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There is no better white noise than the old library (video)

Are you looking for a white noise to help you focus on writing your essay or a next chapter of your new novel? You must have been testing background noise generators already (Noisli is my favorite), but nothing compares to the calming sound of the old library.

Do you know YouTube is a great source of ambient sounds that are perfect for study or reading? Simply find the right video, set up the sound at the right level and keep the tab open in your browser to make your mind fly to a bookstore, cafe, or library!

I’ve chosen the video produced by New Bliss, a YouTube channel specializing in ambient sounds. The video offers over 3 hours of the library ambience combined with an animated visual that includes everything the booklover needs to be happy:-)

This library is only accessible through a secret passage in a castle. It is stopped in time and all its content its so old that the dust its covering the vast majority of the books. The light coming from the stained glass window fills the room while its raining outside… The fireplace keep the ambience warm and cozy for a great study or work session surrounded by many old books full of stories and scrolls hiding secrets.

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