20 book quotes to share as images

50 most inspiring quotes about books and readingFor more inspiration, check out 50 most inspiring quotes about books and reading

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A list of most wonderful and inspiring quotes about books and reading. Share them as text or pictures.

Quotes from famous writers are highly inspiring, but there is one problem – in times of information overload even the strongest words may come unnoticed.

Nowadays, the biggest challenge is to make words visible. Sharing the same idea as text has much less impact than showing it in the image. That’s why I’ve prepared more than 20 book quotes that are in a form of images. You’ll find them in a picture gallery at the end of this post. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers.

There are many quotes on books and reading that are already visualized, some of them very beautifully, but some of the most convincing ones were left behind. This selection of these quotes-as-images is intended to fill the gap, until new visualizations will arrive, help spread the word, and convince people to look… for more words.

Using the images to bring people closer to words may sound like a paradox, but’s it’s not. As you’ll see, the quotes below are not pictures, in fact. They are written words in jpg format, nothing else – but it works!

In times of the Internet words become a very fast-moving commodity. One page refresh and they are gone from the Twitter stream or Facebook newsfeed. Same words, if they are “preserved” as images, can enjoy much longer life.

20 book quotes to share as images

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