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Kindle deals for Prime Student members, June 2018 - save $30 on the basic Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite

The basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are currently $30 off for students who are subscribed to Amazon Prime Student program.

Prime Student is a variation of the popular Amazon Prime subscription program, that is addressed to people who are college students.

The offer for students gives all benefits of the regular Prime membership, but for a lower monthly fee, which is $6.49 per month (vs. $12.99 of the regular version). The free trial for students is prolonged from one to six months. It means that if you decide to cancel the membership any time within the first six months of using it, you won’t pay a penny.

Textbooks, which are available on Amazon at prices reduced by even 90% will be delivered to Prime Student members for free, thanks to Free Two-Day Shipping, one of the most sought-after benefits of Prime subscription.

Plus, there are exclusive college deals and offers in which you can save on thousands of items including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Alexa smart speakers.

And one of such deals is running right now. You can save $30 on two Kindle models.

The basic Kindle, which normally costs $79.99, is available for Prime Student subscribers at the price reduced to $49.99. It’s available in either Black or Whiter, and comes with a built-in Audible support.

One thing the entry-level Kindle is missing is a front-lighted screen. You’ll need an external source of light to read on it in the dark.

That’s why Kindle Paperwhite (which is also a more powerful and faster e-reader) is a much more convenient option. It comes with a front-lighted, glare-free display, letting you read in complete darkness.

The current price of Kindle Paperwhite for Prime students is $89.99, instead of the list price of $119.99 for the version with Wi-Fi and special offers. You can also pick up Wi-Fi + 3G variant, and the $30 discount will still be applied.

Best of all, you won’t pay anything to get the device delivered to your door. Free Two-Day Shipping – remember?

Prime Student Kindle deals, June 2018

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