19 best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) cases and accessories to get right now

The best Amazon Fire 7-inch 2019 case covers and accessories
The best Amazon Fire 7-inch 2019 case covers and accessories
An updated round-up of the best case covers and accessories you can get for your new Amazon Fire 7-inch tablet

Lots of dedicated case covers have been already released by third-party producers. You can also use the case from the 2017 model, on the condition you don’t need a built-in speaker.

The entry-level Fire 7 (2019 edition) costs the same as its predecessor but sports twice the storage and hands-free Alexa.

It also features a front camera that has finally a better resolution (2 MP versus 0.3 MP in the previous model).

Another improvement is microSD card compatibility. You can now use cards that are capable of storing even 512 GB of data.

However, most other features are the same. Although Amazon claims the new model has a faster processor, tech specs don’t prove it. In both the 2017 and 2019 model, Quad-Core 1.3 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM is used.

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If you wonder whether to upgrade to Fire 7 2019, think twice. The new model, besides better storage, is mostly the same. It especially refers to the 1024 × 600 px screen, which is the same since September 2015.

Best Amazon Fire 7 case covers – highlights

In the following list, you will see:

  • Lightweight tri-fold stand cases
  • Book-style folio cases in several colors and design variants
  • Cases from Amazon’s most favorite third-party case sellers
  • Fabric stand case – the best alternative to original Amazon Fire covers
  • Designer case covers with new 2019 artwork ideas
  • Water repellent sleeve
  • Multi-port charging station
  • 512 GB microSD card
Amazon Fire 7, 2019 release - the best case covers, sleeves, and accessories

Will previous Fire 7 cases fit the 2019 model?

Yes, and no. The newest Fire 7 has exactly the same dimensions and shape (see the comparison table below).

Fire 7 dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Fire 7 (2019) 7.60 × 4.50 × 0.38 192 × 115 × 9.6
Fire 7 (2017) 7.60 × 4.50 × 0.38 192 × 115 × 9.6

What’s more, the position of most buttons and ports is also the same (see the tech spec comparison below).

There is only one – but substantial – difference. A built-in speaker has been moved from the back (bottom left corner) to the side of the tablet.

Is my old case compatible with Amazon Fire 7 2019 model
Dimensions and shape of Fire 7 models from 2017 and 2019 are the same. Most ports and buttons are in the same position. However, an integrated speaker has been moved from the back to the side of the tablet.

As a result, each case designed for previous-generation model will cover the speaker of the newest Fire 7 released in 2019.

You won’t be able to use the 2017 case if… you are using integrated speaker heavily – for watching movies, playing games, or making video calls.

You will be able to use the 2017 case if… you use the Fire for reading ebooks, checking out emails, or browsing the web. You can also use an old case if you are used to using external headphones or speakers.

A case for Amazon Fire 7 2019 should have speaker cutouts on the side
How to spot the case tailored for Amazon Fire 7 tablet released in 2019? It should have cutouts for a built-in speaker on the side / Photo: Poetic case, Amazon

In the list below, you will see the growing number of Amazon Fire 7 (2019) cases offered by top case sellers on Amazon, plus new designs from other websites as well.

Nevertheless, we will update this overview with new interesting cases as they arrive, so don’t hesitate to come back in a few weeks.

Amazon Fire 7 (2019) – the best case covers and sleeves

1. Shockproof water repellent 7-inch tablet sleeve

Water repellent protective sleeve for 7-inch tablets
Shockproof water repellent tablet sleeve - fits Amazon Fire 7

Our pick: Best sleeve for Amazon Fire 7 tablet

Have you ever considered getting a solid tablet sleeve instead of a case cover? The sleeve protects the device while carrying it – and in most cases, this is all you need.

When you use a tablet, most damages are made to its display – a case doesn’t help; you need a screen protector. If you don’t heavily use a built-in stand in your case, a sleeve is worth considering.

