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Chanel introduces a library-themed autumn couture collection

Chanel library-themed collection autumn 2019

Chanel’s new designer Virginie Viard makes a bookish debut with her library collection that is guaranteed to satisfy every bibliophile.

During AW19 Couture in Paris, the library doors burst open and Portishead’s 1995 hit song started playing, and models began to strut down the steps serving looks. And books, too.

The show took place in Grand Palais, the iconic monument in the heart of Paris, that was transformed beyond recognition into a snug but elegant cavernous library, furnished with cozy reading nooks, decorative Persian rugs, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

Dazed also notes that the Chanel library collection itself emanated bookish vibes – with buttoned-up lace collars, full tweed skirts, nipped-in trouser suits, and specs, it fit perfectly in the picturesque bookscape.

The library collection was a debut of Virginie Viard as head designer of Chanel – Karl Lagerfeld’s right-hand woman for over 30 years and now, his successor.

It’s common knowledge that Karl was a voracious reader, estimated to have owned up to 350,000 books in his personal library and famous for the floor-to-ceiling monumental bookshelves. Similarly, Coco was known to be an avid fan of Flaubert, Stendhal, and Montaigne, whose works stacked the shelves of her 31 Rue Cambon apartment.

With art nouveau lamps reminiscent of Gabrielle’s youth, shelves filled with her favorite authors and the style so similar to this of late Lagerfeld’s home, the Chanel library collection pays a beautifully thoughtful tribute to both Coco and Karl in the most personal way possible.

The fashion verdict is clear: a good book is the only accessory you’ll need this autumn.

Chanel library collection 2019

Chanel library collection autumn 2019
Chanel library-themed collection autumn winter 2019
Chanel autumn winter 2019 collection set in a library
Chanel library-themed couture collection 2019

Photos by J’Dee Allin, via Dazed.

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