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Mulbess Kobo Aura HD Case Cover

Mulbess Kobo Aura HD Stand Case Cover

Thin and lightweight case cover, with elastic hand strap and easy snap-on installation. Turns into a portrait stand for hands-free reading. Available in six colors.

Amazon $14.99

Waterproof Kobo Aura H2O - picture 1

Waterproof Kobo Aura H2O e-reader specs and pics

Waterproof Kobo Aura H2O is world’s first e-reader that you can take to the bath or swimming pool without any fear.

Waterproof tablet and e-reader cases

8 waterproof tablet and e-reader cases

In this post you’ll find a selection of the best waterproof cases for popular tablets and e-reader. First of all, you should…

New Book Club reads for fall 2014 #infographic

New book club reads for fall 2014 (infographic)

What do you want to read and talk about this fall? The team from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County…

Book Genres - interactive map

A cool interactive map of book genres

What you see above is just a screenshot of a cool design. You should visit the page on Book Country, where the…

The history of the printed word #infographic

The history of printed word (infographic)

Electric Literature shared an informative timeline of printed word, from a first known printed book, to 3D printing, complete with how particular…

Digital roadmap for #libraries

The Digital Roadmap helps libraries identify new technologies to implement

The Digital Roadmap is a useful reference chart that lets libraries identify new areas to enter, and new technologies to use. Almost…

New technologies and the #education of tomorrow #infographic

New technologies and the education of tomorrow (infographic)

New technologies are shaping the way we learn. The more we control them, the bigger impact we can have on where the…

Rocky Paper Books - illustrated books covers

Gorgeous book covers for literary classics by Mike Mahle (pictures)

Many classic books have now a new face. The minimalist books covers you’ll see below, were wonderfully mastered by Mike Mahle, a digital artist…

Eating while reading video thumb

Eating while reading (video)

Epic Reads have posted a new hilarious video on their YouTube channel. Watch what happens when people want to mix food for…

The Book-Lovers' Anthology

The Book-Lovers’ Anthology, 1911

The publication collects excerpts from 250 authors – on books, libraries, and reading. Available as a free public domain ebook.

Internet Archive Free

The importance of close reading #infographic

The importance of close reading (infographic)

We are all aware of the importance of careful reading. We all very well know reading a text once is in many…

American #libraries by the numbers #infographic

America’s libraries by the numbers (infographic)

Most important and up-to-date facts about U.S. libraries shown in one concise infographic.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook launch

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook ships now for $179 (pictures)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook announced, ships now for $179, with $200 of free content. Tech specs, pictures and more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook - leaked image 3

Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (pictures)

Samsung and Nook will announce Galaxy Tab 4 Nook later today, but you can already see its pictures on Google web search.

Yokoo Gibraan - Book Faces - picture 1

Books evoke plenty of emotions – a photo series by Yokoo Gibraan (pictures)

Yokoo Gibraan runs a Tumblr blog with fashion photographs. Most of the pics show beautiful scarfs and accessories she creates by herself, but from time to…

What We See When We Read - thumb

What do we see when we read? (pictures)

Several studies show that reading is extremely effective in stimulating our imagination. Every single page from a book pushes us to create a collection of images in…

The Book-Lovers Anthology

The Book-Lovers’ Anthology 1911 – a timeless read on books and libraries

The Book-Lovers’ Anthology is an inspiring read about the love of books. Published in 1911. Includes texts from 250 authors. Available as a free ebook.

Librarians' impact on research #infographic

Making a research? Ask a librarian for help (infographic)

Researching is a hard work. The hardest part is to deal with all the gathered information, and measure all used research values…

Save with certified refurbished Kindles

Save up to 25% with certified refurbished Kindles

Certified refurbished Kindles are tested to look & work like new, and have a 1-year warranty. A good option if you want to get a Kindle at affordable price.