Take a look at a sleeve from Evecase. It’s a highly popular design on Amazon and will fit the 2019 Fire perfectly. With inner dimensions by 1 cm higher than the size of the tablet, you will easily slide the tablet in and out, while giving it 100% protection.

It’s worth stressing that the sleeve is not only shockproof but also water repellent. It comes in four color options and features a large front pocket for cables, charger, earphones and other essentials.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99

2. Fintie tri-fold slim shell Fire 7 (2019) case

Fintie smart shell Amazon Fire 7 2019 case cover
Fintie tri-fold Amazon Fire 7 case 2019 release

From Fintie comes an ultra slim and lightweight tri-fold case with a built-in stand and sleep/wake support.

The functionality of the case is similar to other smart covers, but what we love about Fintie is a wide range of colors and designs – including the ones introduced in 2019. The good thing is that the most popular designs and patterns are used again in newer-generation models.

The slim shell case from Fintie is one of the most popular Amazon Fire 7 third-party case designs.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

3. Original Amazon Fire 7 (2019) kid-proof case

Original AmaOriginal kid-proof Amazon Fire 7 case 2019 releasezo Fire 7 kid-proof case available in multiple colors
Kid-proof case for Fire 7 tablet released in 2019
Original Amazon Fire 7 kid-proof case available in multiple colors

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is available separately (list price is $99.99), and includes the new Fire tablet, kid-friendly case, and 2-year worry-free guarantee.

If you, however, prefer to get the regular tablet and tailor it for family members by getting relevant cases, you’ll be glad to hear that the original kid-friendly heavy-duty case is already available on Amazon.

Compared to the Kids Edition, the case is offered in five instead of three colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Punch Red, and Purple.

⇢ Amazon – $24.99

4. Book-style case with stylus loop and hand strap

Faux-leather book-style Amazon Fire 7 case MoKo 2019
MoKo folio stand case for Fire 7 2019 available in multiple designs

If you are looking for a solid Fire 7 case that gives a feel of holding a real book, check out the range of stand covers released by MoKo.

Each variant is made of faux leather, with soft microfiber interior. The tablet is being kept in place in a leather frame instead of a plastic shell.

You can turn a case into a stand (two positions: vertical or horizontal). There is also a hand strap making it easy to hold the Fire in one hand. Plus, there is a loop to keep your touchscreen stylus always with you.

The case is available in a largest number of color and design variants: over thirty!

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

5. Slim Bluetooth keyboard Fire 7 case

Bluetooth keyboard Amazon Fire 7 2019 case

If you want your Fire 7 to help you do more than just watch Prime videos or check out emails, you are probably thinking about getting a Bluetooth keyboard.

One path is to get a universal tablet keyboard and keep it for a longer time, as it will be compatible with the current Fire and a few upcoming devices.

But if you want to save on the keyboard and the cover, you should get a two-in-one accessory: a solid case with a detachable Bluetooth connected keyboard.

One of the most affordable keyboard cases for Fire 7 (2019) is the one from Fintie. It’s ultra slim and comes in seven colors. The keyboard features real laptop keys that are made of premium ABS material.

⇢ Amazon – $38.99

6. Tri-fold fabric case tailored for Fire 7 2019

Fabric tri-fold Fire 7 - 2019 model compatible
Tri-fold fabric Amazon Fire 7 2019 stand case

Are you looking for an affordable lightweight case that works similarly to Apple’s Smart Cover? Take a look at Poetic Slimline tri-fold design. You can fold the front cover to form the stand, both for horizontal (typing) and vertical (viewing) position.

The magnetic closure keeps the case securely shut, while the soft microfiber interior prevents the screen from scratches.

The outside is made of the premium fabric, giving the same feel as the original Fire 7 case from Amazon. You can choose from four color options: Black, Pink, Blue, and Purple.

⇢ Amazon – $14.95

7. Designer tri-fold Fire 7 smart cover alternative

Detuosi Amazon Kindle Fire 7 2019 tri-fold case
Designer Amazon Fire 7 2019 cases

Hungry for even more designs and patterns? Check out the slim and lightweight Amazon Fire 7 case from Detuosi that’s already tailored to fit the 2019 model.

