20 best iPad accessories in 2023, compatible with current and future models

Best iPad accessories to get in 2023
The best accessories and appliances that are compatible with current and future iPad models / Image: Amazon

These innovative power banks, sleeves, home appliances, and desktop accessories will help you make the most of your current and future iPads.

The problem with dedicated accessories is that you can usually use them with just one iPad model.

As a result, to make the most of your iPad, you pay not just for the device itself, but also a case cover, an Apple Pencil, and a number of other accessories.

Suddenly, you look at your bank account and notice that in total, your iPad costs $100 or $200 more.

Why not take a different approach and invest in accessories which you would be able to use for a much longer time, with more devices than the iPad you currently own?

Start from defining your needs – and forget about your iPad for a while. How do you want to improve the way you use your mobile device? Are your expectations and habits evolving? Will you have similar needs in five years? Do the same needs apply to your other electronic appliances?

The following list includes accessories that are compatible with all current iPads, from iPad mini 6 to the largest iPad Pro 12.9-inch models.

You will find below versatile power banks and battery packs, comfortable pillow stands, advanced sleeve bags, cozy home appliances, and clever desktop accessories.  

The best thing about these gadgets is that they are universal and advanced enough to serve you in the next few years. And you can use them not only with your iPad, but also the iPhone, and even the MacBook. Sounds like you can save a lot of money!

Which one do you find the most useful?

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Best iPad accessories for current and future models

1. 6-in-1 Swiss Army cable key ring

6-in-1 Swiss Army cable key ring for iPad - best iPad accessories
6-in-1 Swiss Army cable key ring for iPad and iPhone / Image: Amazon

▸ This little accessory can solve all your cable compatibility issues. It’s the Swiss Army knife in the cable category – the cable key ring from inCharge.

▸ This clever cable hub features four different types of cable inputs / outputs, covering most connectivity possibilities you may ever have.

▸ The inCharge 6 Swiss Army cable ring is extremely compact and easy to use and carry. When folded, it can be attached to your key ring. It is made of zinc-aluminum alloy metal, TPU cable guard, and 90 braided copper wires.

▸ What’s important, the inCharge cable hub supports the power transfer between two smartphones – just choose the right heads to connect.

▸ You can choose from three colors (Mercury Gray, Saturn Gold, and Moon White). The price at the time of updating this post is $19.99.

⇢ Amazon

2. 100W iPad and MacBook thin tablet power bank with 2 USB-C ports

Thin tablet size power bank with 2 USB-C ports - perfect for iPad
Thin tablet size power bank with 2 USB-C ports / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are looking for an effective tool to charge not only your iPad but also MacBook, you should look for a tablet-first battery-pack.

▸ From Baseus comes a power bank that’s tailored to charge tablets and laptops. Its main visual point of difference is the ultra-flat design – it’s only 0.7 in (17 mm) thick. Thanks to that, you can easily put it into the MacBook bag or your iPad sleeve.

▸ The capacity of the power bank is “only” 20000mAh, but when it comes to more power-hungry devices, the main factor is not the capacity but power output. And this power bank offers 100W. It means you can charge not only all iPad or iPad Pro models, but also your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

▸ The 20000mAh capacity is also suitable, if you want to take the power bank with you to the plane. As I mentioned in the facts section of this overview, only two power banks with a combined capacity no higher than 27000mAh are allowed on board.

▸ What’s most important, the battery pack features two in-out USB-C ports supporting 100W output. As a result, you can charge two large devices at the same time, be it your iPad and MacBook. It will take about 30 minutes to charge the battery of the 16-inch MacBook Pro to 35%.

▸ The list price of Baseus iPad-friendly power pack is $130, but any time I checked the product page, the price was down to $99.

Our score: 8.0/10

⇢ Amazon

3. Retractable power strip with multiple USB ports

Retractable power strip with multiple USB ports - best iPad accessories
Retractable power strip with multiple USB ports / Image: Amazon

▸ Sometimes you have to recharge many devices at the same time – your iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch – and a single power bank or compact power charger are simply not enough.

▸ What’s more, if you travel a lot, you know how hard it’s sometimes to find a power socket that’s easy to access. You need a power strip with a longer cord.

