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These ebook news sites will keep you well-informed

The best ebook news sites you can follow

Do you want to make sure you won’t miss any important ebook news? If yes, this list is for you.

There are two groups of people who are interested in fresh ebook news: users and professionals.

Users are interested in product announcements, reviews, deals, and tips. For instance, they would be interested in Kindle Paperwhite price drops.

Professionals are involved in a book and publishing business on every level, from an app developer to a librarian.

Usually setting up a list of most useful sources takes some time and energy. You find one great site. Then, through links and social media connections, you find another one. And another one.

Skip this process. In the list below you’ll find all sites you need. You’ll be well-informed and get the full scope of ebook news, commentary, and connections.

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These nice images you’ll find below, with website screenshot and address, can help easier spread the word, especially among ebook newbies. Each and every site listed here deserves it.

Ebook news – the 7 best sites to put in your feed

1. The Digital Reader

Best ebook news sites - The Digital Reader

Profile: ebook news and commentary

This influential blog was established in January 2010 by Nate Hoffelder, who has been into reading ebooks “since forever”. Before that, he was one of the most active editors of MobileRead, a popular resource for fans of mobile technology.

The Digital Reader positions itself as the best news source for tablets and e-readers, but you can find here lots of news from around the world that refer to digital reading in general.

The Digital Reader

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The strongest benefit of TDR is commentary. Every single piece of news is associated with a clear opinion, a reference to the past event, or a prediction, that will help you better understand dynamics of presented facts.

The blog is a source of several original news other sites can only reblog. Be it a rumor about the screen size of a new Kindle Fire, or figures about ebook market in Eastern Europe – Hoffelder is well-informed and spends a considerable part of his time to dig deeper into the nature of shared news.

Combine it with a strong point of view (and a dash of humor), and you have The Digital Reader in full light.

One of the advantages TDR offers is its active audience. When you’ll visit the blog, you have big chances to jump into a middle of a hot discussion.

Every day The Digital Reader shares digest posts with interesting articles from around the web, called “The Morning Coffee.”

If I had to pick up just one blog to follow, my clear choice would be The Digital Reader.

⇢ The Digital Reader

2. Good E-reader

Best ebook news sites - Good E-reader

Profile: ebook news, e-reader/tablet reviews

Good E-reader shares a lot of digital publishing news addressed to professionals, but the site is the best destination for an average ebook user, who wants to make her life with ebooks and easier.

First of all, the site is the most comprehensive source of news.

A team of bloggers, including Michael Kozlowski, Editor in Chief, Mercy Pilkington, and Sovan Mandal, work hard to deliver as much quality news as possible. Libraries, comics, magazines, and obviously – devices – are covered daily by Good E-reader staff.

The biggest benefit of Good E-reader is the fantastic review work. Not only you can read here up-to-date reviews of e-readers and tablets. Most of them you can watch in video reviews and tutorials, shared also on their YouTube channel.

Plus there are video comparisons (lots of them) for those who can’t decide between two models from a shortlist.

Based in Canada, the site also offers podcast – Good E-reader Radio Show. Usually once a week, Michael Kozlowski and Jeremy Greenfield from Digital Book World talk about latest news, share prediction for digital publishing, and cover ebook conferences.

⇢ Good E-reader

3. Publishing Perspectives

Best ebook news sites - Publishing Perspectives

Profile: international publishing news and opinion

While other sites focus on most important markets, like US or UK, the clear profile of Publishing Perspectives is to report how book markets are growing in different countries around the world.

The team of writers and contributors, with Ed Nawotka as Editor in Chief, has a goal to bring and analyze up-to-date reports of global trends in publishing.

Publishing Perspectives

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Brazil, Russia, China, and India – these ebook markets enjoy stunning growth, and this is very well documented by Publishing Perspectives.

The site is also publishing essays from top members of the global publishing community, as well as provocative questions inviting to the discussion on the condition of the global publishing.

Ebook markets in different countries don’t necessarily have to follow the US pattern. Publishing Perspectives will give you ideas on what works where and how you can coin it into business in your own country.

⇢ Publishing Perspectives

4. Publishers Weekly

Best ebook news sites - Publishers Weekly

Profile: book industry news

Publishers Weekly is best known for pre-publication book reviews. By many users, it’s considered the bible of the book business.

It’s targeted at industry professionals: publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, and authors. You’ll find here news from a wide range of book industry topics. Digital publishing, self-publishing ebooks, and apps are also included.

Publishers Weekly

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There is a special section covering international news, what in addition to Publishing Perspectives should give you a full view of what’s currently happening in books around the world.

As Publishers Weekly is addressed to business professionals, it offers also a paid subscription. For $18.95 a month you’ll get a digital access to over 200,000 book reviews, as well as access to over 150 new pre-publication book reviews every week.

⇢ Publishers Weekly

5. TeleRead

Best ebook news sites - TeleRead

Profile: ebook and publishing commentary

TeleRead is the longest-established ebook news site. It has been documenting ebooks and digital publishing since 1995, founded by David H. Rothman as a “nonpartisan plan to get electronic books into American homes.”

For a long time, TeleRead was the most comprehensive source of news related to ebooks, e-readers, tablets, digital publishing, and libraries. It published everything from a big Kindle announcement to a press release from a local ebook platform.

Now TeleRead evolved into an opinion blog, covering ebooks and publishing from different points of view.

The news part is still there, as the site runs the digest section similar to The Digital Reader’s “Morning Coffee”.

If you need a deeper perspective on hot topics circulating in the ebook world, or simply discuss them, you should add TeleRead to your news feed.

⇢ TeleRead

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