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12 best book gift ideas from Amazon Handmade

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Best book gifts from Amazon Handmade

Do you know you can shop hand-crafted goods personalized to your order without leaving Amazon website?

So far, if you wanted to buy a unique literary gift, you were most probably heading directly to Etsy – the largest online marketplace for handmade and vintage items and supplies.

There are a couple of online stores that offer similar items, naming only ArtFire, Bonanza, Folksy, or Quirky.

Now, you can also shop for handmade goods on Amazon. The department with items offered by artists and artisans is called Amazon Handmade. You can find here goods is several categories, such as jewelry, home decor, clothing, personal accessories, wall art, furniture, and more.

Obviously, the selection of items on Etsy is much larger than on Handmade, but the latter store is growing fast.

At launch, there were slightly more than 200 thousand items on Amazon Handmade. Now it’s three times more. The growth rate is impressive when you take into consideration the fact that only selected artisans can sell their goods here.

Amazon Handmade offers a growing number of gifts for book lovers. The search for “book” returns 17,000 results. In the list below, you’ll see examples of works from our favorite shops.

Amazon – other departments with book gifts

If you haven’t found the literary gift on Amazon Handmade, you can try to extend your search to the entire store, or visit particular departments, such as:

Arts, Crafts & Sewing – you’ll find here products and supplies that will let you create your own bookish gift.

Wall Art – there are over 16 million posters and prints in this department. Among them, you’ll find hundreds of designs with literary quotes.

Amazon Fashion – there are plenty of book-themed t-shirts here, but also other clothes and accessories.

Home & Kitchen – if you are looking for literary pillows, mugs, or kitchen utensils, you should check out this popular section of Amazon website.

Feel free to share with our readers and us other book gifts from Amazon Handmade. You can add your suggestions in the comments below. Images are more than welcome!

12 best bookish gifts on Amazon Handmade


Amazon Handmade: Posters from Vintage Book Art Co.

Posters from Vintage Book Art Co. A poster with a quote by J. R. R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost,” is an example of the wonderful work of the wonderful artisan work from Vintage Book Art Company.

Each print is hand-crafted using random pages from a copy of a dictionary printed in the early 1900s. “This makes each print one of a kind, as no two pages will be exactly the same.”

The prints measure 8 × 10 inches so that they will fit a standard frame or any larger frame with an 8 × 10 matte.

In total, Vintage Book Art Co. shop offers over 400 items. All are Prime eligible. It means that if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can have them delivered for free in two days. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $12.99.


Amazon Handmade: Literary art prints from Obvious State

Literary art prints from Obvious State. Posters designed by Nicole and Evan Robertson are one of the most popular literary gifts on Etsy. But did you know you can also buy them without leaving Amazon?

Posters from Obvious State are inspired by quotes from famous authors. You can find over 50 different designs on Amazon Handmade, including the one with a quote “That’s not writing, that’s typing” by Truman Capote.

All posters cost the same as on Etsy and are made with the finest quality American-made paper and archival inks. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $24.


Amazon Handmade: Vintage book Christmas ornaments

Vintage book Christmas ornaments. If you are looking for home decorations made from pages of old books, you should check out the shop called For Whom the Book Tolls.

Paul and Christie are dedicated to bringing new life to damaged books. They prevent old books from sending to the pulp mill by making gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments, little home decor items, and confetti.

You can place a special order, for instance for a larger quantity, by using “Contact me about general inquires” option. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $9.95.


Amazon Handmade: Mini book pendant necklaces

Mini book pendant necklaces. From Book Beads come wonderful necklaces that look like tiny books. They are sculpted out of polymer clay. Book cover art is burnished and painted onto the clay surface.

Each mini book is comparable in size with a US quarter-dollar and weighs 0.10 oz (or 3 grams). ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $21.


Amazon Handmade: Library card pillows

Library card pillows. These gorgeous pillows look like vintage library checkout cards, and will “have you waxing nostalgic for the days when the librarian would flip to the back of the book and hand stamp the due date.”

The pillows are available nine different colors, and each one is screen-printed by hand on cotton canvas. The size is approximately 12 × 16 inches. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $30.


Amazon Handmade: Metal bookmarks from Elysian Workshop

Metal bookmarks from Elysian Workshop. A large collection of unique literary jewelry and leather crafts is offered by an Australia-based Elysian Workshop.

Among almost 300 items, we especially like stylish metal bookmarks that feature passages from classic books, such as the one from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret.. All the best people are.”

Jewelry items are available in Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, Silver and Stainless Steel finishes, and come with an accompanying chain. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $13.


Amazon Handmade: clever bookends from Atelier Article

Metal and wood bookends from Atelier Article. Ukraine-based design shop offers on Amazon Handmade a collection of clever minimalist bookends. Each bookend is laser-cut from premium steel and comes with anti slippery silicon pads.

Among the available designs, you’ll see Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Alice in Wonderland. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $64.


Amazon Handmade: Kindle sleeves from Bertie's Closet

Kindle sleeves from Bertie’s Closet. If you are looking for unique hand-crafted sleeves for your Kindle e-reader or Amazon Fire tablet, Etsy is not the only place to browse.

Bertie’s Closet shop offers on Amazon Handmade cute sleeves for mobile devices – not only the Kindle, but also popular tablets, such as iPad, or even laptops, including MacBook.

You can choose from over 50 designs. Besides cotton sleeves, padded for extra protection, you’ll find here also the sleeves made from felt. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $30.


Amazon Handmade: Book scented candles from Frostbeard Studio

Book-scented candles from Frostbeard Studio. Oxford Library, Old Books, Bookstore, Sexy Librarian – is there anyone who still doesn’t know these book lovers’ candles hand-crafted with passion in Minnesota?

Frostbeard Studio, run by Roxie and Tom, started selling their famous bookish candles in 2012, and now you can also buy them in Amazon Handmade – as much as 25 different scents!

Each candle is made from soy wax and sold in 3 × 3 × 4-inch glass jars. Estimated burn time is about 65 hours. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $18.


Amazon Handmade: Book quote posters from Echo Literary Arts

Book quote posters from Echo Literary Arts. Want great quotes from literature to decorate the walls in your home? A great variety of typographic posters with inspirational quotes from books is being offered on Amazon Handmade by Echo Literary Arts.

Among the designs, you’ll find quotes from children’s books (our favorite), including the books by Roald Dahl and E.B. White. ⇢ Amazon – $10.


Amazon Handmade: Book necklaces from By the Book Boutique

Book necklaces from By the Book Boutique. Another source of the fabulous book jewelry is By the Book Boutique run by a professional librarian who has found a second way of expressing her love for books.

The shop offers unique necklaces, earrings, or pendants that have one thing in common – they are inspired by books and libraries.

Among the popular items from the shop, you’ll find quotes from or about books typed on a vintage 1950s Smith Corona typewriter. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $23.


Amazon Handmade: Clever bookmarks from myBOOKmark

Cute bookmarks from myBOOKmark. Wicked Witch is just one of almost 50 cute and highly unusual bookmarks hand-crafted by Olena Mysnyk.

When you put a bookmark between the pages and close the book, all that you see are the legs hilariously sticking out from the edge.

Top-selling products from myBOOKmark are inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Hobbit, or A Game of Thrones. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you’ll enjoy a free two-day shipping on all items offered by the shop. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $25.

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