20 book-style Kindle Paperwhite covers and cases

kindle paperwhite covers - Leather Style Book

Kindle Paperwhite covers at their best – Leather Style Book from Proporta

This is an update of our popular post putting together all the best Kindle Paperwhite covers that look like book.

One year since the launch of Amazon’s front-lit e-reader is more than enough to bring to life some gorgeous Kindle Paperwhite covers and cases, no matter how specific they are: vintage, book-themed, literary, or antique.

Kindle Paperwhite 2 has exactly the same dimensions, so the cases designed to fit first-generation will also fit the 2013 model.

If you want to feel like holding a real book, when reaching for your e-reader, check out Kindle Paperwhite covers listed below. Some of them, like Lightwedge Verso or Pad & Quill Mini Keeper are the kings of book-style design, but new models are also very interesting.

For more decent designs, you should take a closer look at the new Kindle Paperwhite covers from Tuff-Luv, Marware, Proporta, and August Lion. What’s worth highlighting, Tuff-Luv Embrace case, the one in Western brown leather, can be personalized. You can have your own name or initials on its back.

Want a more antique look? No problem, you can wrap Amazon’s most advanced technology in a cover that will bring you back to pre-Gutenberg times (see the end of the list).

Tip: when you order a cover on Etsy, in a message to seller specify you have Kindle Paperwhite. Writing down exact dimensions in inches and millimeters would also help.

Personalization is a growing trend and many users head to Etsy for accessories made to specific order. Etsy is a wonderful source of colorful, artistic covers, and some of the best examples are featured in the list below.

When it comes to dimensions, Paperwhite is between Touch (which is a bit larger), and basic Kindle (which is a bit smaller). All three models have similar proportions, that’s why many producers sell their covers as the ones that “fit Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Touch.” It’s true when the cover holds the Kindle with corner straps, but be careful with other methods (especially a neoprene wrap).

Dimensions of Kindle e-readers ( height / width / depth )

Kindle – 166 / 114 / 8.7mm – 6.5 / 4.5 / 0.34″
Kindle Paperwhite – 169 / 117 / 9.1mm – 6.8 / 4.6 / 0.36″
Kindle Touch – 172 / 120 / 10.1mm – 6.8 / 4.7 / 0.4″

If you know of any book style Kindle Paperwhite covers we haven’t mentioned in the list, please share a link in the comments below.

20 book-style Kindle Paperwhite covers


Kindle Paperwhite covers: Lightwedge Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Paperwhite Red

Lightwedge Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Paperwhite, Red. It’s one of the most beautiful Kindle Paperwhite covers around. You will be pleased with the classy look, supple feel, and impressive durability. A hand distressed finish, carefully embossed embellishments, and antique foil stampings add sophistication. On the inside, advanced microfiber engineered for maximum softness cradles your device when closed while patent-pending silicone-enhanced corner elastic straps hold it in place – a grip guaranteed for the lifetime of your device. ⇢ Amazon – $29.99.


Kindle Paperwhite covers: Marware Atlas All-New Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover

Marware Atlas Kindle Case Cover. Fits Kindle Paperwhite and All-New Kindle Paperwhite. This stylish, durable folio cover protects your device on the go. For added convenience and protection, an elastic strap that secures the case open or closed is heat-fused to the back. Four high-grade elastic straps secure the device safely inside the cover without distracting from the reading experience. ⇢ Amazon – $25.


Kindle Paperwhite covers - Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Black. Designed by Fintie exclusively for Kindle Paperwhite and All-New Kindle Paperwhite. This case is made from durable synthetic leather with soft interior to prevent scratches. It opens and closes via magnetic clasp integrated into the leather for a professional and stylish look.

The case is also available in 17 other colors and designs. ⇢ Amazon – $9.99.


Lightwedge Verso Prologue Antique Kindle Paperwhite cover, Tan

Lightwedge Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Paperwhite, Tan. Express yourself with the old world charm of the Prologue Antique Covers. These covers are perfectly sized to provide an ideal fit for your new Kindle. The corner elastics provide a snug fit without impeding the use – or charging of your device. It’s durable exterior protects and the soft microfiber interior helps prevent scratches on your screen. Plus it has an interior pocket to hold and organize documents. ⇢ Amazon – $39.99.


Kindle Paperwhite covers: Tuff-Luv Personalised Embrace Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Tuff-Luv Personalised Embrace Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite. This book-style case is handmade in “Western” genuine brown leather. Recessed band allows you to hold and read one-handed. Elastic closure loop keeps the case closed and includes a soft Nubuck inner lining.

This is the example of Kindle Paperwhite covers that can be personalized. You can have your name professionally laser-branded onto this case in a choice of fonts. ⇢ Tuff-Luv – £44.99.


Proporta England Brunswick Kindle Paperwhite Cover

Proporta Brunswick England Kindle Paperwhite Cover. As well as offering superb protection for the Paperwhite’s precious screen, and the beautiful leather exterior helps satisfy that pang of nostalgia for a proper paperback. Also supplied is a cleaning cloth and instructions for keeping the leather in the same perfect condition it arrived in. Available in black, brown and cranberry. ⇢ Proporta – $79.95.


August Lion Leather Hard Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

August Lion Leather Hard Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite. Ergonomic design means that you will never have to take out your Kindle – all ports and buttons are readily available and your new Kindle is completely protected from accidental knocks, dust and minor impacts. You can wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover.