You can choose from over ten variants. You’ll find here popular designs: Butterfly, Classic Owl, and other geometric patterns, painting-style art, or art inspired by nature.

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

8. Colorful natural Amazon Fire 7 sleeve

Cotton Amazon Fire 7 sleeve

Have you ever thought of giving your Fire 7 tablet a different kind of protection? What if you need to protect the device only when carrying it? A sleeve is something worth considering.

And when you start exploring the sleeves, the choice becomes almost endless. Our favorite place for tablet sleeves is Etsy. The sleeves are made of light and durable handmade linen and have a 5 mm lightweight foam to protect your tablet from scratches, bumps, and grime.

You can choose from dozens of different colors. When making an order, select “Fire 7” from a drop-down menu.

⇢ Etsy – $19.99

9. Shockproof convertible Fire 7 (2019) kids case

Shockproof kids case for Fire 7 2019

A perfect kid-friendly case for any parent who does not want to invest in Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet.

The case is offered in either Pink or Blue. It’s made of shock-resistant heavy duty EVA foam to prevent from bumps, dust, and scratches.

A large foldable multi-purpose handle doubles as a convenient kickstand for easy media viewing.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

10. Heavy-duty Amazon Fire 7 case

Heavy-duty Amazon Fire 7 silicone case for 2019 model

Opposite to the case featured above, this heavy-duty Fire 7 (2019) cover is made of a flexible but sturdy silicone that’s non-toxic and can be used by kids.

Raised sides and extended edges protect the tablet’s screen and make it easier to hold it in one hand. There is also an elastic hand strap for that purpose.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99

11. Minimalist folio stand case for Fire 7 (2019)

MoKo dual-color textured Fire 7 2019 case
MoKo smart folio case for Amazon Fire 7 tablet 2019 release

Top features: Stylish, lightweight design; lifetime warranty

With 0.4 in (9.6 mm) of depth, the all-new Fire 7 is quite thick. Therefore, the perfect case would be the one that’s as thin as possible.

Such is a folio case from MoKo. Thanks to using advanced materials and a folio structure instead of tri-fold, the case adds as little as possible to the overall depth of the tablet.

The case is available in a few minimalist designs if floral or artistic artwork is not your world.

⇢ Amazon – $11.99

12. Premium flexible back Amazon Fire 7 case

Premium flexible back Amazon Fire 7 case - 2019 model compatible
Rose Gold Amazon Fire 7 case 2019 with flexible back shell

Here is another third-party tri-fold case for the 2019 Amazon Fire 7-inch model. It has just been released by Dadanism, and it one of few available cases that offer premium glossy look.

One interesting feature is a backshell made of transparent (but referring to a color of the front) flexible PU material. Thanks to that, you can not only play with the color of the tablet itself, but also remove the case easily any time you want.

You can choose from a few colors, including Rose Gold (shown above) and Lucky Tree.

⇢ Amazon – $13.99

13. “Composition Book” folio case for Fire 7

Composition Book Amazon Fire 7 folio case

Are you looking for an iconic “Composition Book” design? Good news is that it’s already available for the 2019 Fire model. It’s offered by Poetic.

The design is available on a folio case that supports auto sleep/wake function and doubles as a stand. It comes with a stylus loop; an elastic strap lets you easily use the tablet with one hand.

Besides “Composition Book” there are seven other designs to choose from.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

14. Handmade fabric sleeve for Fire 7-inch tablet

Handmade fabric sleeve for 7-inch tablets - fits Fire 7

If you are looking for a refreshingly different idea to protect your new Fire, forget about tailored cases for a while, and delve into the world of hand-crafted sleeves.

The one from Bluebird is made of wool fabric and comes with a beautiful wooden button. There is an extra foam layer in between to give your tablet extra protection.

There are over twenty different designs to choose from. In a message to seller make sure to type the exact name of your tablet: Amazon Fire 7 (2019).

