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50 best iPad covers and sleeves (2020 edition)

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The top 50 Apple iPad covers and sleeves to get in 2019-20 season
This updated roundup of the best iPad covers includes Smart Cover alternatives slim tri-fold covers, keyboard case covers, leather sleeves, best covers for women, and so much more!

Explore the quick and easy visual-heavy guide that puts together the best iPad covers from around the web you can get in 2020. For iPad mini 5, iPad 10.2, iPad Air 3, and the latest iPad Pro models.

If you think there are only few high-quality covers that you can get for your newest iPad, think again. The moment you decide to leave Apple’s online store and explore other online destinations is the moment you realize there are thousands of covers and sleeves you can choose from.

In the Amazon store only, you will find over 30,000 results for the search phrase iPad cover. There are even more if you search for “iPad case.” There are so many designs in so many colors that you will find it hard to decide which one you love the most.

And Amazon is just the beginning. You should also check out Etsy, eBay, Best Buy, and numerous websites from third-party producers of iPad covers and sleeves.

That’s why we’ve created this extended, fast-loading list that for many users has already become the ultimate guide to the best iPad covers on the web. The list will help you quickly find a cover for yourself, but also a great way to explore gift ideas for an iPad lover in your life.

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iPad mini iPad 10.2 iPad 9.7 iPad Air iPad Pro

Which iPad model do you own or plan to buy? Do you already know which kind of cover you are looking for? A slim Smart Cover alternative? A folio stand cover? A sleeve that’s hand-crafted from genuine leather or 100% felt? A designer case cover nobody else owns? A cover you can personalize?

We’ve completely redesigned the list to help you explore it as quickly as possible, also on a mobile phone.

Instead of long and boring lists of features (which you are already aware of, so there is no need to explain them), you will find for each cover only the most appealing image that’s accompanied by the most important feature.

The best iPad covers 2020 – visual highlights

Best iPad cover roundup - 2019-20 edition

If you haven’t found the case or accessory, feel free to ask us a question on social media or via the contact form, and we will try to find the product that answers most of your needs.

Top 5 iPad covers for 2020 season

Below, you will find 5 best iPad covers that we’ve picked from the following list:

  1. The best designer cover for iPad 10.2
  2. The best heavy-duty multipurpose case for iPad Pro 11
  3. The best multifunctional sleeve for iPad 10.2 and 9.7
  4. The best Smart Cover alternative for iPad Air 3
  5. The best shockproof tri-fold cover for iPad mini

50 best iPad covers – the ultimate 2020 guide

iPad Mini covers and sleeves


Colorful tri-fold iPad mini 5 smart cover with built-in Apple Pencil holder

Tri-fold smart cover with Apple Pencil holder. The holder is located on the left side of the display, so it’s hidden when the cover is closed – you can be sure your Apple Pencil is always safe! The stand offers the viewing angle set at 65 degrees; the typing angle is 30 degrees.

⇢ Amazon


Flexible back iPad mini 5 tri-fold case cover

Smart Cover alternative with soft rubberized back. This affordable cover with a tri-fold functionality with a back case made of soft and flexible TPU that you can easily install or remove. The rubber back feels great and prevents the iPad from slipping.

⇢ Amazon


Floral Apple iPad mini 5 tri-fold stand cover for women

Floral Apple iPad mini 5 tri-fold stand cover. If you prefer a back shell made of solid plastic for enhanced drop protection, choose this popular stand case cover from Fintie. No bezels around the screen allow for unobstructed gesture swipes.

⇢ Amazon


Heavy-duty transparent iPad mini 5 compatible smart cover - gifts for women

Heavy-duty transparent smart cover for iPad mini 5. The front part is a typical tri-fold cover. The back is made of a durable hard PC with TPU, rugged, giving a much higher level of shock protection than most other cases of this kind. Also, the front cover can be detached, making this case a fully flexible solution for all kinds of situations.

