Use Evernote to create and manage book wishlists

Evernote logoThere are several online tools dedicated to collect wishlist items. You don’t have to use them – Evernote is great for that purpose.

Evernote is a highly advanced tool to collect and manage information found on the web. It brilliantly serves a lot of daily online tasks, and is very helpful not only for power users. The features it offers make it also a very useful tool to collect and manage wishlist items.

To use Evernote you have to register an account. When you download Evernote Web Clipper browser extension, adding items to Evernote becomes extremely quick. Simply use the context menu (right-click on PC, Crtl+click on Mac) to add url, image, or entire page.

Evernote Web Clipper - add items to wishlist

There are two major benefits of using Evernote as a wishlist tool.

1. Compare clipped and current items

Price is one of the most common reasons why we delay the moment of purchase. When you clip the entire page, you’ll have all the content stored in Evernote. Come back to it later, click on the link to the original website, and you’ll have a chance to compare the stored and current price, as well as other product details: reviews, related items, ratings.

It may happen that the price is lower than at the time of adding the book to wishlist. Whether to buy it or wait some more time – the decision is yours. You can always add your own info to the clipped message, for instance the new price, and therefore treat Evernote as a fully fledged price tracker.

2. Share the wishlist with others

This is simple and very useful. Any notebook you create on Evernote can be shared with others. You can either invite specific persons by sending them email invitations, or you can create a public link that you can share on social media or your blog. That way you can suggest other people what you are willing to receive, for example as a Christmas gift.

One thing to add is that clipping full pages takes some space you can use within a free account (the monthly limit is 60MB). The average page from Amazon is about 0.5MB. Please have it in mind when collecting items for your wishlists.

Alternatively, if you don’t need all the data for comparison, you can simply clip the book’s cover. To do that, mouse over the image, and from the context menu select Clip image.

The question which comes to mind: why not Amazon Wishlist bookmarklet or browser add-on? The tool from Amazon is great. You can collect items from any website, not only Amazon. What you have to remember, however, is that you have to open an account in Amazon, and that the tool makes most sense if Amazon is your ultimate online shopping destination. But what if you are Barnes & Noble or Kobo customer and would like to shop there, instead?

Additionally, there are many online bookstores that don’t offer add-to-wishlist option – and this is where Evernote is best suited to be used. Obviously, you can add any item to your Evernote wishlists, not only books.

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