4 generations of Kindle – size comparison (infographic)

4th generation Kindle is available since October last year. If you wanted to know how small it is compared to former generations, here’s a simple visualization of sizes.

As you’ll see, the lack of the full-sized keyboard saves a lot of space. The screen size is 6″, and it’s the same in all devices. The visualization is built around the screen to better show the differences in devices’ shape.

With the introduction of Kindle 4, Kindle 3 was renamed to Kindle Keyboard and it’s still on offer. For dimensions of the most popular models of ereaders, please check this post: Dimensions of the most popular models of ereaders [chart].

One thing to notice – Kindle 4 may be a bit thicker than Kindle 3. The depth in inches is the same (0.34″), but the same dimension given in millimeters is different. Kindle 4 is 8.7mm thick vs. 8.5mm of Kindle 3.

4th gen Kindle is available in two versions, both WiFi-only: with ads for $79, and without ads for $109. It also ships internationally. The country list includes as much as 177 destinations. Here you can check all of them.

The Kindle 4 is also available for users of Kindle Stores in UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. You can find quick links to each store in this post: Kindle devices: availability and prices for international users [chart].

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