▸ What’s the perfect travel power strip? You may choose different port combinations, but one thing should be common: a cord that’s retractable or foldable. It makes it easy to manage all the gear if you have the cables in order.

▸ From Sarmert comes a power strip that’s compact (thanks to the round shape), and features a 3.3 feet extension cord that you can fold around.

▸ The charger is equipped with as many as five power outlets, but most importantly, you can use two standard USB ports, and one USB-C port.

▸ The price of the power strip at the time of updating the post is set at $31.99. It often it goes below $30, reaching $25.

⇢ Amazon

4. Foldable spider-leg stand – perfect for reading in bed

Foldable spider-leg stand from Tablift - perfect for iPad
A foldable spider-leg stand is compatible with iPad / Image: Amazon

▸ Most stands can raise the device only a bit. What if you wanted to place your iPad at the eye level?

▸ Take a look at the clever stand from Tablift. It has a construction which resembles a four-legged spider, and on the top there is a sturdy holder.

▸ The legs are flexible, and you can form them to raise the device much higher than any standard holder. Most importantly, the legs can be folded together to take as little space as possible.

▸ The holder lets you mount a tablet of up to 13 inches, so it can fit any iPad model, including the largest 12.9-inch Pro. The slots allow positioning of the tablet at three different angles.

▸ Tablift is a great way to watch hands-free in bed, especially if you want to avoid placing anything directly on your stomach.

▸ From time to time the price drops to under $30, but regularly, you can buy it at $34.99. It may, however, go up to even $40 during annual shopping seasons (Black Friday and Prime Day).

Our score: 7.9/10

⇢ Amazon

5. 100% waterproof iPad bag

AquaQuest waterproof bag - best iPad accessories
AquaQuest waterproof iPad bag with 20,000 mm hydrostatic resistance / Image: Amazon

▸ A standard case can surely protect your iPad against scratches and dust, but it won’t guarantee a reliable resistance against water. Now, imagine you are suddenly in the middle of a heavy storm or accidentally land in the water.

▸ Unlike the iPhone, your iPad – no matter which model you have – is not waterproof. And I doubt that the next iPad models will ever feature any reasonable water resistance.

▸ Getting a 100% waterproof sleeve or bag that would work with your iPad (as well as any device you will have in the future) seems like a reasonable decision.

▸ The top brand in this field is AquaQuest. They offer a versatile and protective Typhoon bag that guarantees 100% protection against water. 

▸ Typhoon’s main compartment sports 20,000 mm hydrostatic resistance. Plus, there is an inner neoprene sleeve to ensure an added shock and liquid protection.

▸ This messenger bag is super durable. It’s made of 420D ripstop nylon, with welded seams and dual coatings of premium TPU material. Plus, there are MOLLE-style webbing loops that provide external attachment points.

▸ The case is available in two sizes: 13″ (perfect for your iPad) and 15″ (for most MacBooks, except the 16-inch Pro). There are six colors to choose from, including Camo and Green.

▸ AquaQuest gives lifetime warranty for the Typhoon messenger bag. The current price is $59.99.

Our score: 8.0/10

⇢ Amazon

6. Powerful solar charger for electricity-free reading life

Solar charger for life without electricity - best iPad accessories
A powerful solar panel compatible with iPad / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best solar panel system compatible with iPad

▸ iPad, and especially Pro models, drain the battery fast. You will usually have to recharge them every night. What if you’re on the go and can’t find a power outlet?

▸ With the new solar charger from FlexSolar, you can stay in a mountain cabin for days, and the presence of the power outlet is not mandatory. Oh, and you will be able to recharge your iPhone, too.

▸ Most solar power banks can be recharged via solar panels only in emergencies. Their panels are small, and it takes ages to recharge the power bank enough to recharge the destination device.

▸ This 15W three-panel solar charger will make you fully independent of electricity suppliers. It can be easily folded and squeezed into a backpack, and comes with buckles to attach it where it will be most exposed to sun beams.

▸ The panels are highly efficient. The producer claims the charger converts up to 24% of solar power in favorable sunlight conditions.

