Amazon launched an option to gift multiple copies of a single Kindle book

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Now you can give a Kindle book to a group of recipients

It’s a helpful feature for authors, book clubs, and teams. Now you can buy a single Kindle book as a gift for more than one person.

Amazon gives a massive boost to an already popular Kindle gifting feature. From now on, you can buy several copies of a single Kindle title, and send them via email to a group of people.

The new option starts to roll out across the US Kindle Store. When it becomes available for a specific Kindle ebook, you will see a new widget on a page with product details. It’s called “Buy for others” and is placed on the right, under the main “Buy” section.

Simply select the quantity you want and click the “Buy for others” button. To distribute the book among recipients, you can use one of the following ways:

  • send emails with redemption links one by one,
  • use a special email template and fill it with relevant names and redemption links.

The new feature is currently available to US residents. If you are a customer of the US Kindle Store, but don’t have an American credit card set as your default payment method for digital purchases, you won’t be able to use Kindle for Others.

Please be aware that if the recipient of your gift lives outside the US, she or he may not be able to access and download the book due to country or copyright restrictions.

How to gift a Kindle book to a group - look for the special widget

On the surface, Kindle for groups seems like nothing more than a decent new addition to already a vast range of advanced features for Kindle users.

Take a second look. Try to image how you would use it.

Benefits for authors are apparent. From now on, an author can spread out the word about the new book not by sending out its print copies, but Kindle editions. It’s much quicker, takes less effort and time, and should be much cheaper, as well.

For instance, authors who are using KDP to publish their books in the Kindle Store can combine book gifting for groups with temporary price cuts. It’s just an idea. I haven’t tested it, yet, though.

Kindle for Groups is also a great new way to discover and discuss new reads by book club members. I suspect more and more clubs will get digital since now there is no technical limitation in sending out one digital book to several readers.

The new option also gives plenty of new opportunities for teams and companies. For instance, a team leader can buy and spread a Kindle book on how to make the most of creative process. Or a company owner can buy a Kindle bestseller and send it to all employees as a surprise Christmas gift on December 25th.

You probably think whether “Buy for others” feature is available for discounted ebooks, for instance, the titles featured as Kindle Daily Deals or the ones included in monthly deals.

The good news is, that, yes, Kindle for Others is available for Kindle deals, as well!

⇢ Kindle for Others

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Interesting: Amazon launched an option to gift multiple copies of a single Kindle book
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