Writing Without Words visualizes differences in writing styles of famous authors

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - George OrwellWriting Without Words is a fantastic project that explores styles of different authors and gives them a visual form. It’s created by Stefanie Posavec, a multi-talented designer who focuses on projects ranging from book design to information design and data visualisation.

The major design compares first chapters of 16 famous books, including Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Orwell’s 1984, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Stefanie Posavec created a system that represents differences in writing style between authors. The smaller drawing means a shorter flow of sentences was used. A larger drawing reflects a writing style that utilises long, flowing sentences. Selected close-up pictures are presented under this post, but you should really visit the original page of the project to check all of them.

One of the books is being astonishingly analyzed in detail. It’s Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. For instance “Literary Organism” (shown below) is a simple organic structure that breaks down Part One of the book. It divides into chapters, chapters into paragraphs, paragraphs into sentences, and sentences into words. Everything has its own color according to key themes in On the Road.

The Writing Without Words project turns beautiful words into beautiful pictures. It’s a sure addition to our post listing most inspiring book visualizations.

Literary Organism by Stefanie Posavec - a part of Writing Without Words project

Literary Organism by Stefanie Posavec – a part of Writing Without Words project

Writing Without Words

First Chapters – Stefanie Posavec

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - Aldous Huxley

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - Anthony Burgess

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - F Scott Fitzgerald

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - George Orwell

First Chapters - Stefanie Posavec - Ken Kesey