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Take the 2018 ebook lovers’ reading challenge!

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Take the 2018 ebook lovers' reading challenge

Explore these ebook reading prompts that will help you extend the reading scope, explore new authors, and improve the reading experience.

Let’s hope the year 2018 will be the one we’ll all have time and motivation to read the record number of books.

The more books one reads, the better. The format doesn’t matter. In fact, most books are read by those who are open to different book formats.

Those who buy a paperback to read on the train, and open a book-reading app in a queue in a post office. Or those who take the e-reader on a summer vacation, and are happy to receive a signed hardcover of a new novel from a favorite author.

The world of digital books is an exciting part of the life of tech-savvy book lovers. To help you accomplish your goal to read more in 2018, we’ve prepared a list of ebook reading prompts.

Under the visual, you’ll find the prompts accompanied by short explanations and useful links.

The 2018 reading challenge

Feel free to share this reading challenge with your friends and followers. Happy reading!

Ebook lovers' reading challenge 2018 #infographic

The 2018 reading challenge – details

Borrow and read an ebook from your local library
Have you ever tried to find out if your library offers ebooks? Maybe it’s time to do it. Visit the library’s website, and you’ll quickly learn what to do to start borrowing ebooks without leaving your home. Or visit Over Drive and locate an ebook-lending library near you.

Read an ebook from a Smashwords author
Smashwords is a leading ebook platform offering books from independent authors and publishers. Currently, over 470,000 ebooks are offered, with almost 75,000 being available for free download.

Read the first ebook in the world
As you well know, the first ebook in the world was published by Michael Stern Hart in 1971. What you may not know is that the book – The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America – is still available for download from Project Gutenberg.

Pick up one of the winners of the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards
Explore the list of the 2017 winners, and pick up the best book in your favorite category. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng is the Best Fiction. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins won in the Mystery & Thriller category, collecting as much as 48,247 votes.

Read an ebook about World War I
2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the World War I. Our recommendations are The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman and Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

Read the Kindle in Motion edition of Harry Potter
In September 2017, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published in a new Kindle in Motion format. Iconic illustrations by Jim Kay are beautifully animated to bring the magic of the wizarding world to the display of your device.

Pick up an ebook bundle from StoryBundle
StoryBundle offers exciting ebook bundles in different categories. It’s you to decide how much you want to pay. New bundles are released every two or three weeks. One day you’ll find the one you’ll read from the beginning to the end!

Read a book discovered on Read an Ebook Day 2018
Ebook lovers will celebrate Read an Ebook Day 2018 on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Make sure to reserve some more time to discover a new ebook and start reading it.

Read an ebook edition of The Book-Lovers’ Anthology
The Book-Lovers’ Anthology, edited by Robert Maynard Leonard and published in 1911, is a great collection of timeless thoughts about books and reading from the world’s most famous writers (William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, George Gordon Byron, and Voltaire, among others). The free ebook is available on Project Gutenberg in formats compatible with Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or iPad/iPhone.

Listen to a free audiobook from LibriVox
LibriVox is a great way to start try audiobooks. The site offers for free audiobook versions of books that have entered the public domain. Audiobooks are read by volunteers from around the world. You can choose from over 25,000 titles, recorded in several languages.

Read one of the Kindle best-selling books of 2017
Find an interesting book on the list of Top 100 Kindle bestsellers of 2017. You’ll be surprised to discover how many books were written by authors you haven’t heard before.

Read an entire book in a speed-reading app
Speed-reading applications are a great way to test and improve your reading speed. Why not trying to read an entire ebook using them? Download Reedy for your Android-powered phone or tablet. Get Outread app for your iPhone or iPad.

Read a short story from Electric Literature
Recommended Reading is an online fiction magazine of the digital era. Every week one story, picked by today’s most influential authors and editors, is being released. The best stories are then published as ebooks.

Try Whispersync for Voice
Whispersync for Voice technology is a fascinating way to enhance your reading experience. It enables to switch between reading a book and listening to an audiobook with a few taps. All you have to do is buy an audiobook companion to the Kindle book you already own.

Read a serialized ebook
A serialized ebook is something similar to a TV series. It’s a book published in episodes. Once you buy it, you’ll have all previously published parts delivered to your device or app immediately. New episodes will arrive as soon as they are published.

Read a work that entered public domain in 2018
When a work’s copyright expires, it enters the public domain. Among authors whose whose works are released into the public domain in 2018 are Winston Churchill, Emma Orczy, and J.D. Beresford.

Read a fan fiction story
Fan fiction is one of the biggest trends in digital publishing. Fan fiction stories are created by fans and use characters, locations, and plot elements from original works. Check out Wattpad or Kindle Worlds and discoverfan-created fiction at its best.

Read an ebook under 50 pages
Even very short works can be released as standalone ebooks, as the cost of print is not a limitation. Explore Kindle Singles or Nook Snaps for novellas, short stories, essays, and long-form journalism.

Read the New York Times bestseller
The New York Times Bestseller list is considered the world’s most prestigious book ranking. Among several sub-lists, you can find the ones that combine sales of ebook and print editions. Explore Combined Print & Ebook Fiction and Combined Nonfiction.

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