Pins and patches that’ll stylishly express that you love books

Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Nerd

Book-loving illustrator and designer Andrew Brozyna offers in his Etsy shop, AJB Design, a collection of little bookish gifts: enamel pins and embroidered patches.

The shop has started recently, so the selection of items is decent, but all the designs are truly gorgeous.

Among enamel pins, Night Owl Book Club will definitely draw you attention. We also love the catchy Book Nerd, as well as the pin that resembles the front of a bookshop. Any fans of Book Wyrm around?

The pins are handmade in the US and cost about $10 each.

⇢ Etsy

Bookish pins and patches by Andrew Brozyna


Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna Night Owl - Book Club

Book Club enamel pin.


Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Wyrm

Book Wyrm enamel pin.


Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Nerd

Book Nerd enamel pin.


Bookish patches by Andrew Brozyna - Books Are Magic

Books Are Magic embroidered patch.


Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Lover

Book Lover enamel pin.


Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Shop

Book Shop enamel pin.

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