15 Kindle covers that look like beautiful books

Best Kindle cases that look like books

Check out an updated list that puts together the best cases thanks to which your Kindle will look like a beautiful print book.

More and more readers discover amazing benefits of ebooks. There is, however, one thing no e-reader or tablet can give – the pleasure of touching the most magic object in the world: the print book.

Kindle cases that resemble real books or are made the same way as classic hardcovers are usually less convenient than ultra-advanced slimline covers. However, the opportunity of looking at the object of desire as often as possible is still for many users the most important factor.

Such cases are a great gift idea for someone who loves reading but is still not fully convinced to ebooks because of their lack of magic.

If you want to gift the Kindle to such a person, make sure to bundle it together with a great looking book-style case. Do even more: surprise her or him by gifting the Kindle already put inside such a cover!

In the list below, we have pt together the best cases – not only from Amazon, but also Etsy, where you can find many items that can be customized. Enjoy!

The best book-style Kindle case covers

1. Vintage “Magic World” book case for Kindle Paperwhite

Vintage book - Kindle Paperwhite case cover

From Ayotu comes a range of Kindle Paperwhite compatible case covers that includes this beautiful variant designed to look like an old library book.

The case opens like a book and feels like a book. At the same time, it’s extremely light, thanks to an advanceed technology used to produce modern cases for mobile devices.

Best of all, this book shaped case is water resistant. Combined with the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, it will let you enjoy reading in places and conditions like never before.

You can choose from four colors variants of the Vintage Book case: Black, Navy Blue, Brown, and Red.

2. Iconic “Composition Book” case for Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Composition Book case

Our pick: Best “Composition Book” case for Kindle

Notebooks with the iconic pseudo-marbling design, called “composition books,” started appearing in Europe in the 18th century. The design was never copyrighted, so it can be used and modified by anyone.

This iconic artwork is among most sought after case designs on Amazon, and is offered for several devices. Fintie, our favorite case producer, created the design for a case tailored for Kindle Paperwhite.

The case supports auto sleep & wake feature, and sports a microfiber interior to prevent the display from scratches.

3. “Old Book” case for the basic Kindle

MoKo "Old Book" case cover for basic Kindle

There are not as many vintage book cases for the basic Kindle as there are for the Paperwhite.

This design from MoKo is one of the finest you can get right now.

The case combines the modern lightweight leather design (made of faux leather) with a subtle ornament on the front resembling the artwork found in old library books.

4. Book-style origami Kindle case

MoKo book-style origami Kindle cover

MoKo offers the same vintage book design on a case that folds like an origami.

This particular case is extremely light and can turn the Kindle into a stand letting you read hands-free for long hours. You can attach or remove the origami case easily thanks a convenient magnet-based mechanism.

While the front features the print resembling the look of the old book, the back showcases minimalist Amazon logo on a black TPU material.

5. Affordable vintage notebook Kindle case

Affordable book-style cover for basic Kindle model

Our pick: Best cheap book-style Kindle cover

If you are looking for a cheap case for your newest Kindle (the entry-level model) that looks like a book, check out this design from TNP.

The vintage cover art work is printed into a thin and lightweight cover to make the case look the same as the vintage notebook. I especially like the color combination.

The Vintage Notebook is a part of the range of Kindle cases that usually cost no more than $10.

6. Verso Prologue “Red Book” case for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Verso Prologue old book cover for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Verso Prologue is one of the most beautiful book-style Kindle covers. This iconic case is still available on Amazon. Due to the fact that corner straps are being used to keep the device in place, the case is compatible with the newest Kindle models, such as the latest basic Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite.

You will be pleased with the classy look and impressive durability. Inside, you’ll find a soft, microfiber lining, and a large pocket for documents, cards, and other essentials.

7. Klever Case book covers for Kindle Paperwhite

Klever Case Harry Potter cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Our pick: Best traditionally crafted Kindle case

From Klever Case come wonderful covers handmade in England using traditional bookbinding techniques.

