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“Will ebooks replace paper books?” – this fear is still there

When you search using Google, it instantly suggests, as you type, most relevant and popular phrases. It’s an interesting and sometimes funny way to check what issues are important for most people.

So I made a Google check for ebooks. Find screenshots at the end of a post.

“Will ebooks replace paper books?” – I almost forgot that most readers still struggle with this doubt. Electronic books fascinate me since I downloaded Stanza application to iPhone and started to read Three Men in a Boat (it was three years ago). You can call me “ebook-blind” – you see the guy obsessed with the future of books – but I’ve never imagined that paper book could disappear. We will just have access to books via different forms – and paper will be surely one of them.

Attitudes change, however, and this is great to observe them. “Are ebooks cheaper?” “Can ebooks be shared?” “Do ebooks have pictures?” Those are questions from people who want to know more and want to address their doubts by finding answers.

Those questions should be also a signal for ebook professionals about what is important and how much is still to be done to educate average readers before they add digital form as one of the ways to read books.

Have you ever searched for ebooks? Was it because you wanted to find a proof electronic books are not worth trying? Was it out of curiosity? Or was it a purely rational decision to go for a more convenient (although still not easy) form of reading books?