⇢ Amazon


Full-size laptop keyboard case for Apple iPad mini 5th-generation

Detachable keyboard with Apple Pencil holder. It’s the thinnest keyboard case cover for the 5th-generation iPad mini. It features the full-size Bluetooth keyboard, offering a writing experience similar to laptops. Multi-angle design allows you to dock the iPad into different typing positions, for even more comfort.

⇢ Amazon


UAG Metropolis armor heavy-duty iPad mini 5 cover with Apple Pencil holder

UAG Metropolis armor folio iPad mini 5 case cover. An ultimate combination of advanced protection and multi-level functionality. UAG armor case is made of lightweight military-grade materials in a rugged, low-profile design.

⇢ Best Buy


Personalized genuine leather and felt iPad mini 5 sleeve - a perfect gift for dad

Personalized genuine leather iPad mini 5 sleeve. A luxurious sleeve made of premium Crazy Horse type leather and 100% wool felt. You can order your custom text to be stamped on the front side in a classic serif font. 100% wool felt interior cleans your iPad screen each time it is removed. There are two pockets for the business cards and papers on the front and back.

⇢ Etsy


White linen chevron Apple iPad mini 5 sleeve - the cutest iPad sleeves on Etsy

Beautiful hand-crafted linen iPad mini sleeve. It’s a perfect sleeve for women. It looks gorgeous, with an external pocket, a wooden button, and a clever combination of designs.

⇢ Etsy


Cute fluffy iPad sleeve for girls - compatible with iPad mini 5 and 4

Cute and fluffy iPad mini 5 sleeve. Hand-crafted with heart by Julia Cute Cases, the sleeve is a perfect gift for an iPad-loving girl. It is made of three layers – smooth inside lining, fleece for softness and safety, and “outside is a beautiful decorative fabric that will be a great addition to your unique style.” On a photo you see cute a Brown Bear variant.

⇢ Etsy


Felt sleeve for iPad mini 5 - from high-quality German wool felt

High-quality German felt iPad mini sleeve. It’s made of graphite-colored German wool felt, and features an attention-catching yellow elastic strap to keep your iPad mini 5 in place all the time.

⇢ Etsy


Gorgeous mandala clear backshell case for Apple iPad mini 5 with optional tri-fold cover

Fashionable mandala iPad mini 5 case with optional smart cover. This clear case features a gorgeous mandala pattern circling around the Apple logo. You can order it with or without the tri-fold front cover (in either black or white color). With this case, your iPad mini becomes a true fashion thing!

⇢ Etsy


Dual-layer protective stand cover for iPad mini 5 - the best cover for active women

Fashionable rugged iPad mini 5 stand cover. This boutique-style stand cover from i-Blason offers enhanced protection, thanks to the rugged, dual-layer structure. Protective front cover features an integrated screen protector to prevent scratches while keeping the display touch responsiveness.

⇢ Amazon


Tri-fold iPad mini 5 case on Amazon - for artists and designers

Designer tri-fold iPad mini slim cover. If you are looking for fresh new designs for your iPad mini 5, take a look at a range from Timovo, which includes this refreshing Jungle artwork. There are over fifteen other color variants to choose from.

⇢ Amazon


Fabric folio iPad mini 5 stand cover with Apple Pencil loop and leather frame - a perfect company gift

Fabric folio stand cover with Apple Pencil loop. It’s one of the most popular covers for iPad mini that you can find on Amazon. This cloth case holds the iPad using a frame which is more flexible than a hard plastic shell.

⇢ Amazon

iPad 10.2 covers and sleeves


Personalized iPad 10.2 case cover with floral design - add your initials

Personalized tri-fold iPad 10.2 designer case for women. A range of iPad case covers that are designed for girls. You can find here floral patterns, street art collages, designs inspired by cartoons, nature background, and cute minimalist drawings.

⇢ Etsy


The best boutique-style Apple iPad 10.2 case you can find on the web - perfect gift for elegant women

Boutique-style case with laser-cut flower pattern. This folio case has everything you could expect from a solid iPad accessory. What makes this case special is an incredibly detailed flower pattern that’s made by cutting out the external layer.

If you are looking for an elegant case that would go well with your high street purse, look no further.

