User: dealing with pirated ebooks is easier than with legal ones

Since yesterday I’ve tried to help a friend of mine, who wanted to add to his iPad’s Bluefire Reader app a legally bought ebook – the one with Adobe DRM.

We’ve exchanged a dozen or so emails and Twitter DMs. He seemed to do everything correctly. He had Adobe Digital Editions installed on his PC. He authorized it with an Adobe ID before he downloaded the book. He had Bluefire app authorized with the same ID before adding an ebook to it.

In a last message he wrote:

Unsuccessful. Dealing with pirated ebooks is easier than with legal ones.

He failed. In fact – we failed. So far I’ve shared some tips about DRM-ed ebooks and how to deal with them on iOS and Android devices, but that’s apparently not enough.

Basic advice is needed more than ever. There are not too many posts with ebook DRM tips. People hate DRM and I’m among them. Someone has to write about it.

I will share more posts on how to start using Adobe Digital Editions, highlight issues with Adobe DRM and make it simpler to users before they get totally disappointed. Like in the case of the user who turned back to DRM-removal tools.

It’s really sad. The best way to fight piracy is convenience. If DRM is going to be used, I’m fine with it (I’m one of those who never cross the street on a red light), but, please, make this experience a bit better than hell. Deal once. Enjoy forever – this is the way it should work, but doesn’t yet.

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