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Understanding multi-device learning process (infographic)

Cross-platform learning

How many devices do you use in a single day to access news, books, or learning materials?

From Upside Learning, a platform devoted to provide custom e-learning solutions, comes an interesting infographic that lets us take a closer look at the evolution of learning.

The visual is based, among others, on a study “The New Multi-screen World” conducted by Google a few years ago.

According to a study, 90% of respondents were using multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a single task over time. As much as 98% users were moving between devices in a day to complete a task.

Using multiple devices is a way to learn more effectively, get more motivated, and significantly improve knowledge retention.

Click or tap the infographic to enlarge it.

Learning in a multi-device world - full infographic

Via Upside Learning Blog.

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