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21 waterproof tablet and e-reader cases

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Waterproof cases and sleeves for iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other devices

In this updated post you’ll find the best waterproof cases and sleeves for popular tablets and e-readers.

99% of new owners of tablets and e-readers decide to buy a cover. The cover means style, but it also means protection.

Before diving into the colorful land of colors and designs, ask yourself a question: does this cover have to protect against water?

If you are an active person, who wants to stay connected despite the location and weather conditions, the answer is obviously “yes”.

However, many users, who don’t like extreme trips, still consider buying a waterproof case – for two kinds of activities:

  • reading by or in the middle of a swimming pool,
  • reading in the bathtub.

In such situations, the waterproof case should protect a device from tiny little drops of water accidentally going inside – and making a serious damage.

The thing to remember is that if the case is waterproof it’s also dustproof. It doesn’t let water and dust in. Therefore, it’s also useful if you simply want to read an ebook or check emails on the beach or in the garden.

There are two main kinds of waterproof covers, and below you’ll find their short descriptions.

1. Plastic, sealed jackets

This is a simple sleeve made from a transparent plastic foil. The most important feature is the construction of the seal. It’s where you put the device in – and where water can potentially leak inside.

These sleeves are 100% waterproof when being kept under the water for up to one hour, and no deeper than a couple of meters.

Waterproof sleeves don’t have to be tailored to specific models because all they need to have is a pocket in specific dimensions.

The jackets are therefore available in universal sizes, like for a 7-inch or a 10-inch tablet.

You have to be careful, though. Proportions are as important as the size of the screen. The clear example is a sleeve for “iPad and other 10-inch tablets”. Kobo Arc 10 HD is a 10-inch device that is taller than the iPad by around 13 mm, and may not fit the sleeves that have the proportions of the iPad.

Therefore, it’s important to compare the size of the sleeve with the dimensions of the device you own.

Such a sleeve can be a second cover for your device, for occasions that require extra protection. If you pick up a bit oversized waterproof sleeve, it will accommodate your device with your current (primary) cover, so you won’t need to take it out.

2. Rugged, heavy-duty covers

Unlike the sleeves, rugged heavy-duty covers can be both waterproof and shockproof. And unlike the sleeves, a single design must be tailored for a single device.

The reason is that the case should give access to all ports and buttons, and have a bezel adjusted to specific proportions and shapes of a device.

Not all heavy-duty tablet or e-reader covers are waterproof. The ones that offer it, are the ultimate solution for the extreme use.

Let’s look at LifeProof Frē iPad case. It offers all-around protection from water, dust, snow, and shock. It will keep your iPad safe in any conditions you could possibly imagine.

Where to buy waterproof cases and sleeves

If you want to dig further for waterproof and shockproof cases, check out the following sites.

Amazon – if there is one site that offers the largest variety of heavy-duty, waterproof cases, it’s obviously Amazon. Here is a pre-defined search for waterproof tablet case, sorted by average customer review.

Cooper Cases – this producer of tablet and e-reader accessories offers quite a large range of waterproof sleeves, and two water resistant hard cases: for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or S5, and for iPad.

Incipio – this is a producer of superior cases and accessories for mobile devices. Waterproof Atlas Kindle case is one of the company’s hallmarks.

LifeProof – if you are looking for most advanced products that would meet all the needs of your active lifestyle, you should check out this site. Top-shelf cases for iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone.

OtterBox – a top destination for heavy-duty cases for numerous models of tablets, phones, and e-readers. Defender series is a top of mind choice of many users when it comes to tough cases.

Are you looking for a waterproof case for your tablet and can’t find it. Let us know what you need in the comments below and we’ll try to find the best case for you.

Use also the comments section to suggest what other items should be added to the list. Thanks a lot for your contribution!

21 waterproof tablet and e-reader cases and sleeves


Incipio Atlas Kindle Fire Waterproof Case

Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for Amazon Fire. The case offers multiple layers of protection, not only against water, but also dirt and shock. It’s engineered with a rugged hard-shell frame, protective soft shell core, and waterproof enclosures.

The case is waterproof up to 2 meters for 30 minutes, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP68. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty against water damage caused by defects.

Atlas Case from Incipio is available for the following Amazon Fire models:

You can choose from two color version: Purple/White, and Black/Black.


Waterproof Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Waterproof Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is the only waterproof case we’ve found on the web that is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy Tab series. There are size versions for:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7,
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7,
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10,
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10 (currently unavailable).

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t give much details of the case. ⇢ eBay – $10.88.


Aceguarder Shockproof and Waterproof Case for iPad Mini

Aceguarder Shockproof and Waterproof Case for iPad Mini 1/2/3. The case combines protection with fashion design. There are twenty color combinations to choose from.

There is no info on the water-resistant, so we have to assume the case protects against rain and water splashes, but can’t be used underwater.

For the affordable price you’ll get together with the case: a whistle, a touch pen, and an outdoor carabiner. ⇢ Amazon – $18.99.