▸ The special polymer surface protects the panels from water and dust. Plus, the ports are protected with sturdy rubber covers to offer the overall IP67 waterproof level.

▸ To recharge your iPad, we recommend getting the 30W variant, which costs $55.99.

Our score: 8.1/10

⇢ Amazon

7. Numeric keyboard compatible with iPad and Mac

Best numeric keyboard for iPad - best iPad accessories
Numeric keyboard for iPad and Mac / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best iPad-compatible numeric keyboard

▸ Are you planning to buy a keyboard case or a keyboard for your iPad? What’s the main reason? Is it the size of the on-display keyboard or the lack of function and numeric keys?

▸ Sometimes all you need to improve typing on your iPad is a keypad that extends the virtual on-screen keyboard with most used number keys. Such a keypad would be useful not only for your iPad mini, but also a MacBook laptop.

▸ From Macally comes a highly popular Bluetooth keypad that includes 35 keys you may use most often, including numbers, function keys, page down/up, and arrows.

▸ The keypad is designed in the fashion of Apple keyboards and is compatible not only with iPad and iPhone, but also Mac, Windows, and Android – something that will serve you not for just one year and one model.

▸ The Macally numeric keyboard features a built-in 300 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 month of average usage.

▸ The price at the time of updating this roundup is set at $35.99, but it’s a limited-time deal. The regular price is $49.99.

Our score: 7.9/10

⇢ Amazon

8. Charging station with wireless pad and USB-C port

Best charging station for iPad - best iPad accessories this year
Charging station with wireless pad and USB-C port / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best charging station for iPad

▸ If you are going to buy a charging station that would handle all your mobile devices, be it the new iPad, iPhone, digital camera, or a Kindle, make sure to pick up the one that comes with the most updated features.

▸ Usually, the most popular charging stations on Amazon are not the newest ones – it takes time to collect ratings and reviews. So, instead of going for a popular charger with 2,000 reviews and no USB-C port, take a look at the one that’s more useful.

▸ I have picked up a charger that’s nicely designed and sports two features. It has a 15W wireless charging pad for your iPhone and other device that supports wireless charging. Most importantly, the station has a 3A USB-C port.

▸ The charger comes with a built-in Smart Flow Technology, which intelligently identifies and distributes current for connected devices.

▸ In total, you can charge 5 devices simultaneously: 1 on a pad, 1 with USB-C, and 3 with USB-A ports. A nice little idea is that the cradles for devices are detachable.

▸ The list price is set at $32.99, but we have noticed price drops to the level below $25.

⇢ Amazon

9. Tactical MOLLE pouch – great for iPad accessories

Tactical MOLLE pouch - an alternative iPad accessory pack
Tactical MOLLE pouch is a great travel electronic organizer / Image: Amazon

▸ Even if you limit the number of electronics and accessories, it may turn out that you there are still so many that you need a special way to store them, especially when you plan a long trip.

▸ An obvious solution is a travel organizer bag. There are over 20,000 items on Amazon matching this phrase. I found a better idea. It turned out that the most suitable organizer for my power banks, cables, and chargers is an army MOLLE pouch.

▸ A tactical admin MOLLE pouch from Wynex has enough pulls to put inside all iPad and iPhone accessories and secure them. It is closed by double zippers with pulls, allowing you to open up completely to the bottom.

▸ External straps can be used to attach the pouch to the bicycle’s handle so that the powerbank that’s inside is close enough to charge your iPhone mounted to the handlebar.

▸ Wynex pouch is made of 1,000-D military grade Cordura fabric coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Thanks to that, it’s moisture resistant and gives an extra layer of protection.

▸ The pouch is available in several colors. If you want to avoid looking military, just pick up the black variant.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $14.99. Please keep in mind that the pouch can hold iPad accessories, not an iPad itself.

⇢ Amazon

10. Compact 20W 32000mAh power bank with built-in cables

A slim and compact power bank with built-in charging cables - compatible with iPad
A slim and compact power bank with built-in charging cables / Image: Amazon

▸ Although offering as much as 32000mAh of electric charge, this external iPhone and iPad compatible battery pack is extremely compact. It measures 5.7 in (14.5 cm) and weighs 15.9 ounces (450 grams).

