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Making a case for books

Assembling of a bookcase in an incredible video

You’ve never seen the video like this. Frank Howarth combines two worlds: he is a talented woodcrafter and film maker. In the clip you’ll see how…

A guide to #library fair use #infographic

A guide to library fair use (infographic)

Most of materials available in libraries are copyrighted. On the other hand, it requires copying and digitizing these materials to enable research,…

10 commandments for a #booklover - #infographic

The 10 commandments of a book lover (infographic)

Love for books is a lifelong commitment. It’s even more than that. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “In the highest civilization the…

What do we #read on the toilet #infographic

What do we read in the bathroom (infographic)

The average person spends about 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. The infographic designed by Magazine Discount Center takes a closer look…

We should have the right to think for ourselves

15 images to share during Banned Books Week

Images and infographics to share during Banned Books Week – and every time you see someone stops people’s right to read freely.

Most controversial #books in the world - #infographic

Most controversial books in the world (infographic)

This infographic is worth taking a look not only during Banned Books Week. Designed by Graphs, it lists most controversial books selected…

The future-proof #library - #infographic

The future-proof library (infographic)

According to Future Files by Richard Watson, a futurist author and scenario planner, libraries as we know them will go extinct in five years. This…

New Kindle with Touchscreen Display

New Kindle with Touchscreen Display

Amazon’s most affordable Kindle e-reader has now a new, easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface, 20% faster processor, and twice the storage.

Kindle Store $79

Happy Read an Ebook Day 2014! #ebookday

10 ways to celebrate Read an Ebook Day 2014

On September 18, 2014, for the first time, ebook lovers around the world celebrate Read an Ebook Day. International Read an Ebook Day is…

All 2014 #Amazon #Fire and #Kindle models

Amazon announces Kindle Voyage and 4 other models

Kindle Voyage, touchscreen basic Kindle, and three Kindle Fires were just announced by Amazon.

12 sure-fire #ebook #bestsellers - autumn 2014

12 sure-fire ebook bestsellers – autumn 2014

A list of most popular book releases in autumn 2014, including books from Stephen King, Sylvia Day, Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, John Grisham, and Stephen Fry.

McDonalds - The Literacy Store

The Literacy Store – a striking action to support reading, by McDonald’s (video)

After sharing Do Not Read This video from Room to Read, I just can’t resist the excitement of showing another great campaign that…

The SummHarry - entire plot of #HarryPotter in one chart #geek

The entire plot of Harry Potter summarized in one chart

The SummHarry is fantastic illustration by comic artist, designer, and book author Lucy Knisley. This intense and extremely entertaining chart (click or tap…

Enjoy Reading #iPhone 6 Snap Case

“Enjoy Reading” iPhone 6 Snap Case

A slim fitting one-piece clip-on case for iPhone 6 (4.7-inch). The iconic Coca-Cola design features “Enjoy Reading” phrase. The case is also available for iPhone 6 Plus.

RedBubble $28.63

Amazing #book visualizations

12 amazing book visualizations

A list of the most creative book visualizations and book-related images.

Do not read this

A challenge: try not to read all day (video)

Here is a challenge: try not to read all day. Not only books. Everything. No emails, Facebook status updates, blog posts, product labels, road…

Top 100 #books loved by Facebook users

Top 100 books loved by Facebook users

Facebook announces top 100 books that users were sharing in their status updates.

How long does it take to read popular #books (infographic)

Reading time of popular books (infographic)

It takes almost 100 hours to read Game of Thrones series, an infographic from Personal Creations shows. Nowadays, when everyone is in a…

Animated archive images - Howitzer

Quirky animated gifs based on vintage photos from the Library of Congress

Look what happens when archival images are released to the public for free use. New York based designer and art director Kevin…

Illustrated history of the iPhone

A slick animation showing the history of the iPhone (video)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not a mystery any longer. While everyone gets excited about the new devices, they…