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Books are almost always better than their screen adaptations

Books versus screen adaptations - comparison of ratings IMDB and Goodreads

Based on ratings from Goodreads and IMDB, 83.5% of books are better than their movie or TV show adaptations.

A recent analysis from compares 279 books to their screen adaptations. The company collected user ratings from Goodreads (for books) and IMDB (for movies). 5-level ratings from Goodreads were multiplied by 2 to match the 10-star system used by IMDB.

You can analyze all data in a special Google Sheets document. Below there is an infographic that lists Top 100 titles. On the left side, you will see ratings for books, on the right for matching screen adaptations.

The Witcher didn’t make it to the infographic, but we have compared the latest ratings on two services. It turns out the Netflix adaptation (8.4/10 on IMDB) has the same rating as the first book in the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski, Blood of Elves (4.2 on Goodreads – multiplied by 2 = 8.4).

Here are other highlights from the analysis by Broadband Choices:

  • Of the 279 adaptations included in the study, just 46 (16.5%) were better than the books they were based on.
  • 11 (4%) were equally as good as their source material.
  • Not a single film in the Harry Potter series rated higher than its literary counterpart.
  • The worst adaptation was The Cat in the Hat with a rating of 3.9, or 113% lower than the books score of 8.3.
  • The 50 Shades movies dominated the worst adaptations of the last decade.

Make sure to read the source material on Broadband Choices, and below you will find the infographic with top titles.

What is better the book or its screen adaptation - full infographic

Via Broadband Choices blog.

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