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Best literary t-shirts for book lovers

50 awesome literary t-shirts for book lovers

A selection of the coolest literary t-shirts that will help express how much you love books. Tees from Etsy, Zazzle, Threadless, Society6, CafePress, and Amazon.

FingerLink video - one of hte technologies for a library

Library of the future: 7 technologies we would love to see

Library future depends on technologies. We’ve collected a couple of great concepts that could be used in the near future.

Kobo Glo HD launch details

Kobo Glo HD available for pre-order, priced $130, on sale from May 1 (pictures)

Kobo Glo HD – the high end, backlit e-reader introduced to compete with Kindle Voyage. Tech specs, prices, launch dates, and pictures.

A guide to insults first used by William Shakespeare

A guide to insults first used by William Shakespeare (infographic)

We owe William Shakespeare beautiful sonnets, world’s greatest tragedies, original phrases, and, well, dozens of sometimes more sometimes less sophisticated insults. A Grand Treasury of Shakespearean…

A-Z Book Day characters

A-Z book characters (infographic)

This is not really an infographic, but the visual is definitely worth sharing. Prepared by A2Z Kids, it will let kids and…

Infographics about public domain and copyright

8 infographics about copyright law

A collection of infographics and charts that try to define current challenges in the area of copyrights.

Storybundle comics bundle

The new exciting bundle includes almost 100 comics for the price you set

StoryBundle returns with one of the most exciting digital bundles ever. The Dynamite Ultimate Heroes Bundle is the first all-comics bundle featured on…

Client feedback on famous novels - The Great Gatsby

What if famous novels were written for an ad agency? (pictures)

Do you know what F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salman Rushdie, and Joseph Heller have in common? Before they took off as self-made authors, they worked in…

Book and wine pairings - infographic

Book and wine pairings (infographic)

Book lovers spend most of their time with a book in one hand and a coffee or tea in another. What about a…

Monsters of Modern Literature - Haruki Murakami

Clever portraits of modern writers as monsters (pictures)

Monsters of Modern Literature – Michel Hellbecq, Cormac McCabre, Haruki Murderkami, and others. Created by Lincoln Michel.

JAVOedge Universal 6-inch E-reader Case

JAVOedge Universal 6-inch E-reader Case

This slim, lightweight and fashionable case will fit Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage, Kobo Glo and Glo HD, or Nook GlowLight. Available in dozens of designs and colors.

Amazon $14.99

10 idioms about books - infographic

10 idioms about books you should start using today

A chart from Macmillan Education lists 10 English idioms that use the word “book”.

Borrowing ebooks from a library - infographic

Borrowing ebooks from a library (infographic)

Libraries are access points to ebooks for many communities. The only problem is that borrowing ebooks is still too complicated. If I had…

Kindle Paperwhite Summer deal

For two days only, save $20 off Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has just announced a new deal for the Kindle Paperwhite. For two days, until Tuesday night, the device will be discounted…

I love read books but - cartoon

I love real books but… (cartoon)

Created by Texan in Tokyo.

Google search tips and tricks - infographic

Google search tips and tricks (infographic)

We’ve just published a comprehensive guide on how to use Google web search to find books. It’s all about using the relevant…

Google search tips for book lovers

8 Google search tips for book lovers

This post lists most useful Google search techniques to let you discover books and book related items quicker and more effectively.

Aero Armor Protective Case for Google Nexus 9

Aero Armor Protective Case for Google Nexus 9

Designed for Nexus 9, this solid case provides multi-layer protection with its silicone, shock absorbing polymers, and impact resistant construction.

Average rating: 4.8/5

Amazon $11.99

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

Recommended ebook: Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty A murder… a tragic accident… or just parents behaving badly? What’s indisputable is that someone is dead.…

4 types of learners

4 types of learners – which one are you? (infographic)

The infographic from Oxford Learning will let you find best study techniques for your learning style. Everyone learns a bit differently. Being aware of…

Kobo Glo HD video teaser

Kobo teases with the new Kobo Glo HD e-reader (video)

In the coming weeks, Kobo will launch the new e-reader, Kobo Glo HD, designed to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Voyage. As Good E-reader…