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50 most awesome posters that encourage to read

50 awesome posters that encourage to read

A list of most awesome read posters from Etsy, Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6 and AllPosters. For all needs and tastes.

Exclusive deal for Kindle Voyage - July 2015

Exclusive deal on Kindle Voyage – $50 off with a promo code

Amazon offers today an attractive deal for Kindle Voyage – you can save as much as $50 on this high-end e-reader, which…

The Book of Speculation - Erika Swyler

Recommended ebook: The Book of Speculation – Erika Swyler

The Book of Speculation Erika Swyler A brilliant debut novel by a writer and playwright Erika Swyler. Simon Watson lives alone on…

Weird jobs writers had before they became famous #infographic

Famous writers and their weird jobs (infographic)

The infographic from plagiarism detection engine Unplag presents eleven famous writers who had taken unusual jobs before they started making money from selling…

A list of creative bookends to display your most precious books

20 clever bookends to hold your most precious books

Perfect bookends for your home library. Flower pots, magnetic arrows, bookends that double as a lamp or iPhone charger, and many more.

Most frequenlty used English words

What’s the most frequently used English word? (video)

Have you ever thought what is the most frequently used word in the English language? Abacaba, the YouTube channel specializing in visualizing data,…

Prime eligibility - Kindle edition vs print edition

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – how to find eligible books

Tips on how to effectively find on Amazon the books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Summer reading habits - infographic

What are our summer reading habits? (infographic)

Recently, Goodreads asked their members about summer reading habits. As much as 95k users responded, with 63% of them claiming they are going to read…

A formula for the best selling novel - full infographic

A formula for the bestseller (infographic)

Want your novel to become a bestseller? Follow a simple formula: thriller + 13 previous books + 4 awards. “A white-knuckle blend…

Amazon Prime - an extended list of tips and facts to know

Amazon Prime tips and facts

All you need to know about Amazon Prime: what do members get, the best time to join the program, cost calculations, and more.

Books build children - image 1

Ad campaign aims at recruiting more librarians (pictures)

“Books Build Children” is a fantastic ad campaign developed by Tokyo-based ad agency Dentsu for Yokohama City Board of Education. The layouts show sculptures…

Managing a one-person library #infographic

Managing the one-person library (infographic)

Are you ready to run the one-person library? This great checklist will let you find it out. Many people, when they think…

Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Rose of Fire

Short reads: The Rose of Fire – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The Rose of Fire Carlos Ruiz Zafón Set at the time of the Spanish Inquisition in the fifteenth century, Rose of Fire…

Google Map with most epic American's literature road trips

A detailed map of most epic literary road trips

Google Maps is a fantastic tool to share the love for books. It’s not only perfect to promote libraries. Just yesterday we…

Book sculptures by Barbara Wildenboer - Vertebrate Morphology

Awesome sculptures made from repurposed books (pictures)

Library of the Infinitesimally Small and Unimaginably Large is an ongoing project by Cape Town based artist Barbara Wildenboer. The project started in 2011,…

Google Maps book mash-up

Exciting: explore popular books on Google Maps Book Mash-up

Google Maps Book Mash-up matches popular books with the locations they are set in. This is one of the most exciting ways to explore new…

The ebook generation #cartoon

The ebook generation (cartoon)

Created by Oliver Widder / Geek and Poke.

Most popular book cover cliches - infographic

Most popular book cover clichés (infographic)

Have you ever had a feeling you’ve seen a certain book cover art already, but it was definitely on a different book?…

Popslate - 2nd e-paper display for the iPhone

Popslate case transforms the back of the iPhone into e-paper display (video)

Two clear benefits of e-paper display are the ability to read on it in the bright sunlight, and the low power consumption.…

Amazon Prime Day - July 15 2015

Prime Day 2015 Kindle deals

Check out Kindle and Fire deals offered exclusively for Amazon Prime members on July 15, 2015.

Book and dessert pairing guide - full infographic

Book and dessert pairing guide (infographic)

A good book and a freshly brewed coffee is for many readers the ultimate pleasure, but why not add an extra ingredient…