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7 reasons why trying ebooks should be one of your New Year resolutions

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Image by _luba_mbc / Instagram

Image by _luba_mbc / Instagram

If you haven’t tried reading ebooks, the beginning of the new year is the best time to change it.

Have you ever been reading an ebook before?

I’m not talking about that pdf document you finally opened on the PC in the office some ten years ago.

I’m talking about the modern ebook, the friendly one, the one that makes things easier, not worse.

No? Let’s do it, then.

This list will show you that ebooks very smoothly fit into New Year resolution list. Into your plan to live a better, more comfortable life, to improve skills, and change habits for the better.

New Year is the time when we are brave enough to face and conquer challenges.

It’s true, trying ebooks for the first time is still a challenge. This type of challenge is typical for any new technology you need to learn in order to properly function in the rapidly changing world.

Let me guess, the biggest challenge, however, is something called “prejudice”. Ebooks are not your type, and most probably you find them too difficult, too messy, and definitely not sweet enough?

Forget about all the prejudices, and read on.

7 reasons you should add ebooks to your New Year resolutions

1. Keep up with technology

Isn’t the determination to become more tech-savvy on top of your New Year resolutions list? For a 10th year in a row?

You know, I’m taking about the need to try video on demand, or the need to finally check out what Pinterest is all about.

You need it because technology is changing. It’s accelerating. New generations of e-readers, tablets, or smartphones displace older versions every 10–12 months.

Trying to compare the life of a typical mobile device, the tablet you got for Christmas is now in its teenage years, and it’ll be ready for retirement the day you gonna go on summer holidays.

Why ebooks are a good, if no the best, way to keep up with the technology? Because ebooks are a part of the technology.

What’s most important, ebooks are a technology that doesn’t require a lot of attention or intensive learning to lie down on the sofa with a good book to read.

2. Make the better use of your device

How much of your device you use? 5%, 10%? Do you use your smartphone mainly to answers calls? Do you use your tablet just to check emails, and maybe read some news?

Are you doing everything to justify the expense? Maybe adding one more activity would make you smile just a bit wider?

While you are right to doubt reading on a smartphone might be too much of a challenge for you, there is absolutely no reason not to try ebooks on the tablet.

All you have to keep in mind is that there are lots of great book reading apps for Android or iPad.

You can download an app that is connected with a particular ebookstore, like Kindle, Nook, or Kobo. Or you can pick up an independent e-reading app. There is Marvin for the iPad. There are Aldiko and Mantano for Android.

Make sure to place the ebook reading app next to Gmail or Netflix. It’s a good start.

Image by ma_donna92 / Instagram

Image by ma_donna92 / Instagram

3. Recognize your reading preferences

I dare to say that reading experience with ebooks is more intense than with print books. It’s because:

  • you’ve got bigger control on how you read.
  • you can handle much more books,

First factor. When you use a book reading app, you can personalize the look. Pick up a sepia mode to resemble the look of the old book, or select the night mode to read in the dark. Make the font bigger. Change it to Palatino, if you love Palatino, or change to Georgia if you can read anything else than Palatino.

Do you have such options with a print book? On one side this is its beauty. You open a totally unknown world. You have to accept the font which is too fancy or too small, you have to accept the paper which is too thin or too rigid.

Ebooks are better for those who don’t like surprises

Ironically, ebooks are better for those who don’t like surprises. Once you set up the style in the app, every new book will look the same.

The second circumstance is even more important. Once you connect your device to an ebookstore, you can get a lot of books into it.

Many people start with packing up e-readers with free ebooks. Not five or ten. Hundreds.

While many people don’t read these books, they are there, somewhere two or three taps away from opening.

The moment you open the e-reader or book reading application is the moment you have instant access to hundreds of books. You don’t have to choose carefully. You can pick up one book and start reading immediately.

Now, add to that the ability to download a free sample of every ebook you want. That means that before you buy it you can read the first chunk. Not in the bookstore, rushing to get home, but in the evening, when you have time and mood to really make a decision whether the book deserves buying it.

