Amazon’s Fire and Kindle deals are extended through Cyber Monday 2016

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Amazon Fire Kindle deals extended through Cyber Monday 2016

Amazon Fire 7 for $33, Kindle 2016 for $49, and other deals on Amazon devices are valid until Cyber Monday.

If you’ve missed buying the Kindle e-reader or Amazon Fire tablet during Black Friday 2016, keep calm.

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled that the company would offer 75,000 deals for Cyber Monday 2016 and beyond. The important news is that the Black Friday offers for Amazon devices, including Kindle and Fire, are going to be prolonged through Cyber Monday.

Even more important is the fact that the deals are exactly the same as on Friday. It’s the first year when Amazon doesn’t differentiate between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The same deals are valid through the entire Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend.

Amazon Cyber Monday 2016 Store lists all current deals. As you’ll see, the deals for Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets stay as they were a few days ago.

All-new Kindle 2016 is offered for $49 during Cyber Monday 2016
All-new Kindle is offered for $49.99 through Cyber Monday 2016

Here are the highlights of available 2016 Cyber Monday Kindle deals:

  • 2016 basic Kindle – the all-new Kindle was introduced in July 2016, and is available in two color versions: White and Black. Now you can save $30, which makes 38% of the list price. Instead of $79.99 the price is set to $49.99,
  • Kindle Paperwhite – the popular front-lighted e-reader from Amazon costs now $99.99 instead of $119.99, and you save 17%. The device is available since summer also in White color version,
  • Kindle Voyage – this top-end Kindle model comes with adaptive light and PagePress sensors. The $30 price cut will let you grab it for $169.99 ($199.99), and the savings are 15%.
Amazon Fire 7 tablet is offered for $33 on Cyber Monday 2016
Amazon Fire 7 tablet is offered for only $33.33 through Cyber Monday 2016

Here are the highlights of available 2016 Cyber Monday Fire deals:

  • Amazon Fire 7 – the entry-level Fire sports 8 GB internal memory (expandable with a microSD card), 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, and 1024 × 600 px display. It’s available in four colors (Black, Blue, Magenta, Tangerine) and you can get it for as low as $33.33 instead of $49.99. The version with 16 GB memory is down to $53.33 from $69.99,
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 (2016) – the all new tablet with a 1280 × 800 display, 16 GB memory and special offers, is now discounted by $30, and costs $59.99. Again, the savings are 33% of the regular price ($89.99),
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Essentials Bundle – getting a bundle is always a way to save a considerable amount of money. This particular set includes the 8-inch Fire HD, original Amazon case cover in one of four colors, and the screen protector. The price is set to $82.97 ($137.97).

Keeping the same deal through the year’s hottest shopping weekend is a reasonable idea.

Why should users rush to buy something on Black Friday and fear it’ll become cheaper on Cyber Monday? Or decide to keep calm until Cyber Monday and get frustrated because the item they bought had been cheaper on Black Friday?

Things are clear now. What you can get on Friday, you can get on Monday – and between. Keep calm. No one is going to cry they picked the wrong day for clicking the “Buy” button.

All current promotions on everything related to ebooks are monitored in our extended guide to Cyber Monday tech and accessory deals.

⇢ Cyber Monday 2016

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Kindle update 2016 White - front view thumbnailKindle 8 (2016)

White / Wi-Fi

Thin and light for one-handed reading
New—The all-new Kindle is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation Kindle, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand.

No glare in bright sunlight
Unlike reflective tablet and smartphone screens, the high contrast touchscreen display eliminates glare in any setting—even direct sunlight.

No eye strain, reads like real paper
Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text similar to what you see in a physical book. The blacks and whites on the screen are uniform, improving text and image quality.

Battery lasts weeks, not hours
Kindle doesn’t need the power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for weeks on a single charge.

Unlike tablets, no blue light to disturb your sleep
Recent studies have shown that evening exposure to blue light from backlit screens like tablets and smartphones can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps the body fall asleep. Because the Kindle display emits no light, you can read anytime without losing sleep.

Thousands of books, no distractions
Kindle is designed as a dedicated e-reader. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts and push notifications.

⇢ Kindle $49.99

Amazon Fire 7 - front view thumbAmazon Fire 7

Wi-Fi / 8 GB

Fast and responsive
The fast quad-core processor consists of four high-performance 1.3 GHz cores for quick app launches, smooth games and videos, and great overall performance.

Beautiful 7-incg IPS display
Fire features a 1024 x 600 IPS display with 171 ppi for a bright display with vivid colors and whiter whites. Enjoy a great viewing experience at all angles through a combination of IPS (in-plane switching) technology and an advanced polarizing filter.

No more worrying about storage space
Keep music, photos, movies, and games with you using a microSD card slot to expand your tablet’s storage by up to 128 GB. Plus enjoy free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content and photos taken with your Fire device.

Power when you need it
Don’t be tethered to an outlet—with up to 7 hours of mixed use battery life, Fire gives you the flexibility to go wherever the day takes you.

Capture life’s moments
Fire features a 2 MP rear-facing camera for taking photos or recording 720p HD video. The front-facing VGA camera is perfect for Skype calls with friends and family.

Stands up to everyday life
Amazon engineers Fire tablets to hold up against everyday life. As measured in tumble tests, Fire is almost 2x more durable than iPad Air 2.

⇢ Amazon $33.33

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