Best books about love set in 100 countries around the world (infographic)

Best books about love that are set in North America - infographic
Best books about love set in Americas – a part of the epic infographic by Global English Editing

The new infographic lists literature’s most iconic love stories and maps them onto countries they are set in.

Looking for a next love story to read? The new visual from Global English Editing is a fantastic way to spend time not only on Valentine’s Day.

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The infographic is in fact an epic literary map of the world, where one book represents one country. It includes not only great romance novels. There are also poetry books here, as well as memoirs and biographies.

Some of the books are lighthearted romance novels, while others are monumental classics of world literature. Many of the stories end happily, but some do not. What they all share is a central theme of love.

What are the greatest love stories set in the United States, Italy, France? The answers are obvious because the books are famous. When it comes to other countries, however, you may find yourself in need to learn more about the featured titles.

Take a look at the infographic below, and make sure to read summaries of all books in the original post on Global English Editing blog.

100 iconic books about love from around the world #infographic

Via Global English Editing Blog.

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