20 wonderful home library ideas

Examples you’ll see below are proof that a library, even the smallest one, can be the most magical place in the entire home.

If you are planning to redesign your home, think about giving the personal library a bit more attention.

Nowadays, in times of electronic books that can handle thousands of books, you may not need an entire room to accommodate all your books. One bookcase can be more than enough.

On the other hand, the place doesn’t automatically become a home library just because you’ll put a bookcase there. You need something more: the magic.

In the list below, you’ll see different ideas for a home library. Separate or transitional rooms, parts of the living room, or specially arranged corners. All they have in common is that feeling you have when you look at them: “this must be a perfect place for reading.”

Sometimes a dimmed light and a comfortable chair with cozy pillows will create the desired effect!

Just like in the case of beautiful reading nooks, we wanted not only to share stunning photos but also give practical details about the designers behind the projects.

That’s why in finding the best home library ideas we focused on one website: Houzz – the leading online platform for people interested in interior design and decorating ideas.

On Houzz, each page dedicated to a specific project includes not only contains a description and a link to the designer but also information – sometimes very detailed – about the elements in the photo. For instance, you can find such details as the color and type of the wood paint used for a bookcase.

If you come across any other wonderful project of a home library, don’t hesitate to share it with our readers. Thanks!

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20 most wonderful home library ideas


River Front Residence library. Traditional, Hampton style living room in a residence in Perth has beige walls, with custom designed cabinets that include beautifully styled bookshelves.

The number of colors used is narrowed down, to highlight the coziness and style. ⇢ Designed by Jodie Cooper Design / More on Houzz.


Industrial home library and study room. Designed for the couple in Montreal, the home library with shelves made entirely from recycled wood and threaded metal rods suspended to the joists. ⇢ Designed by Studio MMA / More on Houzz.


Rock Creek library. This is a rustic enclosed living room with a standard fireplace and a stone fireplace surround.

There are lighted bookshelves around the fireplace, all accessible without a ladder. ⇢ Designed by Rocky Mountain Homes / More on Houzz.


Contemporary living room with a library. A modern living room with beautiful curved bookshelves and gray armchairs. ⇢ Designed by Benvenuti and Stein / More on Houzz.


Home library and reading nook. For an academic couple, a large open stair landing was transformed into a library and reading nook, perfect as the central focal point of their home. ⇢ Designed by HP Rovinelli Architects / More on Houzz.


Family Irving Gill – family room with a library. A home library in the historic Percival Thompson House, built in 1910.

With a large window facing the Pacific Ocean, the room is designed in Earth-tone colors, and includes leather chairs and built-in shelves. ⇢ Designed by Tommy Chambers Interiors / More on Houzz.


Scandinavian style home library. Home office and library in a contemporary home. White shelving, dark wooden floor, industrial door, and and brown comfortable leather chairs. ⇢ Designed by DK Studio / More on Houzz.


Contemporary home library with irregular bookshelves. Designed in a contemporary style, the library has built-in bookshelves. On a beige leather sofa there are Cartoloji map pillows. ⇢ More on Houzz.


Victorian family room and library. A library and a meeting room in a house of the family that wanted to reflect their love and admiration for all things French.

A corner fireplace, and fine antiques, play well with the built-in bookshelves. ⇢ Designed by Tommy Chambers Interiors / More on Houzz.


Contemporary study room and library. A large, two-level study room with dark hardwood floors, a ribbon fireplace and a built-in desk. ⇢ Designed by Ward+Blake Architects / More on Houzz.


Timber frame home office & library. Home office with a loft library in timber frame home. The style is created by combining white walls, dark hardwood floors, and a freestanding desk. ⇢ Designed by Sitka Log Homes / More on Houzz.


Home office and study room. Dark floor is contrasted with white bookshelves in this traditional style home library in a country cottage.

Oriental carpet and custom rolling library ladder add style and functionality. ⇢ Designed by Giambastiani Design / More on Houzz.


Traditional home office and library. With the floor-to-ceiling bookcase Martha Washington chair, and silk tassel trim curtains, this home library is a heaven for any book lover. ⇢ Designed by Brown Davis Interiors / More on Houzz.


Hidden library. This library & study room is designed in an Asian style. It contains several printer cabinets, media cabinets, and drawers for an extensive collection of books and CDs.

The most exciting part of the office is a secret entrance to a small adjacent room. ⇢ Designed by InHouse Design Studio / More on Houzz.


Scandinavian stairway library and reading nook. Gorgeous bookcase stairs and a reading nook behind on a way to the upper bedroom in the Svandinavian style flat in France. ⇢ Designed by IFJ Architecture / More on Houzz.


Modern style transitional library. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a study table are located in the transitional room, creating a wonderful contemporary library lounge. ⇢ Designed by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects / More on Houzz.


Old shaped family room and library. The family room in an old house in New York. The wood is covered with English Chestnut color stain. A traditional fireplace surrounded by bookshelves creates a Gothic feeling. ⇢ Designed by Christina Marraccini Inc / More on Houzz.


Eclectic bedroom and library. This bedroom in New York features white walls, light hardwood floors, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a library ladder. ⇢ Designed by Denizen Design / More on Houzz.


Home office library in Austin. This small room is used as a library, office, and a meeting place. Library shelves and the rest of furniture is crafted from Mahogany with a dark brown stain. ⇢ Designed by Cravotta Interiors / More on Houzz.


Eclectic home office. A small and cozy home office in Toronto. The book collection is displayed by color order. ⇢ More on Houzz.

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