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Best short books for busy people

50 short books for busy people

Best short books you can read in less than three hours. Novels and novellas you can’t miss, short stories, and most interesting non-fiction books.

How to improve literacy through summer reading #infographic

How to improve literacy through summer learning (infographic)

The infographic explains how you can improve your literacy skills during summer. Summer is the long-awaited time when you can enjoy life…

The cat that looks like reading a book - video thumb

This cat looks like reading a book! (video)

Can your kitty do this? Well, even if she can’t, you can always do it yourself. Via YouTube. More videos to explore:

Fictional drugs and substances - infographic

37 fictional drugs and substances (infographic)

After fictional books, destinations, animals, monsters, and beverages, it’s time for drugs and substances that we can find in the world of…

Book art by Cecilia Levy - picture 1

Damaged books turned into beautiful daily use products (pictures)

Formerly a graphic designer and bookbinder, Cecilia Levy, is now an independent artist who experiments with three-dimensional paper objects. Levy has found…

The author behind the pesudonym #infographic

The author behind the pseudonym (infographic)

Jonkers is a bookstore based in Henley-on-Thames, UK, specializing in the sale of exceptional rare books. Their team has recently created an…

Vento book trailer - thumbnail

An interactive book using pre-cinema techniques (video)

An Italian filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi and illustrator Virginia Mori have created a wonderful book called Vento. This animated book is inspired by…

The book is not an escape from life but a shortcut to a better one #book #quote

25 new quotes about books, libraries, and reading

We all know great quotes about books that come from classic authors. If you, however, need more inspiration, you may find it in this list.

Ebook geek problems #29: Strange feeling when you don’t like the passage highlighted by 100 other users.

Ebook geek problems #29

Strange feeling when you don’t like the passage highlighted by 100 other users. Shared by Ola Kowalczyk

What is heavier - #Kindle or life

What is heavier – Kindle or life? (picture)

Via Amazon Kindle India on Twitter. More to explore:

Must-read ebook bestsellers for your summer reading list 2016

12 must-read ebook bestsellers – summer 2016

New ebook releases to be included on your summer reading list 2016. Books from J.K. Rowling, Emily Giffin, Liane Moriarty, and Terry Pratchett.

The Literary Tea Collection - Pride and Prejudice blend

Delicious tea blends inspired by classic literature (pictures)

A perfect gift for book lovers – a collection of literary tea blends inspired by classic novels by Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlotte Brontë, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Interesting facts about reading - full infographic

10 interesting facts about reading (infographic)

Tell-A-Tale has published an infographic that puts together most important facts about reading. It’s is never too late in life to pick…

A book combines 2D and 3D - video thumb

This large-scale book combines 2D and 3D (video)

New York-based Tauba Auerbach visual artist has created a project called [2,3]. It’s a large-scale book made in cooperation with the independent…

End of Watch - Stephen King

Recommended ebook: End of Watch – Stephen King

End of Watch Stephen King Retired Detective Bill Hodges now runs a two-person firm called Finders Keepers with his partner Holly Gibney.…

Sonnet 5 by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s sonnets visualized as signatures (pictures)

William Shakespeare’s sonnets are unique to the core. Why not showing them as unique signatures? See also: Here is another great literary…

Naughtiest children from literature #infographic

The 28 naughtiest kids from books (infographic)

Love Reading, UK-based book recommendation website, has come up with a new great infographic that lists all the naughtiest children that you…

Best Harry Potter gifts and accessories - full size

27 magical Harry Potter gifts and accessories

Check out the list of the most magical Harry Potter gifts – from jewelry to personal items, to posters and wall art, to scented candles, to clothing.

15 thougt-provoking quotes from literature - full infographic

15 thought provoking quotes from literature (infographic)

If you are never enough of quotes about or from books, make sure to check out the new infographic created by Readers,…

Book vending machines in Singapore - picture 1

Gorgeous book vending machines rolled out in Singapore (pictures)

BooksActually, an independent bookstore from Singapore, has set gorgeous book vending machines in the city. One of them is located at the…

Escape room in the public library in Cracow - picture 1

Escape room set in a public library in Cracow, Poland (pictures)

One of the biggest attractions of the Night of the Libraries in Poland was an escape room set in Cracow.