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Tips for ebook users: Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone – applications, devices, and web tools.

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Google search tips and tricks for book lovers

8 Google search tips for book lovers

This post lists most useful Google search techniques to let you discover books and book related items quicker and more effectively.

Kindle Ebook Exclusives - facts and tips

Kindle ebook exclusives – tips and facts you need to know

Kindle ebook exclusives become an important advantage of the Kindle Store. Here are some tips and facts to make the most of it.

7 reasons why trying ebooks should be one of your New Year resolutions

If you haven’t tried reading ebooks, the beginning of the new year is the best time to change it.

Gerty app for iOS is a highly advanced book reader and note taker

Gerty is an innovative app that combines book reading with note taking

Gerty is a new app from a developer of Marvin – the most advanced independent book reader for iOS. Developers try to…

Interactive chart browse Internet Archive images

Interactive chart lets easily find free public domain images on Flickr

The Internet Archive is in the process of releasing on the Flickr profile retro images from over 2 million public domain books. The book image…

Save with certified refurbished Kindles

Save up to 25% with certified refurbished Kindles

Certified refurbished Kindles are tested to look & work like new, and have a 1-year warranty. A good option if you want to get a Kindle at affordable price.

Most popular fanfiction websites

15 most popular fanfiction websites

This list of most popular fanfiction websites includes FanFiction, Kindle Worlds, Quotev, Wattpad, Archive of Our Own, Asianfanfics, and more.

Certified refurbished Kobo Glo and Touch

Certified factory refurbished Touch and Glo now available on Kobo website

You can now buy certified factory refurbished Kobo Glo and Touch directly from Kobo website.

Kindle Unlimited catalog

4 ways to find Kindle Unlimited ebooks on Amazon

Here’s how to easily find Kindle Unlimited books in the Kindle Store.

Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription - tips and things to know

Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription – 12 things to know

The article lists most important facts to take into consideration before getting a free trial of Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - a guide to reading books

A quick guide to reading books on Samsung Galaxy Tab

All Samsung Galaxy Tab users have to know to start enjoying reading ebooks on their tablets.

Reading ebooks on mobile phones

Reading ebooks on a phone – 5 ways to make the most of it

A list of tips for reading ebooks on a mobile phone. You don’t need to read for long hours,just maximize the experience in using all the features.

Kindle for Samsung - things and facts to know

Kindle for Samsung: 8 things you should know

Samsung tablets and phones: Reader’s Hub is being replaced by Kindle for Samsung. Here are most important things to know.

Kindle Cloud Reader - tips, facts, and things to know

Kindle Cloud Reader – 7 tips and facts to know

In this post you’ll find advantages, flaws, and facts about Kindle Cloud Reader – the way to access Kindle books via the web browser.

Android: Inapp Translator is a promising new way to translate text

Inapp Translator is a new Android application that lets instantly translate any text in almost any application.

IFTTT - collect text snippets in a single note on Evernote

New IFTTT ebook recipe: collect book highlights in a single note on Evernote

If you are using a book-reading app that offers an option to send a selected text via email, then you’ll have a chance to…

Evernote tips for book lovers

8 Evernote tips for book lovers

A list of Evernote tips and tricks that will let you make better use of your books, both in print and electronic form.

Google results for library in Wahsington

Now Google web search lets you find the nearest library

More and more features, specific to Google Now (and mobile Google in general), can be found in the desktop Google search as…

Google Nexus 7 cover - front on red

Google Nexus 7 official case – review

A detailed review of the Google Nexus 7 official case. A variant reviewed: Gray/Red. Total rating: 4.3/5

Free ebooks for Nook

Free Nook books – 10 sites where you can find and download them

Places where you can download free Nook books. Besides B&N there are Project Gutenberg, Manybooks, Open Library, Smashwords and more.