4 ways to access Kindle textbooks on Amazon

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Amazon is getting more and more serious about digital textbooks. Yesterday they introduced X-Ray and a couple of other features, and they constantly improve the reading experience on the apps that support Kindle textbooks.

However, if you are getting interested in e-textbooks, and assume it’ll be easy to find them in Kindle Store, you’ll be surprised. They are important to Amazon, but they are not as highlighted as Kindle Singles or Kindle accessories.

E-textbooks are available not only for users in the United States, but depending on the country you live (are logged in from), their visibility will differ.

How to find Kindle textbooks on Amazon

1. Go to Kindle Store homepage and select “Textbooks” category

Browsing by category from a home page is the usual way we try to find content in every online store. On Amazon, it will take one step more – the textbook category is not available directly from Kindle Store’s home page.

Go to Kindle Store home page. First, from a top navigation bar select “Kindle eBooks”.

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Secondly, from a left-side widget select: Browse ⇢ Categories ⇢ Textbooks.

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You’ll for sure be able to find textbooks this way, if you are logged in from US-based account. However, for users living outside the US, the category list may not include textbooks.

2. Go directly to Kindle Textbooks Store

Actually the first thing I did, after I failed to quickly find textbooks on Amazon was to perform a search via Google. One of the first results is the home page of Kindle Textbooks Store.

The Kindle Textbooks Store opens up with an option to set-up the country or region. It’s good to select the right region at the very beginning, as the availability and prices of books differ.

Below there are direct links to:

Other locations include United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, Canada, India, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The good thing about starting from a Kindle Textbooks home page is that the search bar is by default set to look only for the content of the textbook store.

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3. Go from “Books” category on Amazon

If you are browsing print book category, you may also get to Kindle textbooks as well. There is a huge sub-page on Amazon with new and used textbooks. Electronic textbooks are also a part of it. On the left sidebar simply select “Kindle eTextbooks” from “Textbook Programs” list.

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The good thing about visiting this section is that you can compare what’s the cheapest or most convenient option for you. You can trade the old print book for the new one, you can buy the electronic textbook at a discount, or you can rent a book (both in print and electronic). The choice is yours and this page helps to make a decision.

4. Check the bestseller list of Kindle textbooks

Just like many other categories on Amazon, Kindle textbooks have their own bestseller list. There are actually three lists to explore: Top Sellers, Hot New Releases, and Top Rated. Each list contains 100 titles, and is updated every couple of hours.

If you are keen to quickly find out what are the most popular textbooks in Kindle Store, this seems to be a good destination.

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