▸ The biggest benefit of this particular model are two built-in cables that come with three plugs. One cable ends with a Lightning plug for your iPhone. The cable on the other side is equipped with USB-C and micro USB plugs. Thanks to that, you won’t need to take with you any cables – these three plugs are compatible with most mobile devices.

▸ The 20W power output delivered via the Type-C port means that the power bank can handle even the most power consuming iPad Pro models that come with 20W power adapters.

▸ The power bank is equipped with as many as 13 safety features including the ones protecting against overcharge, overheat, and short circuit. Thanks to that, the life’s battery is prolonged, and the power bank is more stable. It can perform 400 high-cycle recharge tests, and the battery will still offer the 80% capacity.

▸ The regular price of the power bank is $49, but at the time of updating this overview, we see it dropped to $38.

⇢ Amazon

11. Waterproof, roll-top Faraday backpack

Waterproof, roll-top Faraday backpack - best iPad and MacBook accessories
Waterproof, roll-top Faraday backpack / Image: Amazon

▸ Faraday Defense Store offers on Amazon a solid and sturdy roll-top backpack that sports all the benefits of the Faraday bag.

▸ This Faraday bag is effectively blocking Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID and cellular (including 5G) communication of signals to and from the devices stored inside. It’s a perfect solution to carry your iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and any other device you want to protect from data theft.

▸ The bag is designed for military and law enforcement investigators, government agencies, and data security professionals, but can be used by anyone. The only barrier is a high price.

▸ Signal blocking is achieved thanks to a three-layer construction of specialized metal-plated fabric containing copper and nickel elements, called Faraday CYBER NC Fabric. Thanks to that advanced fabric, the backpack dissipates signals coming from both exterior and interior sources.

▸ The bag is water-resistant, features Tarpaulin exterior, and measures 16 × 11 × 6 inches when closed. It comes with a dual clip closure, and sports mesh side pockets.

▸ The price at the time of writing the post is set at $139.99. We haven’t recorded any price drop yet.

⇢ Amazon

12. Fashionable portfolio bag – perfect for iPad

Portfolio tablet hard bag - best iPad accessory on the go
Multipurpose hardback sleeve case from Tomtoc – perfect for iPad / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best hard cover sleeve bag for iPad

▸ If you are looking for an accessory that would accommodate more than just iPad, think about a portable bag that comes with several compartments and pockets, but still has the size of a mobile device.

▸ The bag from Tomtoc is intended for devices no larger than 12.9-inch, so it will fit any iPad, unless Apple comes with something bigger than 13 inches.

▸ Tomtoc Portfolio combines a rugged EVA hard shell with soft microfiber lining to protect against bumps and scratches. Water-repellent fabric provides protection even on a rainy day.

▸ The patented ergonomic groove design and comfortable grip make it easier to carry on without drops, even if you want to avoid using the built-in handle.

▸ Inside, there are multiple compartments. You can use the main one for your iPad, print book, or a notebook. Elasticized segments provide tight grip for cables, Airpods, and other small accessories.

▸ Tomtoc offers one year worry-free guarantee. Plus, you will benefit from friendly customer service available via email and phone.

▸ You can choose from several colors, including Mixed Orange (shown above), Avocado, Gray, and Caramel.

▸ The lowest price we recorded was $29.99. Currently, it’s set at $44.99. As this is a highly popular product, you may not see a considerable price drop any time soon.

⇢ Amazon

13. 50000mAh battery pack with USB-C input-output port

Nuxgal 50000mAh power bank with battery level indicator - best iPad accessory
The 50000mAh power bank from Nuxgal with battery level indicator / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best power bank to charge both the iPhone and iPad

▸ This is one of the most powerful and reliable battery packs that are currently available on the web. It offers 50000mAh capacity which is enough to charge an iPhone 11 as many as 10 times, and an 11-inch iPad Pro (2021 release) 3 times.

▸ There are 4 ports to charge your devices and 3 ports to charge the power bank itself. It’s worth noting that the USB-C port is two-way – you can use it both for energy input and output. 

▸ The fast USB-C output port combined with 18W power output will let you quickly charge not only your iPhone (all models) but also the iPad, even if you have the model that comes with a 20 W power adapter. It will just take a bit more time to fully charge it.