⇢ Amazon


Wireless Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad 10.2 with Apple Pencil holder

Wireless keyboard iPad 10.2 case with pencil holder. The case sports a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Plus, there is a cradle for Apple Pencil, which is located right under the display. The keyboard offers a real laptop experience, helping you to type faster and with higher accuracy.

⇢ Amazon


Apple iPad 10.2 shockproof bumper case for kids and parents

Shockproof iPad 10.2 bumper case for kids and parents. A perfect solution for parents who plan to use the iPad together with their kids. A unique hollowed-out construction provides a better grip, so that the iPad can be held with one tiny hand. Raised edges give extra protection against drops and bumps.

⇢ Amazon


Supcase heavy-duty iPad 10.2 case with kickstand and screen protector

Heavy-duty kickstand rugged case with screen protector. The case offers dual-layer protection against drops and bumps. Fortified bumpers are reinforced with a polycarbonate outer shell. The case comes with an integrated screen protector, so you have all-around protection without spending extra money.

⇢ Amazon


Fashionable and protective iPad 10.2 cover for women

Fashionable rugged iPad 10.2 cover with screen protector. The case looks like being taken straight from a high-street boutique but offers extra protection typical for heavy-duty rugged cases. It features a built-in Apple Pencil holder and comes with a free screen protector.

⇢ Amazon


One of the best designer case covers for Apple iPad 10.2 you can find on Etsy

Designer tri-fold smart cover available in almost 300 variants. If a tri-fold case design is something that works for you, but you want to get the case that’s unique and better reflects your taste and personality, you should explore Marmori Albo shop on Etsy.

⇢ Etsy


Personalized iPad 10.2 designer cover with Apple Pencil holder

Personalized iPad 10.2 cover with Apple Pencil holder. You can choose from several bright designs. What’s even more exciting, you can add a personal touch by ordering a custom text on the front. What’s more, the cover includes a built-in Apple Pencil holder that’s located on the left side of the display.

⇢ Amazon


Tomtoc iPad multi-pocket sleeve - top-rated on Amazon, perfect for iPad 10.2

Multifunctional iPad sleeve with large pockets. The sleeve from Tomtoc features two extra pockets on the front. Shock-absorbing padding with soft fleece material provides silk feel and one more layer of protection against bumps and scratches. Magnetic closures of the smallest storage allow for a hassle-free and safe way to access to your iPhone, AirPods or credit card .

⇢ Amazon


Classic British tweed padded sleeve for iPad 10.2

Classic British tweed zipped sleeve for iPad 10.2. This padded sleeve is made of pure British tweed from Abraham Moon. It’s available in beautiful pattern combining aqua and flamingo pink, and comes equipped with a zipper, so it’s easy to slide the iPad in and keep it protected from sliding out.

⇢ Etsy


Innovative soft-edge bumper iPad 10.2 case cover with transparent back

Innovative soft-edge bumper iPad 10.2 case with transparent back. This is a new kind of lightweight case that combines crystal clear transparent back with a bumper frame made of soft rubberized premium-quality TPU material. The frame features raised corners for enhanced drop protection.

⇢ Amazon


Floral cover for iPad 10.2 - one of the best on Amazon

Floral iPad 10.2 cover with transparent back. If you are looking for floral iPad cases on Amazon, you should check out the cover from Dadanism. It combines the beauty of a bright floral design with a lightweight back shell that’s made of translucent plastic that let you enjoy the beauty of the iPad itself – any time you want.

⇢ Amazon


Business-style iPad 10.2 stand cover

Business-style iPad 10.2 cover with external stylus loop. The cover sports business look, and is perfect for making meeting notes or presentations. The back cover folds to the front to add extra protection and help form a strong stand.

⇢ Amazon

iPad 9.7 covers and sleeves


Apple iPad 9.7 smart cover alternative available on Amazon in several color variants

Most popular Smart Cover alternative for iPad 9.7. This lightweight tri-fold case cover is the most popular iPad 9.7 case on Amazon. It has everything you need and costs a fraction of what you will have to pay for the original Apple Smart Cover.

