A first digital library at an US train station launches in Philadelphia

Free Library of Philadelphia - virtual library on Suburban Station

The idea of the digital library for city commuters is spreading across the world. The first awesome example was a virtual library set up at Victoria Square subway station in Bucharest. Then, students from Miami Ad School came up with an ad campaign for the New York Public Library, that was built around little digital libraries inside subway metro cars.

While the New York idea was just a great concept, the new campaign by the Free Library of Philadelphia, in cooperation with SEPTA, Titan, and Dunkin’ Donuts, runs for real since yesterday.

The Virtual Library was set up at Philadelphia’s Suburban Station. Till the end of April, which is the National Library Month, commuters will be able to download books, music and podcasts from over 70 advertising boards located inside the station.

More than 50 titles are available for immediate download: 15 classic books, 13 current bestselling titles, and 22 podcasts from a popular Author Events Series. Users can download the content to their mobile devices by scanning relevant QR codes.

The classics and podcasts are open access, but if you want to download a bestseller through Overdrive, you’ll need to provide a library card number.

in addition to the Virtual Library, Philly Free Library sponsors the ‘What are you reading?’ giveaway. Through April 16, you can submit the titles of the books you’re currently enjoying to SEPTA’s Facebook page and @SEPTA_Social Twitter profile using the hashtag #enrichyourride to win prizes, including a monthly transit pass, Dunkin’ Donuts gift pack, and front-row seats at select author events.

Via Library Journal.

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