Each cover is slimline, lightweight, durable and splash proof – and perfectly imitates the look and feel of a classic hard back book.

In the Klever Case collection on Amazon you will find versions inspired by Harry Potter (the Book of Spells shown above), Dracula, The Secret Garden, or Pride and Prejudice.

8. Klever Case Kindle covers on Etsy

Klever Case custom classic book Kindle cases

If you want to get the Klever Case for another Kindle model, not just the latest Paperwhite, you can do it by switching from Amazon to Etsy.

Klever Case offers on Etsy the possibility to choose from multiple devices and sizes. What’s more, you can write in a message to seller the exact dimensions of your Kindle model, for instance the latest Oasis, and they will craft the case tailored to it!

9. “Old Book” case for Kindle Oasis

Old Book slim case for Kindle Oasis

Are you looking for a book-style case for your newest Kindle Oasis? One of the best options to consider is the case from Dadanism.

The vintage book look is combined with a lightweight design that supports auto sleep & wake function and perfectly fits the original asymmetric shape of the Oasis.

10. “Old Library Book” zipper sleeve for Kindle

Old Library Book zipper sleeve for Kindle

Have you seen the iconic BookBook sleeve for iPad created by Twelve South? This beautiful design is based on the look of a vintage library book, with colorful stripes on the book’s spine.

You can now have a similar look for your Kindle. Case Libray offers the zipper sleeve for Kindle and other e-readers. From the drop-down menu you can choose other Kindle models: 6-inch Kindle and 7-inch Kindle Oasis.

The case is 100% handcrafted from leather and canvas, and the producer claims it’s waterproof.

11. Colorful classic book case for Kindle Paperwhite

Colorful classic book case for Kindle Paperwhite

When you think “classic book,” you most probably think “brown.” Why not get out of the box for a while and check out how the classic book would look in other colors?

The range of slim cases from ZZ Meet includes Blue, Green, Camel, and Rose Red. All variants feature the title “Well begun is half done.”

Note: Please keep in mind that the case usually ships within two to three weeks.

12. Genuine leather Kindle Paperwhite case

Genuine leather Kindle Paperwhite case

Are you looking for a Kindle case made of genuine full grain oiled leather and resembling an old book? Check out this design offered on Etsy by Extra Studio.

The case is hand-crafted to order, with beautiful ornaments on both sides. It is sewn by hand using the saddle stitch technique.

13. Old hardcover book case for Kindle

Classic hardcover book case for Kindle

From An Enchanted Fate comes this beautiful Kindle case that is created from hand painted bookcloth material to look like a classic book.

You can order a custom text for a book plate on the inner side of the front cover. The picture above shows the cover inspired by “The Labirynth” movie, but you can also find covers for Harry Potter, Neverending Story, or Pride and Prejudice.

14. Book-style fabric Kindle Paperwhite case

Book-style fabric shockproof Kindle Paperwhite cover

Here is one of the most popular Kindle Paperwhite case that offers the feel of holding a classic hardcover.

The case is made of a durable shockprood fabric combined with faux leather. As the case is using a flexible leather frame to hold the device in place, it can be used for Kindle Paperwhite 2018 as well as older models.

You can choose from three classic hardcover book variants: Light Gray, Charcoal, and Indigo.

15. “Vintage Antique Bronze” cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Vintage Antique Bronze Kindle Paperwhite case cover from Fintie

Amazon Choice: Highly rated product available immediately

This vintage book folio case from Fintie, called “Z-Vintage Antique Bronze,” is one of the finest examples of book-style Kindle covers that you can currently find on Amazon.

It fits Kindle Paperwhite and is made of durable faux leather. The leather frame covers the bezel of the Kindle almost entirely helping you maximize the feeling of holding a real book. The inner side of the front cover is also made of leather, with a nice Fintie logo welcoming you every time you open the case.

There are a few other variants for book lovers to choose from: C-Denim combining the look of a book with a denim material, and Dual Color with bronze and black faux leather combination.

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