⇢ Amazon


Lightweight Apple iPad 9.7 cover with soft back shell - comes with a free detachable Apple Pencil holder

Lightweight and slim iPad 9.7 cover with an Apple Pencil holder bag. The case features the back shell that is made of soft and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), made in air-cushion technology combined with honeycomb structure. The cover comes now with a free Apple Pencil holder that is detachable.

⇢ Amazon


Polka dot  iPad 9.7 slim case and smart cover

Polka dot & wooden texture smart cover. There are a few polka dot iPad cases on the web, but none of them looks so cute. Gentle white dots are spread across the front and back. The front features also a subtle wooden pattern. This iPad cover is made to order by Amazon Handmade artisan, so count extra few days for delivery.

⇢ Amazon


Poetic iPad 9.7 slim-fit case cover with transparent back

Slim-fit tri-fold cover and frosted back shell. The standard tri-fold cover combined with a back shell which is made from transparent plastic – that’s the case from Poetic. A part of the front cover also the back, creating an interesting duo tone.

⇢ Amazon


Affordable iPad 9.7 Leather Sleeve alternative

Third-party leather iPad sleeve with Apple Pencil holder. Why overpay for the original Apple Leather Sleeve, if you can have a similar design a few times cheaper? This one is made of faux leather (thermoplastic polyurethane with a surface resembling a real leather), which is wear-resisting and easy to clean.

⇢ Amazon


Dark or light 100% natural felt iPad 9.7 sleeve - personalized to your needs

Personalized felt sleeve for iPad 9.7. The sleeve is made of 100% German wool which is smoother and has a higher density than other kinds of felt. You can personalize the sleeve by adding a leather strap.

⇢ Etsy


Bluetooth slim-fit iPad 9.7 keyboard case cover

Bluetooth slim-fit iPad keyboard case cover. The case features a real keyboard experience, with silent keystroke performance typical for laptops. The keyboard is backlit, with seven colors to choose from.

⇢ Amazon


Convertible 360-degree iPad 9.7 keyboard cover

Convertible 360-degree iPad 9.7 keyboard case cover. This cover from ProCase will turn the new iPad into a convertible laptop. The biggest benefit is the ability to rotate the case against the keyboard. A perfect solution for a student or teacher.

⇢ Amazon


Water repellent iPad 9.7 organizer bag

Water repellent organizer bag for iPad 9.7. This versatile bag from Bagsmart can solve your accessory problem. Besides the compartment for iPad, it features a few more pockets, so that you can take all cables, connectors, and accessories with you.

⇢ Amazon


Heavy-duty tough armor iPad 9.7 case cover

Tough armor iPad case cover with air cushion. The case from Spigen offers ultimate shock-absorbency yet still looks fashionable! Its surface is raised strategically to keep screen and camera contact-free. Military-grade certified Air Cushion technology is used to give extra protection to all corners.

⇢ Amazon


Minimalist fashionable iPad 9.7 case with optional smart cover

Elegant boutique-style iPad case with an optional smart cover. If you are looking for the premium quality and fashionable case that would become a part of your lifestyle, look no further and explore Clique Shop.

⇢ Etsy


Floral iPad 9.7 smart cover with translucent back

Floral thin cover with translucent frosted back. From MoKo comes a series of tri-fold covers that feature color variants for all tastes. Plus, the back is made of transparent plastic to show off your iPad all the time.

⇢ Amazon

iPad Air 3 covers and sleeves


Eco-friendly cork folio case for iPad Air 3

Eco-friendly cork folio case for iPad Air 3. Made of natural cork by Reveal, this slim and form fitting is eco-friendly and provides an easy grip. It’s also sleek and has a high-end look. “We believe in revealing nature’s natural beauty to enhance our everyday lives.”

⇢ Amazon


Transparent back shell iPad Air 3 case with Apple Pencil holder

Transparent iPad Air 3 back case with Apple Pencil holder. The case made from a flexible soft and transparent plastic and has a pencil holder integrated on the right side that doubles as a grip area to better handle the device with one hand.

