12 articles with simple tips for ebook newbies

Ebook tips for newbies

Many people around the world are getting interested in ebooks. One of the most challenging tasks is to quickly learn ebook basics without getting stuck in technical issues. Unfortunately, most of articles on the web are still not ebook tips but device reviews.

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Ebooks are not only about devices. It’s like claiming that paper books are about paper. Ebook Friendly was launched at the beginning of 2010 with a simple motto – to make users enjoy electronic books, by spreading advice on how to get, read, and manage them.

During two years we shared well over 600 posts in our Tips & more section.

The articles I’ve selected from this pretty large variety of tips and tricks, are in most cases simple lists. In each one you can quickly go through headings to find a topic, tool, or little piece of advice that you’ll find useful.

12 articles with ebook tips for newbies

Glossary of ebook terms

If epub or frontlit sound unfamiliar to you, don’t hesitate to check a very concise glossary of the most popular terms related to ebooks, e-reading, and digital publishing. You can quickly go through entries to realize that there are not too many new things to learn. ⇢ Read

7 wonderful videos that will introduce you to the world of ebooks

Good post for anyone who prefers to both learn and be entertained. These wonderful videos are great also in case when you are still not fully convinced to ebooks. To tease you, one of the videos is shown below. Done be Google, it very well explains one of the biggest benefits ebooks give: access to a personal book library in the cloud. ⇢ Read

10 sites where you can read books online

You don’t have to buy Kindle, or Nook, or Kobo to start reading ebooks. A computer, the one you’re using to read this post, is enough to start reading ebooks – in no time. A lot of ebooks are available for reading in a web browser. In this post we list 10 most popular destinations, with Project Gutenberg, 24Symbols, CodexCloud, and Smashwords. ⇢ Read

Buying a device to read ebooks: 6 questions to ask yourself

Again, you don’t have to buy a dedicated e-reading device to start reading ebooks. Before you make a final decision – that you absolutely need it – ask yourself a couple of questions that will help define your own preferences and expectations towards ebooks. Don’t buy a device that is recommended by a tech guru. Buy the device that will fit your needs. ⇢ Read

Buying an ereader [checklist]

If the decision about e-reader is “yes”, it’s worth to quickly go through this checklist. What you have to know is that a device is only a part of the landscape. What also matters is the ebookstore itself, applications you can use to access your books from a computer or tablet, the way books are bought and delivered for reading, or ability to add personal documents. ⇢ Read

10 useful IFTTT ebook recipes

IFTTT is a genuinely simple service that lets automate a lot of daily online tasks. In this post we list most popular and useful ways to get all what you would expect from ebooks delivered to you by email. A great thing about IFTTT is that you can set up own actions, that will be customized to your very own needs. ⇢ Read

What is Adobe DRM and how to deal with it

DRM is something you’ll have to deal with. DRM stands for Digital Right Management and, to put it short, it blocks reading ebooks on devices that are not authorized. Many ebookstores around the world are using the DRM system delivered by Adobe, and in this post you’ll learn in detail how to use it. ⇢ Read

Kindle availability for international users [chart]

A lot of readers of Ebook Friendly live outside US, and we want to discuss international issues as often as we can. Kindle devices are available in almost 180 worldwide destinations, but it doesn’t mean you can buy any model in your country. Usually, new models are US-only – we have to live with that. This chart lists which Kindles are available worldwide from Kindle Store US; and which models sell in Kindle Stores UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan. ⇢ Read

Kindle international availability chart

How to find foreign language books in Kindle Store

If English is not your mother tongue, first of all you have to check how many books in your own language are available. Amazon supports only a couple of foreign languages, like German, Spanish, or French. However, it’s relatively easy to find a Kindle book in any other language. You’ll find the answers in this post. ⇢ Read

6 sources of foreign language books for Kindle

This post lists most popular and useful sites, where you can download ebooks for free, or buy them, in a format that is compatible with the Kindle. We list six sites: Smashwords, Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Open Library, and Scribd – together with tips how to find non-English books there. ⇢ Read

15 tricks & tips to get the most of Kindle Store

Kindle Store is and endless source of great titles at affordable prices but it’s easy to get lost here – and easy to miss a great deal. In this post we’ve collected tips and tricks to better use Amazon’s ebookstore, including RSS feeds, changing book recommendations, or accessing the store from a mobile phone. ⇢ Read

5 tips to use smartphones to read ebooks

Mobile phones… Most people don’t read ebooks on them. On the other hand most – or all – people have their smartphones always with them. This all-in-one device is not good for long reading, but it’s perfect to reach for a book, while you’re waiting for a bus. It’s also a very good way to test ebookstores or ebook applications. If you want to get the most of the ebooks in your life – start with using your smartphone for that purpose more often! ⇢ Read

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