Armor-X MX-U3X Universal Tablet Case

Armor-X MX-U3X Universal Tablet Case. All waterproof and shockproof cases are designed to fit specific devices. Except this one. MX-U3X can accommodate a range of tablets, from Asus Phonepad 7, to Alcatel Pop 7, to BlackBerry PlayBook, to iPad Mini. It will fit any device measuring up to 7.87 x 5.3 x 0.315 inches (200 x 135 x 8 mm).

How’s that possible? Well, it’s the cage rather than case. The front cover opens like a door, so that you can place the tablet inside. However, the producer claims the you can fully operate the tablet as the cover supports touch control.

It has a large window on the back, to embrace different camera positions of different tablets. ⇢ Armor-X – $62.90.


UPCase Waterguard for Amazon Fire tablet and Kindle e-readers

UPCase Waterguard for Amazon Fire tablet and Kindle e-readers. This is one of the most popular waterproof sleeves on Amazon. Designed for 7-inch Amazon Fire tablets will fit also all Kindle models, as well as most of other 6 to 7-inch devices.

There is a solid triple seal to ensure your Kindle is safe from water. The transparent foil provides easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons.

A single sleeve costs $11.99, but you can also buy a 3-pack for $18.99. ⇢ Amazon.


Cooper Voda Waterproof 10-inch Tablet Sleeve

Cooper Voda Waterproof 10-inch Tablet Sleeve. A waterproof sleeve that comes with a watertight seal and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Judging on the position of the rear window, the sleeve was designed for tablets that have a rear camera positioned in the middle of the longer side, specifically Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. However, if you own a 10-inch tablet and don’t need to make photos through the sleeve’s transparent foil, you can pick up from a plenty of supported devices. ⇢ Amazon – $24.95.


Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Tablet and E-reader Case

Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Tablet and E-reader Case. One of the most popular waterproof cases. It’s fully tested and approved by the British Standards Institute.

Made from a durable plastic, it uses a simple and effective seal system: two click seals and a Velcro strip. The jacket is water-resistant to the depth of 5 meters for approximately one hour.

The case is available in three sizes:

  • small ($19.95) – measuring 145 x 115 mm it fits smartphones, but both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ seem to big for this size, so you’d better go with the medium one,
  • medium ($26.95) – measures 220 x 145 mm, for devices like Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kobo Glo, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7, Google Nexus 7 2013,
  • large ($33.95) – 265 x 200 mm, suitable for iPad and iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10.1, Google Nexus 9, among others.

The BeachBuoy Waterproof sleeve collected a great deal of positive reviews. ⇢ Proporta.


Redpepper Shockproof and Waterproof Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Redpepper Shockproof and Waterproof Case for Kindle Paperwhite. This case is both solid and fancy – “you can surf, swim or soak without dunking your device”. The case is designed to meet Military Standard (MIL-STD 810F-516). It withstands 6.6 feet drops and shocks. UltraFlat screen protection ensures full screen functionality.

Redpepper Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite case is available in as much as 10 color variations. You can choose from Red (above), Blue, Purple, and White, among others. ⇢ Amazon – $17.


Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for Kindle Paperwhite. This rugged, extremely tight case from Incipio is made exclusively for Kindle Paperwhite, and does not fit any other Kindle e-reader.

It’s waterproof up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. The case comes with a one year limited warranty against water damage caused by defects.

Available in Black, and Purple (shown above). ⇢ Amazon – $69.99.


SumacLife Waterproof Tablet Case Sleeve

SumacLife Universal Waterproof Sleeve for 7″ and 8″ tablets. A simple and affordable plastic pouch with a lanyard for easy carrying. The producer claims it can float safely if dropped in the water. The back side of the sleeve is also transparent, so you can carry a map inside, for instance.

Interior dimensions are 8.5 x 6.2 inches (215 x 156 mm), so the case will accommodate 7″ and 8″ tablets and e-readers, including iPad Mini, Kobo Aura, or Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (7 and 8). ⇢ Amazon – $9.95.


Professional Bags Waterproof Sleeve for 10-inch Tablets

Professional Bags Waterproof Sleeve for 10-inch Tablets. Who said the waterproof sleee has to be made from a rigid, inflexible plastic? The sleeve can be both protective and fashionable, as the example above shows.

The sleeve from Professional Bags is made from lightweight neoprene, and is waterproof breathable. Double zipper fully protects against splashing water. In most cases, this level of waterproof protection is exactly what you need.

You can choose from as much as 30 colors. This particular size fits most 10-inch tablets, but you can also find the versions for 8 and 6-inch devices. ⇢ Amazon – $12.99.


Omoton iPad Pro 12.9 Waterproof Sleeve - front

Omoton iPad Pro 12.9 Waterproof Sleeve - splashing water

Omoton iPad Pro 12.9 Waterproof Sleeve. Here is another example of the sleeve that combines style with waterproof features. Made exclusively for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, this premium neoprene sleeve is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and shockproof.

Omoton offers the sleeve in a few color combinations, including Blue/White shown above. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


Think iPad Pro 12.9 Heavy-duty Case

Think iPad Pro 12.9 Heavy-duty Case. There are no fully-fledged waterproof cases for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9, but take a look at this alternative if you don’t need to use the tablet under water.