⇢ Amazon


Stylish iPad Air 3 shockproof stand cover

Shockproof and lightweight iPad Air 3 folio stand cover. Although the case is lightweight and has a premium slim look, its shell is made from a durable and shockproof material, making it more protective than other folio cases available on Amazon.

⇢ Amazon


Lightweight keyboard case for iPad Air 3 2019

Lightweight iPad Air 3 with integrated laptop-style keyboard. The non-detachable keyboard is on the internal side of the front cover, to make the case lighter and slimmer. The case will activate your iPad on opening. Thanks to two magnetic strips next to the keyboard, the tablet can be tilted up to 130 degrees providing the optimal viewing position.

⇢ Amazon


Genuine leather and felt iPad Air 3 sleeve with internal Apple Pencil loop

Genuine leather and felt iPad Air sleeve. The best option for everyone who is looking for a premium-quality iPad sleeve hand-crafted with attention to details. It features an internal Apple Pencil loop and a magnetic flap to fully secure all your possessions.

⇢ Etsy


Tri-fold iPad Air 3 third-party Smart Cover alternative with clear back shell case

Slim & lightweight iPad Air 3 Smart Cover alternative. This highly rated accessory combines the tri-fold front cover similar to Apple’s Smart Cover with a transparent back shell that shows off the beauty of your iPad Air all the time.

⇢ Amazon


Zagg Messenger rugged iPad Air 3 keyboard case cover

Solid rugged messenger keyboard case for iPad Air 3. The case features a multi-layer design that protects the iPad against corner damage and impact. Plus, there is a Bluetooth keyboard with backlit keys that will enhance your typing even in low light.

⇢ Amazon


Military grade iPad Air 3 10.5-inch heavy-duty stand cover

Military standard heavy-duty iPad Air 3 cover. This case cover meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) when used with Apple Smart Cover. It’s made from a water-resistant soft grip material. It has an integrated Apple Pencil holder and is compatible with Apple Smart Keyboard.

⇢ Amazon


Designer premium iPad Air 3 stand folio cover

Designer iPad Air 3 case cover with free stylus. This folio stand cover combines the functionality of the stand (multiple slots for setting different stand angles) with sleep/wake support and a pencil loop. What’s more, it has a large external pocket on the front side. A free stylus comes together with the case.

⇢ Amazon


Leather iPad Air 3 folio case on Amazon - highly rated available to ship immediately

Premium faux leather iPad Air 3 folio cover. This folio stand case is made of eco-friendly material that resembles perfectly genuine leather. “Tightly hold your Apple Pencil, pencil cap and pencil charging adapter to avoid losing.”

⇢ Amazon


Luxury iPad Air 2019 stand case with Apple Pencil loop - perfect for women

Luxury pattern stand case cover with Apple Pencil loop. What makes this cover special is a gorgeous flower pattern made by cutting out the external layer. Plus, there is a stylus loop so that it could accommodate your new Apple Pencil. A perfect case to match the style of a contemporary woman.

⇢ Amazon

iPad Pro covers and sleeves


Multifunctional heavy-duty iPad Pro 11 stand cover

Multifunctional heavy-duty iPad Pro 11 stand case cover. This robust heavy-duty case from Zugu sports the car design and features adjustable magnetic stand with as many as eight different angles. Firm bumper edges are designed to give 360-degree 5-feet drop protection. The cover comes with 1-year warranty.

⇢ Amazon


Tri-fold iPad Pro 12.9 case cover with transparent back - marble variant

Slim marble-textured iPad Pro 12.9 stand cover. With a price tag between $10 and $15, it’s among the cheapest tri-fold stand cases for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro model. The cover comes with lifetime warranty. “Friendly and easy-to-reach customer service support are provided by Infiland all the time.”

⇢ Amazon


Boutique-style personalized iPad Pro 11-inch case cover

Personalized fashionable floral iPad Pro 11 slim cover. This iPad Pro 11 smart cover looks like being taken right from a high street boutique. And it’s done by simply attaching a great-looking skin to the transparent back of the tri-fold case. You can customize the cover by adding a monogram (name or initials) in different font variants.

