50 best gifts for modern-day book lovers

Best literary gifts for book lovers
Here are the best bookish gifts you can currently find: home decor, jewelry, personal accessories, clothing, and more!

Check out the updated list of literary gifts for book lovers, no matter whether someone reads print or electronic books.

Gift-giving is all about passing a real object from hand to hand. It’s followed by one of the most anticipated life pleasures – unpacking a gift box and see what’s inside.

Print books are great gifts by themselves. You can’t say the same about ebooks. However, if someone loves reading, the real book is not her or his only dream.

While many readers are already dedicated fans of ebooks, they can still keep that delightful feeling of dealing with beautiful objects. This post is about to show how many daily things can remind you that there is a book waiting for you on a bedside table.

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It’s all about changing a perspective and thinking for a minute about what a modern-day book lover would need. Because a Kindle ebook is not the only gift the Kindle owner would appreciate.

The best literary gifts (2021 season) – highlights

Take a quick look at what you will see in the following list. Enjoy! If you have any questions or hits, let’s connect on Twitter or Facebook.

The best gifts for book lovers - ultimate 2020 list

50 literary gifts for modern book lovers – 2021 season

Home decor


Cardboard reading lamp - best gifts for book lovers to give in 2020

Cardboard reading lamp. This amazing LED light is hand-crafted in Italy from Havana Wave cardboard, and comes in three sizes.

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"Girl Reading a Book" light switch decor - bookish gifts of 2020

Girl Reading a Book” light switch decor. This little and affordable vinyl sticker works great on tablets and furniture, but we have found out a perfect place for it is a light switch or power outlet. Other bookish designs are also available.

⇢ Etsy


"May the Force Be with Books" bookend - Yoda Master Star Wars

“May the Force Be with Books” book stop. Let Yoda Jedi Master manage books on the shelf for you! This clever fun Star Wars bookend shows Yoda Master using all his strength to keep the books ready to be picked up.

⇢ Amazon


Pencil holder that looks like a stack of books

Pencil holder that looks like a stack of books. This pencil holder and desk organizer looks like a stack of ornate library books. The top part is a two-part pencil holder. The book on the bottom is a pull-out drawer ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, or erasers.

⇢ Amazon


Cruelty-free book-scented candles

Cruelty-free book-scented candles. Forage Candle is an environmentally focused perfume and candle company with a mission to create hypoallergenic, sustainable and recyclable products that are free of phthalates, toxic chemicals, and parabens.

Most importantly, these minimalist book-scented and literature-inspired candles and perfumes are cruelty-free – they are not tested on animals.

⇢ Amazon


"Old Books and Hot Tea" soy wax melts

“Old Books & Hot Tea” soy wax melt. Called “Biblichor” this set of soy candles the scent of old books, with a hint of old wooden bookshelves. You can use them in tea-light warmers or electric warmers approved for wax melts.

⇢ Etsy


Bedside caddy and book holder

Multi-purpose bedside organizer. This clever bedside organizer from is made of premium double-layer felt which will not deform even when you put heavy things inside. It features 2 read pockets, 2 front pockets, 1 main pocket, and 2 holes for charging cables.

⇢ Amazon


Wooden charging station and nightstand organizer - gifts for book lovers

Wooden charging station and nightstand organizer. The stand is made of made from solid walnut timber that is sustainably sourced. It’s a perfect nightstand organizer where you can keep your phone, wallet, reading glasses, a book or a Kindle.

⇢ Amazon


Literary doormat

Doormat with a book quote. From The Literary Gift Company come a few beautiful doormats that feature quotes by famous book authors. These quotes are cleverly handpicked to fit the context perfectly. The doormats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor (sheltered) use.



"Heroic Girls in Books" poster - the 2020 guide to the best gifts for book lovers

“Heroic Girls in Books” poster. This amazing chart poster features over 100 of the bravest girl characters in young adult fiction. A story summary is provided for each book, and books are organized by categories (genres, themes, literary awards, etc.).

