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NewsToEbook turns your feeds into an ebook

NewsToEbook logoIf you prefer reading recent news on your Kindle or in a book-reading app, you’ll find this little tool very handy.

NewsToEbook converts your feeds into an ebook file: mobi (for Kindle) or epub (for most other e-readers and e-reading apps).

There are two ways to add feeds:

1. Enter the feed manually

Simply visit NoteToEbook website and add a feed, or a website address (for instance into a field and hit OK.

You’ll see a list of recent posts, and pick up a relevant ebook format.

NewsToEbook - The Digital Reader

2. Connect with Feedly

Feedly is the most popular RSS-based news reader in the post-Google-Reader era.

To use NewsToEbook with Feedly you just have to install a browser bookmarklet from this page. Simply drag the bookmarklet into the bookmark menu in your browser.

Open Feedly, click on a bookmarklet, and the current session will be turned into the ebook.

Don’t worry, not all feeds will land in the ebook. You will have control over what to include:

  • category (unread or saved),
  • specific folder or folders,
  • specific feeds.

Tell us what you think about the new tool, and don’t hesitate to check out 7 best ebook news sites.

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Via Lifehacker.