Unique color e-paper under development by Ricoh (video)

Several companies have tried to develop color e-paper display. Is the prototype presented recently by Ricoh the right approach? It sounds very promising.

According to Ricoh, their new panel enables full-color display that hasn’t been possible with e-paper until now. The difference is in the brightness. Compared to current color e-paper displays, it’s 2.5 times brighter. As the e-paper was always intended to imitate the real paper, there is another interesting comparison: the new display has a color reproduction range of 35%. It’s 4% higher than that of a newspaper (31% in Japan).

How does the display manages colors? It has a unique structure. The panel is coated with layers of yellow, magenta, and cyan.  Usually there is an electrode driver for each layer. In Ricoh prototype the electrodes are active TFTs. Thanks to that all colors are being displayed with a single TFT – by switching the electrodes on the display side.

To achieve a color display, rewriting is done three times in the order magenta, yellow, cyan. As the spaces between the electrochromic layers are narrow, at about 2 microns, the result is an ideal color-mixing display.

The prototype is only 3.5-inch, but Ricoh promises to increase the size to 6 inches, then 10 inches. They also plan to work on achieving stable driving and faster response.

Via DigInfo TV.

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