When you decide to try ebooks, you’ll deal with many, many more titles, and you won’t get dramatically more tired with that.

Both things will, unconsciously or not, help you pick up what you like most.

You may realize, after checking up a dozen of free samples, that dystopian fiction is not actually something you are keen on reading most.

4. Improve your reading skills

Many people, regardless of age, feel the need to improve their reading skills.

In times of information overload, we feel we should be reading faster and more carefully – or, at the basic level – should be able (again) to focus on reading.

Ebooks will help you with that, so maybe you won’t need to attend a speed reading course.

There are two areas to explore:

  • reading stats and reading motivation,
  • speed reading skills.

Some apps, naming only Kobo, offer the stats, that will let you see how fast you read, how many of the book you’ve already read, and how much will it take to finish it.

It’s a good way to recognize whether you need some help to speed up the reading process. It’s also good to better manage what you read and where. If you have two hours to finish the book, maybe it’s good to download the sequel before you leave for a three-day holiday.

When you’ll learn your reading speed is lower than the average of 300 words per minute, you can start changing it by using one of speed reading apps, based on Spritz technology.

At the basic level, Spritz lets you save time wasted when you move your eyes over the text. The eyeballs don’t move and you read faster.

What’s more, you can challenge yourself by setting up the higher and higher reading speed.

5. Care for your children

I have a friend who constantly refuses to try ebooks. He says ebooks are a threat to real books, and will never replace the old good hardcover.

He is right. Because ebooks were never meant to replace the print books. Ebooks are meant to bring the beauty of reading to the digital environment.

Our kids are digital natives. They are not growing with Cartoon Network channel on a TV, but Cartoon Network channel on YouTube. Their primary activities are tap, swipe, and pinch to zoom.

In the same conversation, my friend said that he lets his three-year-old son use his iPad to play videos games.

He is not right. He should be using his iPad to read the books with his son. Together.

6. Read more books

There are two ways ebooks will make you read more:

  • you’ve got more books with you,
  • you get books immediately.

Many people have several books at different stages of reading. They pick up the one that fits their current mood, or a specific situation.

Having ebooks on a device that fits the purse, you can start reading in many more situations than before. Five minutes of spare time makes it already perfectly reasonable to open and read the book.

The other thing. Ebooks get to you in seconds or minutes. You can start reading another book from the same author at the time you’ll make the next coffee.

Getting a free sample of the ebook doesn’t cost anything, both when it comes to time and money.

That instant access is something you’ll never want to resign. You read the moment you want to read. There is no waiting. The time spent on waiting is a time wasted. You won’t experience it with ebooks.

Image by hanna_the_runner / Instagram

Image by hanna_the_runner / Instagram

7. Discover the pleasures of reading

No matter how incredibly it sounds, it is nothing else but true. Reading ebooks will bring joy.

Maybe not after the first, the second, or even the tenth ebook, but one day, you’ll wake up and want to open the e-reading app, just to see the familiar interface, and that perfect Palatino font in a perfect size on a perfect background.

Anyone who says ebooks can give you a touch of pleasure paper books used to give, anyone who says it is lying.

These pleasures are different.

A pleasure of a changing the brightness of the Kindle Paperwhite display can’t be compared to the pleasure of touching the sheet of paper in a book.

A pleasure of adding a note, highlighting a texting, or looking for a reference in an ebook is not the same as the smell of the old hardcover.

These ebook pleasures are new. You’ll have to discover them by yourself. What’s most exciting, when it comes to ebooks, every user has her own America to discover.

• • •

The year will enter past tense in twelve months. You can try to keep up with the world, or you can sit and wait. Only I’m not sure your kids will understand that.

Edmund Wilson once said: “No two persons ever read the same book.”

Nowadays, you can read books one way or another. In print or in digital. Books will never become the past, but we have to let them enter the future.

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