Booke is an innovative app that brings ebook features to print books

Booke app brings functionality of ebooks to printed books

Booke app brings functionality of ebooks to printed books

Polish app for iPhone and iPad offers a game-changing way to add digital features to the paper book.

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice the touch and smell of the print book to share online what you’re reading, effectively work with a text, or collect best quotes.

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Booke is an iOS application that adds social reading layer and other digital functionalities to the paper book you are currently reading.

It lets bookmark a page, select the text passage and share it on social media or via email, or search the entire content of a book for a word or excerpt.

So far, most of the projects that were designed to bring a paper book to a digital environment were about “seeing” the paper page (using a phone’s camera or a special projector), and then converting it to editable content.

Booke works differently. The app is voice activated. Just talk to find the text or share it.

For instance, you can say: Search for “Elizabeth Bennet”, and the app will show you the list of pages of your print book where Pride and Prejudice protagonist’s name appears.

Or you can say: Bookmark from “wouldn’t” to “bees”, and the app will find the correct passage and make it ready for you to share via iOS share menu.

How is that possible? Booke relies on Booke Companions, digital versions matching the print books (called Book Editions). To unlock digital functionalities, you’ll need to type in the app the ISBN number of your print book.

It seems to be the main limitation. To use Booke app to the fullest, you’ll need to have the print book that matches the digital companion that already exists. That’s why the company encourages publishers and content creators to add their books to the platform. Especially that they could add digital triggers to their print editions:

Printed books are limited to printed words and printed images, right? Wrong. Booke allows you to augment the content and provide the reader with a deeper, richer experience.

Booke is available for free in the iTunes Store, for both the iPhone and iPad. There is no info about the development of the Android version.

The app was designed by the company led by Grażyna Szczepaniak and Jarosław Bogulak. The financial support from Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development will make it possible to expand the project globally, and reach publishers in most promising markets.

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Via INNPoland.

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