Bionic Reading app has received German Design Award 2023

Bionic Reading app awarded at the German Design Awards 2023
The app that started a new chapter in reading experience, has won the award for the best communication design / Screenshot: Bionic Reading

The company that started a new era of reading experience, has won the international design award in the category Apps for Excellent Communications Design.

Have you tried bionic reading already? 

Bionic reading is a free tool that brings an enhanced reading experience to your current e-reading device or app. How does it work?

Some parts of the words are displayed in bold text. As a result, you will be able to read faster and understand more.

The software is developed by the startup company Bionic Reading GmbH. The tool comes with an API, so that developers could create dedicated bionic apps and extensions.

The official Bionic Reading app is available for iPhone & iPad and Android. Currently, it’s free to use, but soon the company will offer a possibility to upgrade.

There are also dedicated apps for Mac and Windows. You can try bionic reading right in your browser, by going to the Bionic Reading web app

Most importantly, you can add bionic-formatted books to your reading app, for instance Amazon Kindle. All you have to do is open the Bionic Reading web app, add an ebook file (epub is now also accepted by Amazon), wait for a conversion, and add a converted file to the reading app of your choice.

The company that develops the Bionic Reading ecosystem has been awarded at the German Design Award 2023. It won in the category Apps for Excellent Communications Design.

Here is an excerpt from a jury announcement:

A fascinating tool that not only saves a lot of time, but also impressively shows what our brain is capable of.

⇢ Bionic Reading

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