⇢ Etsy


Tri-fold iPad Pro 11 stand case with enhanced protection

Shockproof and slim tri-fold stand case for iPad Pro 11. The case features a standard tri-fold front cover that’s used to transform it into a vertical or horizontal stand. What makes it different is a combination of two kinds of materials for the backshell, giving enhanced corner protection.

⇢ Amazon


Premium flexible soft shell with Apple Pencil support

Durable flexible backshell case with Apple Pencil support. If all you need is a crystal clear back shell, take a look at the case offered by ESR. The case is made of ultra-transparent rubber TPU material, so that the beauty of your iPad can be seen all the time. The case is flexible, what makes it easy to put on and take off.

⇢ Amazon


Tomtoc iPad Pro 11 2018 multifunctional bag sleeve

Urban bag sleeve for iPad Pro 11. From Tomtoc comes one of the most popular tablet sleeves that you can find on Amazon. Patented CornerArmor technology protects from drops and bumps like the car airbag. Durable nylon material with thick padding inside protects from bumping and scratching.

⇢ Amazon


Brydge iPad Pro 11 wireless keyboard - best alternative to Smart Keyboard Folio

Award-winning wireless iPad pro 11 keyboard from Brydge. This keyboard case lets you position the iPad screen exactly at the right angle, thanks to patented hinge design.

The keys are backlit (three levels), industry-leading key travel of 1.2 mm is perfectly balanced, and the battery can last even 12 months on a single charge.

⇢ Amazon


Italian leather iPad Pro 11 zipper sleeve

Colored Italian leather iPad Pro 11 zipper sleeve. Voyage Prague offers a gorgeous sleeve handmade from Tuscan vegetable tanned leather in dark green, and padded natural suede lining.

⇢ Etsy


Felt and leather iPad Pro 11-inch trendy sleeve

Premium leather and felt Apple iPad Pro 11 sleeve. The sleeve features a large external pocket to carry your iPhone, earphones, or power charger. There is also a leather holder for Apple Pencil. A magnetic flap lets you to secure your possessions with one gentle click.

⇢ Etsy


Natural cotton iPad Pro 11 sleeve

Natural cotton sleeve for iPad Pro 11. This cute and cozy sleeve is made from 100% cotton. A large pocket on the front is covered with a subtle Pochette Gavotte logo. You can order the sleeve in a size adjusted to the iPad Pro 11 with a Smart Folio Case or Smart Keyboard Folio.

⇢ Etsy


Denim tri-fold stand case for Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Denim tri-fold iPad Pro 12.9 stand cover. The cover supports wireless charging of Apple Pencil 2. It looks like worn-out denim, and it covers not only the front but also the back of the iPad.

⇢ Amazon


Waterproof sleeve bag for Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Waterproof sleeve handbag for 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The sleeve is made of a soft but waterproof material which is also environmentally friendly. There are pockets both on the front and back, giving enough space and flexibility to keep cables, chargers, power banks, and the iPhone.

⇢ Amazon

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Where can I buy iPad covers and sleeves?

Check out our recommendations of online stores where you’ll find more iPad covers you’ll find interesting.

Amazon – the best site to find alternatives for the original iPad cover. There are currently over 30,000 results for a search phrase “iPad cover.” It’s a good destination if you are looking for third-party alternatives – in a lot more color and design variants.

eBay – when you go through the branded iPad covers on Amazon, you’ll find out that several models have a quite similar construction, and differ only in colors. On eBay, you can find similar covers. Most of them are unbranded, and that means you’ll be able to buy them for a lower – sometimes much lower – price.

Best Buy – the range of offered iPad covers and sleeves is pretty limited, but the store is worth checking out if you want to buy them at reduced prices or don’t want to register in another online store.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for hand-crafted items. You’ll find here tons of beautiful iPad sleeves and covers. Many of these sleeves can be customized to your needs. If you want to get a unique iPad sleeve, look no further than Etsy.

Just like any other overview from the Best 50 series, we are updating this list regularly. Make sure to come back in a few weeks or after a new iPad model is released.

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