A concept of the next-generation Kindle Paperwhite, plus a feature wishlist

Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept and features
Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite / Concept and visualization by Piotr Kowalczyk @ Geek Updated

The 6th-generation Kindle Paperwhite could feature a fully symmetric design, hard-press page-turn buttons, and adjustable warm light tone.

The 2021 Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 has just started shipping, but it’s never too early to think of how the next-generation model could look like.

Having in mind that Amazon is launching new Kindle models not every two but three years, the next all-new Paperwhite should arrive in 2024.

Three years seems like a lot of time, but only when you don’t plan considerable improvements. But you have to improve the e-readers. A lack of new features, the ones that answer readers’ growing needs, could make the e-reader category fade out.

And no, I don’t think the color display is the most promising new feature. The color e-reader will be more like a tablet, and users will expect it to have more tablet features. The thing is that the e-reader, with the slow e-paper display, will never be a tablet.

What features would you like to see in the next-generation Kindle (or e-reader in general)? What is the current Kindle Paperwhite still missing? My wishlist includes four main features. For more ideas, please read the original post on Geek Updated.

6th-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept and features

Fully symmetric design

Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept - symmetric design
Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite – fully symmetric design / Concept: Geek Updated

The moment you get rid of the logo at the bottom of the front is the moment you can think of new ways of using the Kindle.

I like the idea of using the e-reader in both the vertical and horizontal position, fully rotatable.

If you move the power button to the top, it will be more convenient to press it rather than trying to find it on the bottom edge of the device.

Plus, when the USB-C port and power button are in the same place on the top and bottom, you will be able to put on the case the way you want, also upside down.

Wider bezel on the sides with hard press page-turn areas

Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept - hard-press page turn areas
Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept – hard-press page turn areas / Concept: Piotr Kowalczyk @ Geek Updated

Page-turn buttons are a very helpful feature. Why should I move my finger far to the center of the device to turn the page? Could I move the finger just a little?

You can use physical buttons with an all-glass front, but I think another idea would be better: to have sensors that are triggered by pressing them a bit harder. You can have your finger resting on the side of the Kindle and press it a bit harder for, let’s say, one second, to turn the page.

Also, I would love to have the setting that would allow me to choose which areas in the screen and on the bezel are for next page, and which for previous page.

Adjustable warm light tone

Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept - adjustable warm light tone
Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept – adjustable warm light tone / Concept: Piotr Kowalczyk

Warm light is a fabulous feature, and it’s 50% of what I love about Kindle Paperwhite 5.

The thing is that an adjustable warm light lets you decide only about the intensity of the yellow light.

However, the light seems too yellow for me. I would love to have a chance to decide on the color of the warm light, a range from very yellow to very orange.

Front light on/off by the schedule

Auto-adjusting front light in e-readers is tricky. You don’t need it during a day, especially when you are reading in the direct sunlight.

However, when you set up a brightness at the most suitable level, you forget about that feature once and for good.

The problem is that an enabled front light, especially if its level is high, may drain the Kindle’s battery much faster.

A setting that would give the user a chance to set up a schedule to turn off the front light is something to consider, especially that it’s not that expensive as a light sensor needed for auto-adjusting brightness feature.

Via Geek Updated.

Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept visualization
Next-generation Kindle Paperwhite concept and visualization / Source: Geek Updated

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