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Best gifts for book lovers

50 best literary gifts for a modern-day book lover

Updated list of the best literary gifts for book lovers includes home decor, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and e-reader covers.

The longest running YA series #infographic

The longest running series in young adult fiction (infographic)

Epic Reads team have prepared another awesome infographic. This time, you’ll see in one visual the longest running YA series. The Vampire…

Animated gif: Why do you read

11 animated gifs book geeks will love to share

The most awesome animated gifs about books: pets and books, golden thoughts, funny situations, and more!

Vintage library posters - Sample Catalog Cards

These iconic vintage posters teach how to use the library (pictures)

Library posters designed in 1960s by Cynthia Amrine are a touch of nostalgia and a ton of advice. Are you sure you…

Samsung Galaxy Nook Tab A 7-inch 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook 7 – launch details, tech specs, pics & more

A handy guide to the 2016 7-inch Nook Tab A. Find here launch details, comparison with Amazon Fire 7, full tech specs, pictures, and more.

The Long Cosmos - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Recommended ebook: The Long Cosmos – Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

The Long Cosmos Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter The thrilling conclusion to the internationally bestselling Long Earth series explores the greatest question of…

How to combat the summer slide with audiobooks #infographic

How to fight summer learning slide with audiobooks (infographic)

Summer slide is a loss of learning skills and knowledge during the summer months. One way to combat it is to secure…

Holiday suitcase of a book lover - a cartoon by Tom Gauld

Holiday suitcase of a book lover (cartoon)

A new cartoon by Tom Gauld. More to explore:

Stuck in a book - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Stuck in a book (cartoon)

A cartoon by Grant Snider. More to explore:

Cats and dogs: battle of the books #infographic

Favorite books of cat and dog lovers (infographic)

Cats and dogs and books – the new infographic shows favorite books of cat vs. dog owners.

Book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry - The Count of Monte Cristo

Amazingly artful book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry (pictures)

These unique book sculptures are made by cutting illustrations from actual books and arranging them into beautiful sceneries. Kelly Campbell Berry is…

Periodic table of literary villains #infographic

Periodic table of literary villains

It’s a great addition to our list of literary periodic tables of elements. Leah Clark has designed for the independent publishing house…

Back to school deals 2016 on Kindle and Fire devices

Back to school 2016 deals on Kindle and Fire devices

Amazon has added to Gold Box a couple of deals for Kindle e-readers and Fire devices in a back to school promotion,…

Ebook love #123

Ebook love #123 (picture)

Goooooood Morning☕️ Guess what #book I will be starting now…. ?! Right…. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child💜💜 I’m so excited!!🐒 Finally…

Kindle Daily Deal, 14 August 2016 - top Kindle books up to 75% off

Today only, save up to 75% on 25 top Kindle books

Bestselling books by Sylvia Day, Nora Roberts, Robyn Carr, and Liane Moriarty are up to 75% off in Kindle Daily Deal for…

White Kindle on Instagram - picture 8

White Kindle in gorgeous lifestyle photos by Magda Plewa

Kindle 8 was released July 2016, and it became and it became an object of desire of many modern readers around the…

Films that were adapted from books #infographic

17 movies you didn’t know were adapted from books (infographic)

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or The Lord of the Rings are among the most famous book adaptations. Did you know that…

The aroma of old and new books explained #infographic

6 infographics and videos that explain book smell

The smell of books explained in detail in a list of videos, infographics, and pictures.

Werther and Grey - Antique Books scented candle

New candles from Werther & Gray offer a comforting scent of aged books

Werther & Gray offers a series of scented candles inspired by old copies of classic novels. Nowadays, when a growing number of…

Jimmy Stewart The Truth Behind the Legend - Michael Munn

Recommended ebook: Jimmy Stewart – Michael Munn

Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend Michael Munn James Stewart was known as the underdog fighter in many of his films…

Ebook geek problems #30: My new obsession: finding free ebooks and packing them all into the e-reader.

Ebook geek problems #30

My new obsession: finding free ebooks and packing them all into the e-reader. Shared by Piotr Kowalczyk