Why you should take a closer look at a new update of Kindle for iOS

Kindle for IOS - buy button at the end of free sampleNext time you’ll get a new update of the Kindle application for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, spend some time to learn what has changed in comparison with a recent version.

The changes will affect the way you buy books via the app. This is especially applying to Buy Now link at the end of free samples (see picture).

Why is this happening? Apple changed the AppStore rules to force in-app purchases – in order to get a cut from sales. Apps have to be adjusted to new rules by the end of June.

In the new update you’ll probably see two options.

Link via Safari

Previously Buy Now link was redirecting to a Safari browser, displaying a 1-Click button to buy a book. This is not going to happen any more.

You may see a link saying “See details of the book” or “Add a book to your wish list”. If you click on them, you’ll be redirected to Kindle Store in Safari and probably be able to buy a book, but not directly. You’ll have to tap a couple of more links, for instance via your wish list page, before reaching 1-Click button.

Buy within the app

New option you’ll see is a Buy Now link or most probably – a button. When you click on it, you’ll be asked to confirm a purchase via in-app system. Now, this is important: the price of a book bought this way may be higher than the actual price in the Kindle Store.

Before you confirm the purchase, it’s good to compare the prices. You can always quit Kindle app, go to Safari and browse for the same book.

As soon as Kindle for iOS will land in the AppStore, we will update you with the details and price comparisons. Stay tuned, get free RSS updates from here.

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