⇢ Etsy – from $14.99

15. Transparent back Fire 7 slim tri-fold case

MoKo tri-fold Amazon Fire 7 2019 case new designs
Newest MoKo Amazon Fire 7 2019 case with translucent back
Amazon Fire 7 2019 cases from MoKo come in several fashionable designs

Our pick: The best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case on Amazon

From MoKo, one of the most popular third-party case vendors on Amazon comes a range of slim and lightweight covers that are tailored for Amazon Fire 7 tablet released in 2019.

The most interesting feature of this particular case is a transparent back that will let you show off the beautiful color of your Fire 7 tablet, as well as gently engraved logo.

Some of the designs seem a perfect match for current trends. Especially that a few new variants have been introduced. Just take a look at Palm Leaf, Water Color, or Flower Blossom.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

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Amazon Fire 7 (2019) – the best accessories

16. Anti-glare screen protector 2-pack from NuPro

NuPro - best Amazon Fire 7 screen protector

Most cases provide scratch and dust protection for the sides and back of a tablet, while most damages are made to the display – when you are actually using the tablet.

That’s why many users buy a screen protector together with a case.

A decent one from NuPro, a proven seller of tablet accessories, is all you need. It’s easy to install, comes with an application card and a cleaning cloth.

Most importantly, for the price of one item, you get a 2-pack.

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

17. Cup car mount tablet holder

Amazon Fire 7 car cup mount holder kit

From iKross comes one of the most popular car cup tablet holders, earning on Amazon 4.6 stars.

The mount has an expandable base that can be easily mounted to most vehicle beverage cup holders. 360 degree swivel ball joint enables the ideal and proper viewing angle.

This solid construction will keep your newest 7-inch Amazon Fire steady during any car ride. Road vibration is minimized, and a 10-inch swing arm guarantees stabilized viewing.

⇢ Amazon – $24.99

18. 512 GB microSD memory card for Fire 7

512 GB microSD memory card for Amazon Fire 7 2019

One of the biggest benefits of the 2019 Amazon Fire 7-inch tablet is that it supports 512 GB memory cards.

Imagine how many games, audiobooks or Prime movies you will be able to download for offline use!

Memory cards are not cheap but once you get one, it will be useful for more than a lifetime of one generation of Amazon Fire tablet. Treat it as an investment rather than an expense.

A microSD card from Samsung’s Evo series is a good investment. This high-performance 100 MB/s card is waterproof, shockproof and x-ray proof. It comes together with a full-size adapter.

⇢ Amazon – $99.99

19. Multi-port cube smart charger

Multi-port smart charger for Amazon Fire tablet

Do you need a charger? Think twice. Maybe you need two chargers, or three. Getting one charger for one device doesn’t make sense any longer.

There is a smarter solution. Let one charger take care of all your mobile devices.

From Xcentz comes a uniquely designed Cube charging station that offers 5 ports in total: one quick charge USB 3.0 port, three regular USB ports, and one USB-C port.

The charger offers superior safety. Multi-protection system shields everything from overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues.

⇢ Amazon – $25.99

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Where can I buy Amazon Fire 7 cases and accessories?

Hungry to see more cases and sleeves for your new Amazon Fire 7 tablet? Check out our recommended online stores:

Amazon – You’ve searched the site already, right? We advise to do it again – and search all departments, not only the section with Fire cases and accessories. Thousands of results will appear, many with a high number of positive reviews.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable tablet cases and sleeves. The number of available designs and colors is smaller, but the cases can be bought at lower – sometimes much lower – prices than on Amazon.

Best Buy – this popular online store offers also Amazon devices (Kindle and Fire) together with accessories. The number of cases is limited to original designs and a few third-party ones, but sometimes it’s all you need for a quick one-stop shopping.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. You won’t find here many book-style folio cases for Fire 7, but will be amazed to discover tons of unique, colorful sleeves that will suit different tastes and needs.

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Keep exploring. Here are more posts for Amazon Fire users:

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