⇢ Amazon


Cookbook kitchen stand

Cookbook kitchen stand. This stand is perfect for a classic kitchen. It can hold a tablet as well as a traditional cookbook. It’s made of composite wood with smooth painted surface. Easel back keeps the stand at the right angle. The leads can be folded to easier storage.

⇢ Amazon


Handmade glass vase bookends - gifts for book nerds

Handmade glass bookends. These beautiful mouth-blown glass vases will add a natural beauty to your bookshelf. The bookends are heavy enough to keep not only books between them, but also store stationery, pencils, or paint brushes.

⇢ Uncommon Goods


"Books. Helping introverts avoid conversation since 1454" throw blanket

“Books for Introverts” throw blanket. The blanket is made of 100% polyester fleece, with soft, fluffy hand feel. The white text is printed on one side, with ivory color in the background.

We love the text! It says: “Books. Helping introverts avoid conversation since 1454.”

⇢ Redbubble


WPA book posters - gifts for the home of book lovers

A set of vintage WPA book posters. These five posters were originally printed in the 1930s by Work Projects Administration – the first U.S. Government program to support arts and education. They were restored to keep original colors. You can choose from three sizes.

⇢ Amazon


"The Movie vs The Book" poster - gifts for book readers 2020

“The Movie vs The Book” poster. From Echo Literary Arts comes a beautiful artwork showing a relation between a book and a movie. To be placed in a living room, home library, or near a reading nook.

⇢ Amazon


Book safe concealed behind the cover of a dictionary

“English Dictionary” book safe. The safe is concealed behind the cover of The New English Dictionary. Fabric, spine, and typography are designed to make you think you are looking at a real book.

⇢ Amazon


"Read Me a Story" pennant flag - best gifts for young readers 2020

“Read Me a Story” pennant flag. This cute, hand-sewn and screen-printed pennant flag is a great home decor for a kid’s room. It’s available in nine colors, what should make it fit every room style.

⇢ Etsy

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Tech gifts


Bedside lamp with charger and bookshelf - gifts for book lovers 2020

Modern bookshelf with a lamp and USB chargers. This advanced bookshelf will fit perfectly the living room of the smart home. It combines a three-shelf stand with an Alexa-compatible lamp (works with Google Home and Apple HomeKit as well) and a charging utility with 2 USB ports.

⇢ Amazon


Audible membership gift plans

Pre-paid Audible membership. Gifting a particular audiobook means that sometimes you’ve chosen the wrong one. Why not passing a choice of titles to a gift recipient? After you buy a subscription, Audible will send your gift recipient an email at the day of your choice, together with instructions how to redeem a gift.

⇢ Amazon


Magnetic cable organizer and bookmark - set of 5

Cable organizer and bookmark in one. Here is another gift idea that combines features from different product categories. It’s a combination of a magnetic cable/earbud organizer and bookmark. It uses two magnets to hold things in place, so it can be also used as a fridge magnet.

⇢ Amazon


Scribd subscription gift card

Scribd subscription. Scribd is a popular platform that offers its members full and unlimited access to all kinds of digital content, from ebooks to comic books, to audiobooks, to magazines & newspapers. There is no need to own any special device to enjoy Scribd. There are free apps one can get for iPad & iPhone or Android devices.

⇢ Scribd


Sleep eye mask with Bluetooth speakers - top tech gifts for audiobook and book fans

Sleep mask and headphones in one. This soft sleep mask features ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to that, you can listen to music or audiobooks even if you are a side sleeper. The mask adopts 3D ergonomic technology to block out 100% of external light “for you sweet deep sleep.”

⇢ Amazon


Bamboo bathtub table and reading stand - gifts for book lovers

Multi-purpose bathtub table with a reading stand. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, the table will hold everything you need to spend the most relaxing time of the day.

Besides a cup holder and a shelf for snacks, the tray includes an adjustable book/tablet stand that features “fail-safe” stable design, so you don’t have to worry the book or e-reader will fall into the water.

