11 gift ideas for the happy family of Amazon Fire users

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Gifts for Amazon Fire users - ideas and examples
What gift to give an Amazon Fire user? We’ve rounded up the best ideas and examples / Images: Amazon

A case cover, stylus, worry-free guarantee? There are much more creative gift ideas for the family of Amazon Fire owners.

Amazon Fire tablets are an extremely affordable way to seamlessly connect users with Amazon store, its dedicated applications, services, and advanced technologies.

The Fire is the easiest way to make entertainment portable. You can take videos, music, games, books, and comics everywhere. And thanks to microSD cards, you can enjoy plenty of them without access to the web.

When your family shops on Amazon regularly, the idea of getting the Fire is inevitable. And the idea of getting more than one tablet comes next.

When every member of the family has the Fire, the holiday gift list seems easy: a case cover, protection plan, stylus, or power bank.

Can you get more creative than that? Especially that now you can think about the entire family, and not just one person? Yes, you can! Here are our recommendations.

Gifts for Amazon Fire owners – ideas and examples

1. A charging station

Gifts for Amazon Fire owners - a charging station for multiple devices

Instead of buying an extra power adapter for each device, think of the needs of a family as a whole. One charging station can fix the hunger for energy once and for all.

A charging station is the desk accessory and home decor that is used to charge multiple devices at once, from smartphones to Kindles, to Fires, to power banks.


2. An Alexa-enabled smart plug

Gift ideas for Amazon Fire users - Amazon Smart Plug

A smart plug is a smart home accessory that will let you control with your voice almost any appliance, from a bedside lamp to an electric kettle, to a humidifier, to Christmas tree lights – even if you are not at home.

To make a coffee maker ready for your voice, just put the plug into the power outlet, and then the coffee maker’s plug into it.

Then, open Alexa app on your Amazon Fire tablet, and set up a simple routine. Ready! Say: “Alexa, make me a coffee” and see the miracle happen!


3. Custom case cover

Third-party case covers - gifts for Amazon Fire users

Original Amazon Fire covers are offered in at least four colors. It’s enough to distinguish the tablets in the four-person family.

However, if you are looking for more creative ways to personalize the Fire, make sure to explore cases from third-party producers. They are not only cheaper but also come in dozens of bright, colorful designs and patterns that will match the personality and style of each member of your family:


4. MicroSD card

Gifts for Amazon Fire users - microSD cards

One of the most powerful features of Amazon Fire tablets is a microSD card slot. Thanks to that, you can keep on your tablet for offline use multiple movies, games, or audiobooks.

Currently, Fire tablets are capable of handling memory cards that are up to 400 GB.

The idea for the family use is to buy a set of cards that differ in capacity. Not every member of your family needs the 400 GB card.


  • SanDisk Ultra microSDXC cards – the range includes cards from 8 GB ($12) to 400 GB ($100), and each one comes with an adapter. Certain versions frequently go on sale,
  • Samsung Evo Select microSD cards – these high-performance cards offer up to 100 MB/s & 90 MB/s read & write speeds respectively, and come with 10-year limited warranty.

5. Audible audiobooks

Gifts for Amazon Fire owners - Audible audiobooks

Currently, audiobooks are growing at a fast pace. They can be accessed and played using mobile devices, such as Fire tablets. Audible audiobooks are seamlessly integrated into Amazon ecosystem.

Thanks to audiobooks, the story can be enjoyed not by one but several people at once. Imagine your family going on a long trip and listening in the car to the exciting new book released by J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin.


  • buy individual Audible audiobooks – explore the catalog of over 200,000 audiobooks and purchase the titles your family agrees to listen to,
  • get Audible subscription – if you are addicted to audiobooks, you can get the Golden membership. After 30 days of free trial, you will pay a monthly fee of $14.95.

6. Amazon Prime membership

Gift ideas for users for Amazon Fire tablets - Amazon Prime membership

The ultimate way to make use of the Amazon Fire tablet is to get Amazon Prime – a powerful subscription-based membership that gives access to multiple benefits and services.

Among these benefits, you will find unlimited access to digital content: Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, Audible Channels, or Prime Reading.

All your family can enjoy the content from your Amazon Prime. You can share the account with up to four eligible household members living at the same address.

An alternative way to give Amazon Prime to another person is to register her or his Fire tablet with your Amazon account.


  • full Amazon Prime subscription – besides free digital content, the full subscription includes free two-day shipping and free same-day delivery. You can choose between monthly or annual plan,
  • Prime Video subscription – a cheaper version gives unlimited access to movies and TV shows available via Prime Instant Video.

7. Amazon Gift card

Gifts for Amazon Fire users - Amazon gift cards

If you don’t want to share your Amazon account and don’t plan to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can always gift your family members an Amazon gift card.

Thanks to that, they can use their Fires with their Amazon credentials, and have a budget to spend on content they like, be it games, books, or movies.

Amazon gift cards have no fees and no expiration date. They can be redeemed with a Fire tablet via the Amazon App.


  • Amazon e-gift card – you can send the e-card to multiple recipients at once – via email, as an sms, or share via messaging platform. The most common value is $25,
  • Amazon gift card in a birthday cupcake tin – one of the most popular gift cards that you can send by post. The minimum value is $25.

8. Functional stand or stand case

Gifts for Amazon Fire tablet users - functional stands

Stands are one of the most underestimated tablet accessories. Most people just don’t see how the stand would improve the way of using their devices.

A keyboard stand case offers an experience similar to typing on a laptop. The keys are made from ABS material and provide real touch response.

A stand can enable you to use the Fire as an Echo Show more often. Thanks to Show Mode and Alexa, you can use your Fire as a weather station, news update tool, or convenient cookbook.


  • Show Mode charging dock for Fire HD 8 – get this charging dock and you can forget about buying the case, the stand, and the charger. This clever accessory turns the Fire into an Echo Show instantly,
  • Fintie Keyboard Case for Fire HD 10 – this detachable keyboard case connect with the Fire via Bluetooth, offers real laptop-style keys, built-in stand, and magnetic closure.

9. Car holder

Gifts for Amazon Fire users - car mounts and holders

Car holders can be a way to make a long journey easier for both the driver and the passengers.

First of all, you can use the car mount to use your Fire tablet as a convenient navigation tool.

What about the kids? You can get a special holder that you can mount to the headrest of the front seat. Thanks to that, your kids can comfortably watch videos on their tablets.


10. Clever t-shirt or personal accessory

Gifts for Amazon Fire fans - t-shirts and personal accessories

The gift you give to Amazon Fire user doesn’t have to be directly related to the tablet.

If you love the Fire you’d want to express it. And the Amazon’s tablet’s name gives a space to endless creativity. Let’s start from “I Play with Fire” t-shirt.


11. Travel organizer

Gifts for Amazon Fire users - travel organizer bag

Sometimes a case cover that you use with your Fire is not enough.

If you or members of your family travel a lot, a special bag that can store all essential electronic accessories may become a close travel companion.

The travel tablet bag usually includes multiple compartments, so that you can take not one but two or even three tablets. Plus, there are smart ways to organize cables, power banks, or adapters.


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