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Anatomy of a Kindle user (infographic)

Kindle user by the numbers

Take a closer look at reading preferences and book discovery habits of a Kindle user.

Written Word Media, a company behind a few websites that connect authors and readers, have released a short but useful infographic depicting the Kindle user.

The company collected the data by surveying readers at their book platforms: Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, NewInBooks, and Red Feather Romance.

We’re constantly curious about a Kindle owner’s consumer behavior: what they’re reading, how they discover books, whom they trust for book recommendations, where they’re talking about the books they’re reading.

We can observe interesting trends in book discovery, purchase behavior, and reading preferences.

The full infographic is embedded below, and the key findings are:

  • Kindle owners purchase an average of 8.92 books per month,
  • 70% of readers enjoy books in a series and standalone novels equally,
  • for 42% of readers, the book is a way to relax,
  • Facebook, not Goodreads, is a top destination for book discovery and discussion.

Click or tap on the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Anatomy of a Kindle owner - infographic

Via Written Word Media Blog.

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