▸ Additionally, the power bank is equipped with an ultra-bright flashlight. There is also a small display showing the battery level – a helpful feature if you want to plan ahead when you should recharge the battery pack.

▸ The power bank is offered on Amazon by Nuxgal. The company offers a free replacement of the product one you encounter any problems, plus there is an 18-month warranty.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $48, but it will go up to $53 after the limited-time offer ends.

Our score: 8.1/10

⇢ Amazon

14. Lap desk and bed tray in one

Laptop desk with adjustable stand and bed tray - best iPad accessories
A wooden lap desk and bed tray – perfect for iPad and MacBook / Image: Amazon

▸ Are you looking for an accessory that will let you comfortably read and write on your iPad while you are staying in bed or sitting on a sofa?

▸ This laptop desk is combined with a bed tray, and features an adjustable stand. Just raise the surface and place your iPad to adjust the reading angle.

▸ This kind of accessory can meet most of your needs. When you want, you can use it for a Sunday breakfast in bed, working on a laptop, or reading a magazine – be it in print or on your iPad.

▸ The right side of the desk stays flat, and you can place here a cup of coffee and a blow of marshmallows. Plus, there is also a mesh storage compartment for office accessories, a bottle of water, or a thermal mug.

▸ The laptop desk can be fully folded so that you can put it into a wardrobe. It’s worth mentioning that this specific model comes with adjustable-height legs.

▸ The price of the tray at the time of writing this post is $38. It is worth noting that the product is currently offered at a lower price.

⇢ Amazon

15. Vintage-style Bluetooth speaker with flashlight

Vintage Bluetooth speaker with a flashlight - perfect for active iPad users
Vintage Bluetooth speaker with a flashlight / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best speaker for active iPad users

▸ There are many portable Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, but if you think about getting a speaker camping, hiking, or extreme sports, don’t buy a speaker that’s good for a shower.

▸ Best outdoor speakers should not only be water resistant, but also offer a rugged construction and resist both dirt and shock.

▸ Meet the small beast from Muzen. With IPX-5 waterproof index, the device has a compact size, but comes with a premium speaker that provides a powerful, clear, and nuanced 360 degree stereo sound.

▸ The speaker has a cool vintage look of the classic military-grade devices from the analog era, with a speaker grill, power / Bluetooth switch, and a prominent steel volume knob.

▸ The speaker comes with a hook so that you can attach it to the backpack or inside a tent. There is also a flashlight that comes with three modes: high beam, low beam, and SOS blinking.

▸ The built-in lithium battery is enough for up to 8 hours of continuous playback.

▸ The speaker from Muzen is designed to be a perfect gift. It comes in a gift box, ready to be given to the music and adventure lover in your life.

▸ This tough, heavy-duty speaker is compatible with your iPad and iPhone. It costs $109,99, but we’ve seen the price go below $100 already.

⇢ Amazon

16. Tablet pillow stand with adjustable phone arm

Pillow tablet stand with a flexible arm - best iPad accessories
Innovative tablet pillow stand with a flexible smartphone arm / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most innovative pillow stand for iPad

▸ This unique pillow stand will be extremely helpful if you want to use your iPhone and iPad at the same time, for instance, when taking notes during video meetings.

▸ The patented construction includes a flexible arm – a unique feature in the tablet pillow category. It’s where you can put your iPhone and rotate it by 360 degrees. The arm is a way to place the smartphone exactly at the eye level.

▸ The cozy pillow is the base of the accessory. It’s filled with odorless foam pellets so that it can change its shape to closely fill the contact surface. The pillow’s cover is made of stretchy and breathable Lycra fabric.

▸ You can place your iPad in the base thanks to a special tablet hook. You can adjust the viewing angle by moving the flexible arm up and down.

▸ The price of this pillow stand is currently set at $55, and I expect slight price drops during each major shopping event on Amazon.

Our score: 8.1/10

⇢ Amazon

17. Powerful 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack for iPhone and iPad

Powerful 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack - top iPad accessory for battery charging
A high-capacity 60000mAh power bank that can run up to 3 weeks on a single charge / Image: Amazon

▸ With the capacity of 60000mAh, this battery pack beast from Romoss is among the most powerful power banks that are currently offered online.