It’s probably one of the slimmest Kindle Paperwhite covers you can get. ⇢ Amazon – $12.95.


Kindle Paperwhite cover Leather Style Book

Proporta Kindle Paperwhite covers – Leather Style “Book”. This case is custom designed from high-quality alternative to leather, and has a unique book-style look. Handy cut outs allow to get access to all ports and controls, so that you can continue charging your Kindle Paperwhite while it is in the cover. ⇢ Proporta – $39.95.


Pad and Quill Mini Keeper for Kindle Paperwhite

Pad and Quill Mini Keeper for Kindle Paperwhite. Handmade in Minneapolis employing traditional bindery techniques. Covered in Spanish bonded leather cover. Interior is lined with book bindery cloth in 3 colors to choose from: brown, navy, and red. Spine provides ‘paperback’ reading with full wrap around folding. ⇢ Pad & Quill – $49.99.


Lightwedge Verso Artist Series Cities Red by Sharyn Sowell for Kindle Paperwhite

Lightwedge Verso Artist Series Cities Red by Sharyn Sowell for Kindle Paperwhite. Known for her calligraphy and intricate paper cutting, Sharyn works in a tiny rose-covered cottage in her garden, stuffed to the rafters with inks and nibs, dozens of scissors, two antique printing presses, and paper, paper, paper. Ask her to describe where she finds her inspiration and she’ll tell you: “We’re surrounded by miracles.” ⇢ Amazon – $29.99.


Iris + Lilly Kindle Paperwhite Cover

Iris + Lilly Kindle Paperwhite covers. Designed to disguise and protect your device wherever you are, all while giving your reader the book feel. The cover is custom-made with sleek, non-padded traditional bookbinding construction and designer fabrics. Please specify in the message to seller that you want this cover for Kindle Paperwhite. ⇢ Etsy – $40.


Tuff-Luv Hemp Embrace Plus Case Cover for All-New Kindle Paperwhite

Tuff-Luv Hemp Embrace Plus Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite 2. This unique case is made from natural hemp. Authentic embroidered patterns flow along the surface of this innovative, yet earthy and custom-made case. It includes a kick-stand to hold this case in portrait, and sleep function which works also with the All-New Kindle Paperwhite. ⇢ Tuff-Luv – £24.99.


Handmade Leather Kindle Cover

Handmade Leather Kindle Cover. Entire cover is made from 100% genuine leather which has been hand rubbed and aged with leather dye. Kindle Cover can be personalized with initials and or name of your choice. 12 font types to choose from. By default personalization is placed on front upper right section of cover unless otherwise noted by buyer. Leather cover is available in four different colors: antique, black, brown, and tan. ⇢ Etsy – $49.99.


KleverCase Classic Range Kindle Paperwhite Cover

KleverCase Classic Range Kindle Paperwhite Cover – Emma, Jane Austen. This is a perfect case for the romantics, with wonderful character and realism that is reflected in the cover design. The case is one of KleverCase’s best, with intricate gold tooling and a wonderful tan and vibrant red finish. Other cases in the classic series are: Burns’ Poetical Works, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. ⇢ KleverCase – £12.50.


Klever Case Kindle Paperwhite Case - Dracula

Klever Case Kindle Paperwhite Case – Dracula. The KleverCase gives character to your Kindle in a perfect bonding of classic books and new technology. The hand crafted range gives colour and personality to your eReader with well-known titles and original antique book designs, allowing you to personalise your much-loved gadgets. ⇢ Mobile Fun – €29.49.


Custom Kindle Paperwhite cover

Botene Custom Folding Case for Kindle Paperwhite. This book-style hard cover is made from high quality fabric and reinforced with chipboard reinforcement, interfacing and padding. You can customize the case with a choice fabric from Botene store.

In a message to seller, please claim the case should be tailored to Kindle Paperwhite. ⇢ Etsy – $49.99.


Read Handmade Hardcover Case

Read Handmade Hardcover Case. This ereader cover has all the benefits of a hardcover case, it’s durable and it will better protect your ereader. Yet, it is lightweight (less than 4 oz.) and slim fitting. This cover can fold over, allowing you to hold it easily in one hand while reading. On the right side of the cover, where the reader fits, there is padding to keep your reader extra safe. ⇢ Etsy – $35.


Vintage Style Plain Brown Handmade Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Vintage Style Plain Brown Handmade Cover for Kindle Paperwhite. This retro style Kindle cover is one of a kind and is genuinely made by hand, so there are no two such covers that are identical. This case is made of brown genuine leather with thin stitches on the exterior. It’s secured with a C-Hook lock, and has leather slots at the bottom and elastic bands on the top. ⇢ Amazon – $49.99.


Myst Linking Book Kindle Paperwhite Cover

Myst Linking Book Kindle Paperwhite Cover. Protected on the inside, awe-inspiring on the outside, take the spirit of Myst with you everywhere you go, and write the story of your own Age. The case is made to order – please clearly state in a message to seller that it should be tailored to Kindle Paperwhite. ⇢ Etsy – $65.95.


Two Flying Birds Vintage Style Kindle Paperwhite Case

Two Flying Birds Vintage Style Kindle Paperwhite Case. This unique handmade genuine leather Amazon Kindle cover case has a pair of flying birds on the front cover. The case is secured shut with a C-Hook lock and is very easy to use as the soft but durable leather can easily open and close with little effort. ⇢ Amazon – $49.99.

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