⇢ Amazon


Floating bookshelf with LED lights

Modern floating bookshelf with LED lights. A small bookshelf can be enough to keep the most important books, while the rest is stored on your Kindle or iPad. This contemporary floating bookshelf comes with built-in LED lights, so that you can create atmosphere in a place where you love to read books.

⇢ Amazon


Wooden reading and tablet stand

Comfortable reading stand for bed and sofa. This large bed stand will securely accommodate an iPad or Kindle, a cup of morning coffee, and a croissant.

The stand is hand-crafted from lacquered oak veneer and is equipped with a cradle for tablets or e-readers that are up to 10 mm thick.

⇢ Etsy


Innovative ring-shaped nightstand lamp and USB charger - gifts for tech-savvy book lovers to gift in 2020

Unique nightstand lamp and USB charger. From Brightech comes a modern, minimalist LED bedside lamp that looks like a glowing ring. It comes with a touch-operated dimmer that lets you reduce light to 50 or 30%.

The lamp features a built-in USB charger, so that you can reload your phone, tablet, or e-reader to 100% during a night.

⇢ Amazon


5-in-1 bedside lamp and speaker

Multi-purpose bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker. Here is a home appliance that will make every audiobook fan happy – a bedside lamp that puts together four benefits into one minimalist design.

It’s a reading lamp, alarm clock, calendar, and Bluetooth speaker. You can play audiobooks from a microSD card, AUX input, or a flash drive.

⇢ Amazon

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Bookmobile keychain - gifts for teachers, librarians, and book lovers

Bookmobile keychain. If you have a book in your purse, every vehicle you drive is a bookmobile! This cute bookish keychain is a must-have accessory for everyone who loves books.

⇢ Etsy


Pin with hand-painted book covers - best gifts for book lovers - 2020 edition

Beautiful pin with hand-painted book cover. This adorable pin brooch was beautifully hand-painted by Lilian Bird and features a book cover from a literary classic, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

Make sure to explore pins inspired by books from Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, C.S. Lewis, or Margaret Atwood.

⇢ Etsy


360-degree rotating glasses for reading - gifts for bookworms

Innovative foldable reading glasses. The mechanism used to fold these glasses is unique and ingenious. The side arms rotate by 90 degrees to form a solid protection, so you don’t need to use a box (which is, by the way, included).

⇢ Amazon


2-in-1 necklace and bookmark - clever gifts to gift in 2020

Bookmark and necklace in one. This beautiful pendant features an intricate cutwork design rendered in sterling silver. Mostly importantly, it doubles as a fully functional bookmark. Simply slip the chain on or off depending on whether you’re accessorizing or page-saving.

⇢ Uncommon Goods


Silicone wristbands with inspirational book quotes - best gifts for book club members

Inspirational wristbands with classic book quotes. On Amazon, you can get a set of 4 silicone rubber bracelets that feature motivational quotes from famous book authors: Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, Henry David Thoreau, and Mark Twain.

⇢ Amazon


Oxford Comma ceramic mug - gifts for book nerds

Oxford Comma mug. To use Oxford comma or not? This long-lasting discussion has finally found its way to a real world.

⇢ Etsy


Organic keychain wristlet with literary quotes - gifts for book lovers

Organic keychain wristlets with literary quotes. These colorful and fashionable keychain wristlets are made from 100% organic cotton and feature book quotes from famous authors. A great gift idea for book club members!

⇢ Amazon


Functional e-reader sleeve - gifts for modern book lovers

Functional bag sleeve for 6-inch e-readers. The biggest benefit of this solid and durable sleeve is an external pocket that you can use to carry Bluetooth earphones, a library card, or a smartphone. You can choose from four colors: Light Gray, Green, Purple, Denim Blue, and Light Gray.

⇢ Amazon


Mary Poppins iPad folio case cover

Mary Poppins iPad cover. Book-inspired tablet covers are always in fashion. Here: a beautiful Mary Poppins cover art replicated on a folio stand case for Apple iPad.

⇢ Etsy


"When I Think About Books, I Touch My Shelf" wine glass

Bookish wine glass. The 17 oz stemless wine glass features a hand-engraved text “When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf.” It is individually boxed and dishwasher safe.