The heavy-duty case from Think features the detachable tri-fold faux leather cover and an ultra durable case. The case includes the tempered glass screen protector. Most importantly, it uses a silicone with protective coating to provide splashproof protection. ⇢ Amazon – $43.99.


LifeProof iPad Air Case

LifeProof Frē iPad Air Case. This is the most advanced case in the selection. In fact, it offers four ways of protection. It’s:

  • waterproof,
  • dirtproof,
  • snowproof,
  • shockproof.

The case turns iPad Air into an all-around heavy-duty device you can take literally everywhere. It’s extremely durable, but surprisingly slim and light. It meets US Military Standard 810F-516. It withstands water immersion to 2 meters for 1 hour.

LifeProof Frē iPad Air Case is available in two colors: White/Gray, and Black. ⇢ LifeProof – $109.99.


OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case

OverBoard Waterproof iPad Sleeve. The sleeve was designed to fit iPad 4/3, but it will also be a good choice for any 10-inch tablet with similar proportions, as well as 8-9-inch devices (Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 or  for instance).

Constructed from soft polyurethane, the case is guaranteed submersible to 6 meters (19 feet). The lock system is OverBoard’ s patented Slide Seal.

What’s also very unique to this case is a rear hand-loop (in the picture above), that lets use the device with one hand. ⇢ Amazon -$35.91.


Simply Waterproof E-reader Sleeve

Simply Waterproof E-reader Sleeve. If you need nothing more than a plastic jacket, look no further. Simply Waterproof dry bag sleeve is 100% waterproof, fully submersible, and anti-static. It’s also chemical resistant – it protects, for instance, from gasoline splashes.

It will fit most 6-inch e-readers, like Kindle 7, Kindle Paperwhite, or Kobo Glo. It’s a bit oversized, but this is actually a good thing. You can put inside the device that already has one cover on.

I’m not sure about Nook GlowLight, as this e-reader has different proportions, and might be too wide for the jacket. ⇢ Amazon – $7.49.


iThrough Waterproof Case for the 1st-generation Kindle Oasis 2016

iThrough Waterproof Case for Kindle Oasis 1. If you own the 1st-generation Kindle Oasis, you can make it waterproof with this solid case from iThrough.

The case has IP67 water resistance rating. It means your Kindle with the case on can be put one meter under the water, kept there for half an hour, and no damage will be done.

The case is not only waterproof but also shockproof. Its three-layer construction includes a front frame, crystal clear screen protector, and a rigid back shell made from the impact-resistant material. Thanks to that, the case will help your Oasis survive not only water but also dust and drop test. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


Military Grade Waterproof Case for iPad Air and iPad Mini

Love Mei Military Grade Waterproof Case for iPad Air and iPad Mini. The case from Love Mei uses aluminum alloy material, and trade-marked Corning Gorilla Glass for screen protection.

While it gives an excellent protection against shocks and bumps, the case is not intended to be used underwater: “The silica gel seal and gasket provides water resistant features but does NOT support depth diving such swimming or being soaked in water.”

There are versions tailored for two generations of iPad Air and three generations of iPad Mini. Available in five colors, including Red, Silver, and Yellow. ⇢ eBay – $42.70.


Elonbo Tablet Waterproof Sleeve

Elonbo Tablet Waterproof Sleeve. When you don’t need a military-grade case, the zipper sleeve featuring extra protection against water spills might be all you need.

Elonbo offers such a sleeve. Fasionable, it’s made from a canvas fabric on the outside, and a protective lining on th inside. The extra pocket can be used for your smartphone, cables, charger, or documents.

The sleeve is offered in two sizes. The bigger one is for devices measuring up to 10 inches, and is compatible with iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, or Amazon Fire HD 10, among others. The 7-8-inch sleeve can go well with Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0, iPad Mini 1/2/3, Amazon Fire 7, or Amazon Fire HD 8. ⇢ Amazon – $12.99.


Gumdrop Marine Waterproof Case for iPad Air

Gumdrop Marine Waterproof Case for iPad Air. Gumdrop is a leading producer of heavy-duty cases, and this one, on top of being shockproof is also waterproof.

Gumdrop Marine for iPad Air features a weather-tight enclosure that clicks and locks into an optional robust quick-release mount. Advanced solutions include splash guard, rear enclosure silicone seal gasket, and standardized mounting bracket. ⇢ Amazon $79.95.


The Joy Factory BubbleShield Waterproof

Joy Factory BubbleShield Waterproof Tablet and E-reader Sleeve. Something for people who want fun in the water. The patented design meets IPX5 standard. There is a 3-zip enclosure to prevent water, dirt, oil, or grease from getting inside.

What’s very important, the device, while being kept inside the sleeve, is fully usable. It’s thanks to high-quality film that keeps original screen responsiveness.

The Joy Factory Sleeve is available in two sizes:

  • for 7-inch tablets – fits HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Keyboard, Google Nexus 7 2013 among others,
  • for 10-inch tablets – fits iPad 4/3, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4 10.1, Google Nexus 9, among others.

The sleeve comes with a special ring in the top left corner. Thanks to that, you can attach the device to a hanger or backpack. ⇢ Amazon – $19.95.

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