Vox. Now it’s gone, but you can try searching for “enhanced ebook” or “enhanced edition” instead.

E-reader and tablet accessories

Mosiso Slim Fit Retro Kindle Case Red - gifts for book lovers

Buying an accessory for a device the person already owns is a good idea. Before making a decision what to buy as a gift, try to learn what the person thinks about the device, and whether there are any ways to make it better.

Example. Kindle devices usually come without a charger. They can be charged only via USB cable. Sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable, because you’ll have to take a computer on vacation just in case you’ll need to recharge the Kindle.

The Kindle charger is $19.99 (one-third of the basic Kindle). It’s not good as a standalone gift, but you can bundle it with a case cover and a protection plan.

Sections with ebook accessories of the major ebookstores are:

Ebook subscription plans

Kindle Unlimited 12-month subscription deal for December 2016

One way to read ebooks is to buy them one by one. The other, much more convenient and cheaper, is getting an ebook subscription.

One of the most popular ebook subscriptions is Kindle Unlimited. It gives unlimited access not only to 1.4 million Kindle ebooks, but also thousands of audiobooks. Current issues of popular magazines are also included.

If you decide to gift Kindle Unlimited, you can select one of subscription plans: 6, 12, or 24 months. The cheapest 6-month plan costs $59.94.

It’s good to know that from time to time you can grab the Kindle Unlimited subscription at a reduced price.

Amazon usually offers the deals for Prime Day and Cyber Monday. The discount is between 20% (6-months plan) and 40% (24-months).

Personalized ebook covers and skins

Kari On Design - personalized iPad cover with a monogram

A case cover is always a great gift for the ebook lover. Covers usually get damaged faster than the device they protect, so exchanging the cover for the same model is something many users do.

However, you can go one step further, and make the cover you want to gift much more personal.

No matter which option you will choose, make sure you know what are the exact dimensions of the device your cover should fit.

Personalized cases – recommended sites

Amazon – Kindle owners shop on Amazon by default, but we advice not to only to check out the cases that are available in the Kindle Store. When you perform a search storewide, you’ll see the results from “Electronics” section – and here you’ll find out thousands of other cases to consider.

Caseable – the best place to shop for extremely well designed Kindle cases, rich in style and color, is Caseable. You find here not only the best designs from most talented young artists but will also be able to modify the selected design – or even design your own one from scratch.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable accessories. Sometimes, you can pick up here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon but costs two-thirds of the price. Worth checking if you’re interested in exploring the budget options.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of Kindle jackets to choose from. If you want to get a unique, insanely cute or uniquely stylish sleeve – look no further than Etsy.

Gifts that keep the beauty of the paper book

Someone who loves ebooks is no different from someone who loves print books.

Any gift that you would like to give to a bookworm is good for an ebookworm. What’s most important, ebook lover may feel nostalgia for the paper book.

Therefore, any gift that would resemble the printed matter is a perfect choice. Below, you’ll find a few ideas.

Book jewelry

Gifts for ebook lovers - book jewelry

Book jewelry is a great gift for every woman who loves reading. For ebook lovers who may sometimes miss the look of the print book, the jewelry that looks like miniature objects of desire is a clever idea.

The jewelry that includes miniature book charms is extremely popular on Etsy, the leading site with hand-crafted goods made to order.

You can also find gorgeous book jewelry on Amazon. There is a new sub-store with handcrafted goods called Amazon Handmade.

A literary t-shirt

Gifts for ebook lovers - literary t-shirts

The problem with ebooks on the electronic device is that nobody knows what you are reading.

One way to express you love books is wearing book jewelry, the other one is getting relevant clothing.

What about gifting the t-shirt that features cover art of the giftee’s favorite book? Out of Print Clothing offers a range of t-shirts, both for women and men. Among the designs, you’ll find The Great Gatsby, The Little Prince, and Animal Farm.

You can buy Out of Print Clothing literary t-shirts directly on Amazon.

Book-scented candle

Form and Flux scented candles - Dusty Bookshelf

Many people who start reading digital books are astonished with tons of features that make digital reading not only convenient but also enjoyable.

The only thing that’s missing is the addictive scent of an old book.

Ebook users would be more than happy if they could keep the book scent while they read an ebook. Therefore, the gift that does that will be warmly welcomed.

There is a growing number of scented candles that recreate the scent of a book and library. The chemistry behind that? A combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla.

A growing number of book-scented candles can be found on Amazon Handmade.

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