▸ The producer claims that on average, you can use it for three weeks on one charge. You can recharge the power bank with the 9V 2A power adapter in less than 16 hours.

▸ Romoss offers 22.5W power output (enough for any iPad) and PD 3.0 fast charging via USB-C port. It can recharge your iPhone 12 times, and the iPad Pro (the model is not specified) – even 4 times.

▸ Please keep in mind that, while looking pretty slim, this power bank is not lightweight. It weighs 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms).

▸ The red-colored LED display will let you check out the charging status, voltage, and remaining battery level.

▸ The list price is set at $90, but you can get it for under $70 pretty often.

⇢ Amazon

18. Steampunk candle light and speaker in one

Steampunk bedside reading lamp with speaker - best iPad accessory
Vintage bedside lamp with speaker – best when you relax with your iPad / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best bedroom iPad accessory

▸ Do you like reading on your iPad before going to sleep? Do you like listening to audiobooks or playing music in your bedroom? Why not getting an accessory that will meet most of your needs?

▸ This steampunk lamp combines innovative features and a gorgeous vintage look. It operates in two modes. One is a warm light. The other one is a flickering candle (I love this one!). You can adjust the light brightness by rotating a switch in the base of the lamp.

▸ The wireless speaker supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Many reviewers have pointed out that it gives a surprisingly crisp and powerful sound.

▸ How long is the playing time? This steampunk, battery operated lamp & speaker can play music or audiobooks for up to 8 hours at the maximum volume!

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is set at $32.99. We have seen a few price drops already.

Our score: 8.2/10

⇢ Amazon

19. Cozy pillow stand with 6 reading positions

A cozy pillow stand with as many as six reading angles - best iPad accessories
A cozy pillow stand with as many as six reading angles / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most versatile pillow stand for iPad

▸ From Lamicall comes one of the best solutions for hands-free reading or watching, and it’s compatible with all iPad models. You can also use it with MacBook Pro.

▸ The stand is cozy but extremely stable. It has strong resilience, but at the same time is hard to deform. Therefore, it can be used on any surface, be it a desk, bed, sofa, or your laps.

▸ Best of all, it combines a convenience of a pillow with features typical for desktop stands: multi-angle functionality.

▸ You can place your iPad, MacBook, or e-reader on each of the two sides, where there are three grooves that are deep enough to firmly hold not only your device, but also an opened print book.

▸ I have bought the stand for $24.99, and it’s a fair price for this innovative and sturdy pillow. If you see the price reaching $30, simply bookmark the product in your browser, and come back in a few days (weeks, to the most) to see it reduced to the usual level.

Our score: 8.5/10

⇢ Amazon

20. Slim magnetic cable organizer

Anker magnetic cable organizer for iPad and iPhone - best desktop accessories
Anker magnetic cable organizer can be reused up to 10 times / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best cable organizer for iPad and other Apple devices

▸ Wireless charging pads are a way to conveniently charge your mobile devices and avoid cable mess. However, these pads are expensive and compatible only with selected devices.

▸ There is another, much cheaper, way to reduce cable mess. You can get a clever organizer that will keep all the cables organized and within the reach of your hand. Reduce the space used by cables, get more space for your gadgets.

▸ Take a look at the magnetic cable holder and organizer from Anker. This slim design is using magnets to keep the cables in place. You can attach MagSafe or iPhone Lighting cables directly, while other cables can be attached using magnetic clips.

▸ You can stick the Anker Magnetic Cable Holder to any flat surface, for instance the desk or bedside table, thanks to the strong adhesive sticks.

▸ You can restick and reuse the holder any time. Simply detach it, wash the adhesive, dry, and stick to another surface. You can change your mind even ten times!

▸ The Anker cable organizer is available in three colors: White, Black, and Navy Blue. It costs $12.99 regularly, but I’ve noticed price cuts already. A 2-pack is available for $29.99.

Our score: 8.3/10

⇢ Amazon

The best iPad accessories in 2023
The best iPad accessories to get this year

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