⇢ Amazon


DIY recycled book binding kit - gifts for book lovers to gift in 2020

Do-it-yourself bookbinding kit. This unique DIY set crafted by Peg and Awl teaches the art of traditional hand-bound bookbinding. The kit includes everything that’s needed to create a real journal to fill with story ideas or a draft of a new novel.

⇢ Amazon


Book-inspired bath salt - best new gifts

Literature-inspired bath salts. From The Soap Librarian comes a new range of bath salts that refer to classic books, such as Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, or The Secret Garden.

If you don’t want the flower petals in the tub, simply pour the salt mixture into the organza bag and drop the bag into the water.

⇢ Etsy


Magnetic book holder for reading glasses - 2020 guide - best gifts for book readers

Magnetic book hanger for reading glasses. Keep the glasses handily attached to the book cover thanks to this clever magnetic hanger. It’s crafted of high-quality faux leather, and works not only with paperbacks but also hardcovers.

⇢ Amazon


Smart Quotes earrings - literary jewelry - best gifts

Minimalist “Smart Quotes” earrings. A great gift for a significant other who loves books. These earrings are made of brass plated with high-quality nickel-free gold, and the ear pins are 925 sterling silver.

⇢ Amazon



"Make Orwell Fiction Again" t-shirt - book-inspired gifts 2020

“Make Orwell Fiction Again” t-shirt. Check out this t-shirt if you are looking for book-related apparel that use fresh new ideas instead of “Go Away, I’m Reading.” The t-shirt is available in five unisex sizes.

⇢ Etsy


Pollution mask with book-themed illustration - gifts to give in 2020

Anti-dust mask with a bookish design. It’s much better to smell books than pollution. This anti-dust mask features a lovely drawing of a cozy bookshelf that will keep you in good mood when commuting.

⇢ Amazon


"Librarian Nutrition Facts" fun tote bag - gifts for librarians in 2020

Librarian grocery bag. The bag features a clever “Librarian Nutrition Facts” table, with a serving size for “1 awesome librarian.” Ingredients? Hardworking, determination, passion, caring, late books, and caffeine.

⇢ Amazon


Floral Kindle zipper sleeve with custom monogram option - gifts for Kindle lovers

Floral e-reader sleeve with custom monogram. This zipper sleeve is perfect for all 6-inch devices such as the Kindle. Gorgeous floral design will catch everyone’s attention. You can add a personal touch by having your initials hand-stamped on a leather label on the front side.

⇢ Etsy


"Single and Ready to Kindle" t-shirt - best apparel for book lovers

“Single and Ready to Kindle” t-shirt. Here is a fantastic gift idea for the Kindle addict in your family. The tee is available in six colors and in several sizes, both for women and men.

⇢ Etsy


"Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them" t-shirt - bookish gifts

Clever “Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them” t-shirt. From Out of Print Clothing comes a t-shirt with an amazing artwork that’s a reference to J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a guide to Harry Potter magical creatures.

⇢ Amazon


Writing gloves Sherlock Holmes - gifts to give in 2020

Writing gloves inspired by classic books. These wonderful gloves inspired by classic novels are hand-crafted from super soft 100% cotton knit fabric. There are 24 variants to choose from.

⇢ Etsy


"Romeo and Juliet" pencil case - best gifts

“Romeo and Juliet” pencil case. This literature-inspired pouch is perfect for holding pencils or cosmetics. A gorgeous illustration & typography art work is hand-pressed onto a rustic canvas material.

⇢ Etsy


"I Closed My Book to Be Here" tank top shirt

“I Closed My Book to Be Here” t-shirt. The hottest new text that works great on a t-shirt is “I closed my book to be here.” It’s so fresh, you can find only few examples on the web.

⇢ Etsy


"I Wish I Could Bookmark My Dreams" t-shirt

“I wish I could bookmark my dreams” t-shirt. From My Poetic Factory comes a unique t-shirt that has a great story: “I wish I could bookmark my dreams” are the words a 4.5-year boy told his mother.

⇢ Etsy

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